23 Louisiana Raceday Kills

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note, however, that the Commission (as usual) did not forward training or off-track deaths. So, obviously, the true toll is greater than what follows, and what follows is 23 dead horses.

Wristlet, Jan 1, Delta R – “open fracture”

Lrh Fast as Oak, Jan 4, Louisiana R – “open, displaced fracture”

Perry Train, Jan 4, Louisiana R – “acute, displaced fracture”

J Rob, Jan 9, Fair Grounds R – “fracture, bow”

Kentucky Steal, Jan 9, Fair Grounds R – “displaced fracture”

Big Shanty, Jan 11, Fair Grounds R – “displaced fracture”

Mama Caught Da Train, Jan 14, Louisiana R – “acute neurologic trauma”

All Star Flyer, Jan 15, Delta R – “compound fracture”

Jim’s Silverbullet, Jan 16, Fair Grounds R – “open, compound, displaced fracture”

Take Charge Cece, Jan 17, Fair Grounds R – “open, compound, displaced fracture”

He’s Cheeky, Jan 20, Fair Grounds R – “trauma [in gate]”

Jess a Cajun, Jan 20, Louisiana R – “acute, displaced fracture”

Selenas Jewel, Feb 6, Delta R – “acute fracture”

El Tristan, Feb 14, Fair Grounds R – “open, comminuted, displaced fracture”

Classic Covey, Feb 15, Fair Grounds R – “displaced fracture”

Prs the Game Changer, Feb 15, Louisiana R – “acute paralysis”

Fist of Rage, Feb 28, Fair Grounds R – “open, displaced fracture”

Aintnosugar Inmytank, Mar 10, Louisiana R – “acute, comminuted fracture”

Red River Chase, Mar 12, Fair Grounds R – “open, displaced fracture”

Stormie Court, Mar 14, Fair Grounds R – “open, displaced fracture”

Doorag Jimmy, Jun 10, Louisiana R – “sudden death”

Champagne Moment, Jun 19, Evangeline R – “closed fracture”

Canrunalittle, Jun 24, Evangeline R – “trauma” (chart: “collapsed in apparent distress”)

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  1. It is always sickening and gut wrenching to see these lists of racing Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses injured and killed by horrible people that use horses as a business. It is not entertainment at all. It is a business that needs to be ended! I look forward to the day when you will be able to report that some type of legislation was attempted and passed by the elected officials that so far seem to have only paid lip service to protecting racehorses from the cruelty and torture of being exploited for racing (tortured to death) and breeding and slaughter.

  2. Candy Ride (OK), a sorrel Quarter Horse gelding is/ was standing in a kill pen in Shippensburg, PA with other horses waiting to be shipped to slaughter, or be rescued. He was foaled January 23, 2008 and raced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 (according to Equibase) and now needs someone to give him a decent home or he will be shipped. Go to Facebook for more information, if interested. Thanks.

  3. Shippensburg Pa is right on the I 81 corridor leading straight into Canada
    ( Richelieu). One road straight to hell for the horses.

  4. Canrunalittle died from “trauma” also noted was “collapsed in apparent distress”. How did this poor horse die. What really caused his death? We will never know.
    And Mama Caught Da Train’s death was caused by “neurologic trauma”! That is a vague statement! Did the horse die from a brain hemorrhage like Indy’s Quick Image? There was a perfunctory internal “investigation” into his death at Delaware. It was stated that his death was “contributed to”, and that was it! But what does that mean?? Obviously, nobody cared…
    All this goes on with NO oversight of this depraved business. Shameful!

  5. Caracaro who was going to race in the Kentucky Derby next week, “took a bad step” as he was finishing a work out. His rider felt the proverbial bad step, and dismounted. The horse made it back to the barn but was obviously lame. X-rays were scheduled for later Friday. Let’s see if this colt is still alive tonight.

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