“Flipped and Hit Head”; “Stifle Locked Up, Broke Back”; “Hit Rail, Broke Leg” – Wyoming, 2020

Through a FOIA request to the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2020.

Cowlick Hero, Jul 11, Wyoming T – “flipped and hit head”

Walk Thru the Bar, Jul 19, Wyoming T – “fell at wire”

Turbulent Eyes, Aug 1, Wyoming R – “stifle locked up, broke back”

Vvr Barn Find, Aug 23, Sweetwater R – “hit rail, broke leg” (first race)

El Divo Moves, Aug 23, Sweetwater R – “collapsed, broke back”

Skinny Love, Aug 23, Sweetwater R – “stumbled, broke back leg” (same race as above)

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  1. Killing me — the heartbreak just does NOT stop, does it! — there’s always a HORSE suffering somewhere owing to this depraved Horseracing Industry — SHUT DOWN this vile industry filled with sadistic People who do NOT GIVE a DAMN — all Horses should be transferred to Horse Ranches, Sanctuaries where they can properly be taken care of — these same places can open to Visitors to experience the beauty and majesty of these lovely Animals — fees will help with upkeep – also, donations must be promoted — this is DOABLE.

  2. And I’m sure all those racing fans and apologists were able to “shake it off and proceed to the next race” as one such vile apologist commented in an earlier post. I wonder if they would have such a cavalier attitude if they were the ones laying in the dirt with a broken back or shattered leg, all so some ignorant jerk could slap a $2 bet on their head.

  3. It is dreadful to think of how many horses were injured and killed that were not in an “official race” in “the cowboy state” of Wyoming. They hurt and kill animals at their rodeos as well. This is absolutely sickening!!!!! It is all dreadful and something so many people are actually proud of. It’s definitely vomit-worthy!!!!

  4. I cannot understand how such heartless people could allow such suffering and torture for the horses.

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