“Fractured Skull”; “Dislocated Hip”; “Pulmonary Hemorrhage” – Some of Indiana’s 2020 Dead

Through a FOIA request to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two tracks in 2020.

Indiana is a subsidy state, meaning, of course, that racing would in all likelihood not exist there without the corporate welfare. Please consider contacting the state’s three main political power brokers. Tell them to end the handouts (coming at the expense of schoolchildren); end the cruelty; end the killing. End horseracing.

Governor Holcomb: Facebook, Twitter
Senate Majority Leader Alting: Senator.Alting@iga.in.gov
House Speaker Huston: 317-232-9677; 1-800-382-9841

Texican, Mar 27, Hoosier T – “rupture of lung vessel”

Valkyrie, May 24, Indiana T – “fractured skull”

Logan, Jun 10, Indiana T – “fractured sesamoid”

Neeka’s Temple, Jun 18, Indiana T – “fractured skull”

Keep Dreamin, Jun 21, Indiana S – “colic”

Endeavor, Jun 23, Hoosier T – “dislocated hip with torn ligaments”

Shazzy B, Jun 24, Indiana T – “fractured pastern”

Augie, Jul 3, Indiana T – “broken cannon bone”

Miss Mercken, Jul 22, Indiana R – “cardiac event [and] leg fracture”

Fars Glitter, Jul 23, Indiana R – “suspensory rupture”

Serena Star, Jul 24, Indiana T – “fractured femur”

Soo Taylor, Aug 7, Indiana T – “pulmonary hemorrhage”

Major Trick, Aug 15, Hoosier R – “pulmonary hemorrhage”

Tortuga, Aug 20, Indiana R – “flipped over before race”

Rolling Sea, Aug 22, Hoosier R – “pulmonary hemorrhage”

Better Charge It, Aug 25, Indiana R – “pulmonary hemorrhage”

Race Day Cali, Sep 11, Indiana T – “pulmonary hemorrhage”

Alexandra Z Tam, Sep 16, Hoosier R – “pulmonary hemorrhage”

Braggs Escondido, Sep 21, Indiana T – “training accident”

Lucky Royal P, Oct 3, Indiana R – “fractured carpal bones”

West Sider, Oct 5, Indiana R (euthanized Oct 6) – “fractured metacarpal”

Justanillusion, Oct 7, Indiana T – “pelvic injury”

My Northern Star, Oct 14, Indiana R – “fractured sesamoid”

Sturgeon, Oct 19, Indiana R – “leg fractures”

Quite a Moonglow, Oct 20, Indiana R – “LF fractures”

Mg Macho Boy, Oct 22, Indiana R – “LF fractures”

Zooming Star V4, Oct 28, Indiana R – “head injury”

Help Me Out, Nov 2, Indiana R – “pulmonary hemorrhage”

Sheza Sunshine, Nov 4, Indiana T – “LF fractures”

Hasty Commander, Nov 17, Indiana T – “shoulder injury”

Sorority Gal, Nov 17, Indiana R – “LF fractures”

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  1. Over 26% of the deaths occurred because the horses drowned in their own blood. Three others died because of skull fractures head/injuries…
    Apologists claim all the time the horses die from “injuries” that happen in paddocks just like in racing !!
    I just wonder how many die in their paddocks from pulmonary hemorrhages, fractured skulls and have dirt ground into their fractures and mouths with their teeth broken off at the gum line…
    Do any apologists know???!

    • Those people who defend this by saying that these same types of injuries could happen out on pasture are FILTHY, STINKING LIARS.
      While it is true that accidents and injuries can and sometimes do happen out on pasture, the quantity of injuries are much, much less. The severity of injuries on pasture are not even close to the abuses and torture to racehorses in race training and racing!!! The types of injuries on pasture are much different from being abused and tortured at a race and/or training track.
      Anyone who thinks they can pull the wool over the eyes of people who have years of firsthand experience with horses are only fooling themselves when it comes to the lying. The falsified, fictionalized accounts are a waste of time!!! Saying that horses could break down out on pasture in the same way as horses are breaking down from racing and race training are a waste of time. The facts are out there for the world to see!

    • We have NEVER had such injuries with our horses out in our main field or paddock ever let alone die! We have had some severe looking injuries caused by horses kicking each other with the mares being the worst at times & we have had to go out in the field to tell them to knock it off. But we have never had one die from an injury!

  2. Miss Mercken? Y’all remember her? Patrick’s got way too much credibility and integrity to recount THAT disgusting tale here,..but I don’t, so here goes…;)
    Her loving owner, Maggi Moss, is a lawyer and hard-core racing advocate who likes to pretend she’s opposed to animal cruelty — so it’s fair to say she’s made a lot of enemies in the wonderful world of racing. That day, when MM (the horse, not the attorney) took that horrific fall and was VANNED OFF, a whole shitload of racing fans were all over Twitter, begging for confirmation of her outcome. (They all knew what the answer was, of course; apparently it was the type of hideous horror-show injury that would make anyone with a soul swear off setting foot near a horse track for life.) Anyway, ZERO answer was forthcoming. Not from Maggi, nor from the track spokeswoman, who finally stated that she could NOT divulge the horse’s condition (dead) without the owner’s permission.
    Wouldn’t want to make racehorse-killers look cruel to the public, or anything. Right, Maggi?

      • Nancy, just going by common logic and common sense, I would have to say, “Yes.” We will have to wait longer for Patrick’s report after the FOIA request is made and all of that to know more. I assume at this point that CARAMEL LATTE was killed on December 26, 2020. I hate it, but I can’t hold my breath waiting.

    • I sure do, Kelly, and thank you for reminding us.

      Moss (referred to as Maggot Moss by some)…so inept in her profession she makes her living exploiting, discarding, and killing horses. Maggot is too kind.

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