At Least 10 Dead at Fonner Park Last Year

In a FOIA request to the Nebraska State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Fonner Park last year. Please note, however, that the Commission did not forward any training deaths, and I know of at least one (Retrofit, Jun 8, via another source). So, this list is not complete.

Mac McLovin, Feb 21, Fonner R – “got hind end knocked out from underneath him resulting in compound fracture of fetlock”

Natchez Pass, Mar 6, Fonner R – “sesamoid fracture”

Inouye, Mar 8, Fonner S – “multiple-day battle with colic”

Da Streekin Mo, Mar 25, Fonner R – “sesamoid fracture, luxation of fetlock”

Whiskey Storm, Mar 29, Fonner S – “colic, several days”

Kool Kate, Apr 14, Fonner R – “compound fracture with complete luxation of joint”

Heisayankee, Apr 14, Fonner R – “sesamoid fracture, luxation of fetlock”

Memory of Swim, Apr 21, Fonner R – “broke down – this horse’s fetlock dropped to the ground…[multiple] fractures” (7 days after previous race)

Stellar Bess, May 25, Fonner R – “open, compound fractures of cannon” also noted: “track was slippery and muddy”

Be My Shadow, May 26, Fonner R – “[multiple] fractures, complete luxation of fetlock”

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  1. These injuries are so disturbingly gruesome. This is the kind of ABUSE and torture to horses that would cause a person to get traumatic stress disorder if they had to see these horses’ injuries up close and personal as they happen.
    As you report these injuries, we know there are other horses that didn’t get reported. It seems the industry wants to manipulate the statistics of how many horses are killed by the abuse and torture of racing horses, which includes the training and the constant breeding of horses with various predispositions to unsoundness. Of course, these horses will not last long in this abusive and torturous industry called horseracing that is about the exploitation of horses for money while deliberately causing injuries that are often fatal.

  2. It’s absolutely criminal that any sentient being should have to suffer injuries and conditions like these, and for no other reason than the greed of humans.
    And how do these types of horrific breakdowns happen on a flat dirt surface? Show jumping horses spend their careers clearing 7+ feet, and their careers can last over ten years, yet I have never seen or heard of a show jumper snapping a leg or severing a spine. I know that a most of the problem is the age and speed involved, but you would think that there would be some severe repetitive injuries from constantly landing from those heights.
    The only venue that can compare with horse racing in terms of abuse and destruction is rodeo, and that is another level of animal torture in itself,

  3. Well, OF COURSE the Fine Folks at Fonner didn’t report any of their training kills — why would they? They were too busy capitalizing on the Pandemic to worry about that those pesky little horse-killing details. Proud Nebraska racing creeps know a good thing when they see one. And when COVID hit, they saw one. Fonner milked that crisis for the opportunity it was: a chance for them to be the only game in…well, anywhere. So they crowed about it daily, bragged on their high handle — as if that proved anything at all, except what a bunch of degenerate junkies with zero standards horse players are.
    So, hope you enjoyed all that “success,” Fonner officials. And may the next worldwide disaster bring you even MORE good fortune;)

  4. The people who are responsible for so many horses dying are very selfish and ignorant.

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