“Muscle Tear, Bleeding Rupture”; “Blunt Force Trauma to Head”; “Collapsed, Died on Track” – New Mexico

Through a FOIA request to the New Mexico Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2020. Please note, however, that among the four tracks that were active last year (SunRay did not run any races because of covid), there were but five stall deaths forwarded – and I only received those after complaining that there were none on the initial documentation. When I pressed further, I received the following response:

“Good morning, I have gone through all the Dead/Injured horse reports that were originally sent to you and I find that you have been given everything the commission has on file.”

Big picture: New Mexico’s “reporting” is, along with Florida’s, the worst in the country. There are horses I know are dead who aren’t included in the FOIA documents, there are duplicate documents, documents from the wrong year, illegible forms, misspelled names, etc. In short, consider the following undoubtedly incomplete.

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Jan 3, Sunland T – “shoulder fracture”

Positive Numbers, Jan 3, Sunland R – “fetlock fracture”

Mr Beacon, Mar 10, Sunland T – “shoulder fracture”

Ritzy Racer, Mar 10, Sunland R – “sesamoid fracture”

Grc Justplainazoom, Mar 14, Sunland T – “collapsed after workout” (was disqualified in last race for drug positive)

Cleverclaimjumper, May 24, Ruidoso T – “sesamoid [fracture]”

Cherry Way, May 31, Ruidoso R – “fracture both sesamoids”

Whiskey Worthy, Jun 6, Ruidoso R – “scapula fracture” (first race)

Endless Thyme, Jun 6, Ruidoso R – “sesamoid fracture”

Im Macys Princess, Jun 13, Ruidoso R – “cannon fracture” (first race)

Absolutely Flashing, Jun 14, Ruidoso R – “muscle tear, bleeding rupture”

Unforgetable Fine (sic), Jun 16, Ruidoso T – “open, compound ankle fracture”

Fast Copy Katie Shae, Jun 16, Ruidoso T – “sesamoid fracture”

Daddy Lane, Jun 20, Ruidoso R – “multiple fractures”

Eagle Down, Jul 11, Ruidoso R – “unknown death” (after “winning”)

Rc Dragoncito Cartel, Jul 13, Ruidoso S – “colic, died in barn” (raced three days prior)

Vincom Strong (sic), Jul 15, Ruidoso S – “colic, died in barn” (two years old)

One Warrior Hero V, Jul 17, Ruidoso S – “colic, died in barn” (two years old)

Cc Miracle, Jul 17, Ruidoso T – “sesamoid fracture”

Precious Looker, Jul 25, Ruidoso R – “ankle fracture”

Dont Pitch to Darcy (sic), Aug 1, Ruidoso S – “colic, died”

Mister Hocks, Aug 7, Ruidoso T – “fracture, dead”

Paint Your Chick, Aug 7, Ruidoso R – “slab fracture”

Woodlittlecorona, Aug 8, Albuquerque R – “slab fracture” (first race)

Best Two Minutes, Aug 12, Albuquerque R – “sesamoid fracture”

Sc Divas Famous Man, Aug 21, Ruidoso R – “carpus fracture”

Mister Beduino, Aug 22, Albuquerque R (unknown cause; was a scratch that day)

Battle Weary, Aug 23, Ruidoso R – “flipped in gate, blunt force trauma to the head”

Daredevil Tom, late Aug, Ruidoso S – “extreme cellulitis” (raced Aug 14)

Texas Swagger, Sep 4, Ruidoso T – “comminuted fracture RH”

You Light Me Up, Sep 9, Albuquerque R – “fracture both sesamoids”

One Dashing Fling, Sep 13, Albuquerque R – “euthanized on track”

Oc Mademoiselle, Sep 18, Albuquerque R – “spinal injury”

It’s My Bliss, Oct 2, Zia T – “sesamoid fracture, suspensory rupture”

Dreams N Nightmares, Oct 12, Zia R – “suspected fractured spine”

Acclimated Song, Oct 13, Zia R (euthanized Oct 15) – “sesamoid fracture”

Vine Master, Oct 19, Zia R – “false break at gate – head injury”

Elusive Rose, Oct 20, Zia T – “cannon fracture”

Take the Spoon Max, Oct 28, Zia R – “fractured knee”

Stay Away Jonesy, Nov 1, Zia T – “metacarpels fracture”

Teller James, Nov 3, Zia R – “collapsed, died on track after race” (two years old)

Trebulski, Nov 3, Zia R – “fell, unable to use back legs – euthanized”

Cannelloni, Nov 9, Zia R – “[multiple] fractures”

Sally’s Sister, Nov 12, Zia T – “scapula fracture”

Sidepocket Charger, Dec 3, Zia T – “sesamoid fracture, suspensory rupture”

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  1. GRC JUSTPLAINAZOOM, an Oklahoma-bred Quarter Horse gelding born February 22, 2011 was drugged. No surprise there. He collapsed after a workout on March 14, 2020. He had been disqualified in his last race for a positive drug test. This is abuse of a horse. There’s no question about that. He was exploited to the tune of $271,121 in purse money. Who knows how much money was made off of him in wagering…?
    All of these horses had to have lived lives of unimaginable pain and suffering!!!
    We can only wonder about the rest of the horses that disappeared off the radar; how many, their names, etc.

  2. We must put an end to horseracing to stop the horrible abuse and suffering of the horses.

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