Louisiana: 46 Raceday Kills Last Year

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2020 (this is part 2; part 1 here). Please note, however, that the Commission (as usual) did not forward training or off-track deaths. So, obviously, the true toll is greater than the 46 reported on these pages.

Snapper Bite, Jul 1, Evangeline R – “medial fracture”

Captain Tyree, Jul 2, Evangeline R – “distal limb fracture”

Queen Leda, Jul 3, Evangeline R – “displaced fracture”

Arties Game, Jul 6, Louisiana R – “acute, open, comminuted, displaced fracture”

Apolitical Rose, Jul 24, Delta R – “trauma [before race]”

Divine Power, Aug 29, Evangeline R – “lame” (three years old, first race)

All About Clara, Sep 1, Louisiana R – “acute, open, displaced fracture”

Where’s Rufus, Sep 5, Louisiana R – “acute fracture”

No Debate, Sep 9, Louisiana R – “slab fracture”

San Lorenzo Flash, Oct 1, Evangeline R – “open, displaced fracture”

Carbonero Train, Oct 15, Evangeline R – “fetlock disarticulation”

Jess Reb, Oct 15, Evangeline R – “fetlock disarticulation”

Nastygram, Oct 22, Evangeline R – “fracture”

Toastintrescoronas, Nov 13, Evangeline R – “lame: acute, grade 5”

Andesite, Nov 26, Fair Grounds R – “fracture, soft tissue [rupture]”

Presleys Corona, Dec 3, Evangeline R – “unknown” (two years old)

Zoomins Jewel, Dec 3, Evangeline R – “fracture”

Hardly Blue, Dec 5, Fair Grounds R – “open, compound, displaced fracture”

Visions of Gold, Dec 5, Fair Grounds R – “fracture, soft tissue [rupture]”

Tlaloc, Dec 10, Fair Grounds R – “comminuted fracture” (two years old, second race)

Miss Classy Tee, Dec 16, Evangeline R – “fracture” (two years old, first race)

Scrappy, Dec 17, Evangeline R – “acute, open, displaced fracture”

Caramel Latte, Dec 26, Fair Grounds R – “open, displaced fracture”

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  1. Finally, it has been confirmed what was suspected since December 26, 2020. CARAMEL LATTE was killed because of the injuries she sustained in her last race. This is absolutely sickening!!!!!!!!!!!
    Horseracing must be recognized by law as INSANE & INHUMANE ABUSE OF HORSES and be made illegal for anyone to do this to any horse!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You know…the scumbag tracks are always sayin what a big handle they brought in…well F them, put that “handle” to taking care of the HORSES,and see to it that no HORSE EVER,EVER,EVER goes to slaughter. The scumbags in this torture industry need to get a REAL job. Face it you scumbags.. you are all LAZY. You don’t want to WORK. Sloth and Greed.

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