“Severed Spinal Cord”; “Acute Exsanguination”; “Skull Fracture” – Oklahoma, 2020

Through a FOIA request to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2020.

Df Fabulous Georgia, Mar 18, Remington T – “spinal canal fracture” (two years old)

Baddowndasher, Mar 19, Remington R – “horse collapsed – severed spinal cord”

Fantasy First Down, Mar 21, Remington S – “suffered severe head trauma while tied to gate” (note: not euthanized, just died)

Win in the Willow, Mar 23, Will Rogers T – “cardiac, [died]” (final 5 races: 4 lasts, 1 second-to-last; combined 108 lengths back)

Might B Magic, Mar 28, Remington R – “lacerated tendon”

Hot Pyc Chic, Apr 2, Remington S (euthanized Apr 4) – “flipped, severe head trauma” (note: not euthanized, just died)

Miss Capi Went South, Apr 3, Remington R – “carpal fracture”

King Mi, Apr 17, Remington R – “fractured pelvis”

Zilker, Apr 18, Will Rogers T – “collapsed, [died]”

Splashing Eagle, Apr 29, Remington T – “knee fracture”

Tt Topper, May 5, Remington S – “colic” (note: not euthanized, just died)

Bdb Macs Dynasty, May 16, Remington R – “scapula fracture” (two years old, first race)

Quiet Spring, May 18, Will Rogers R – “sesamoid fracture”

My Legacy, May 18, Will Rogers R – “slab fracture”

Lonemire, May 21, Remington R (euthanized May 22) – “knee fracture”

Spring d’Oro, Jun 6, Fair Meadows T – “slab fracture”

Kiss My Bling, Jun 9, Fair Meadows R – “acute exsanguination after showing signs of distress” (she bled out)

Luneaction, Jun 9, Fair Meadows R – “slab fracture”

Cheers and Prayers, Jun 21, Fair Meadows S – “hit head on concrete wall, [died]”

Bv Ready to Run, Jul 4, Fair Meadows T – “[multiple] fractures”

Gospel Cherokey, Jul 21, Fair Meadows R – “fell – skull fracture” (died – not euthanized – next day)

Snoopy, Jul 24, Fair Meadows R (euthanized Jul 25) – “sesamoid fracture” (two years old, second race)

Reigning Kisses, Jul 25, Fair Meadows R – “carpal fracture”

Rookie Season, Aug 13, Remington T – “sesamoid fracture, ruptured suspensory, ruptured tendon”

A Guy Like Me, Aug 15, Remington T – “sesamoid fracture”

Cam’s Legacy, Aug 21, Remington T – “expired upon completion of workout” (two years old)

Jerry’s Got Aces, Sep 17, Remington T – “[multiple] fractures”

Peves Candy Chickman, Sep 18, Will Rogers S – “skull fracture”

Nicky Numbers, Sep 19, Remington R – “sesamoid fracture”

Lauren’s Flyer, Sep 26, Remington T – “shoulder fracture”

Oasis Beauty, Oct 1, Remington R – “collapsed after race, died in shedrow [next day]” (two years old, first race)

Dance to My Song, Oct 9, Remington T – “shoulder fracture while loading”

Aint Your Darlin, Oct 23, Will Rogers R – “carpal fracture”

Heeza Prince, Oct 23, Will Rogers R – “sesamoid fracture, tendon rupture”

Dulce Suenos, Oct 23, Will Rogers R – “carpal fracture”

That’s three horses killed racing at Will Rogers on same day.

Strong Side, Oct 24, Remington S – “colic” (note: not euthanized, just died)

Roaring Rule, Oct 24, Remington T – “condylar fracture”

Caposqueen, Oct 24, Will Rogers R – “carpal fracture” (two years old, first race)

Judys Last Silk, Oct 30, Will Rogers R – “shoulder fracture”

He’s a Shore Bet, Nov 5, Remington T – “sesamoid fracture”

Aloha Dreamer, Nov 7, Remington R (euthanized Nov 10) – “carpal fracture”

Me N Magic, Nov 13, Will Rogers R – “sesamoid fracture”

Expensive Lesson, Nov 16, Remington R – “sesamoid fracture”

Suitefivemagic, Nov 28, Remington R – “sesamoid fracture”

Globus, Dec 3, Remington R – “sesamoid fracture”

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  1. Forcing horses to be racehorses is definitely abuse and must be recognized as such by our government!!!!

  2. I read through every one of the posts from Horse Racing Wrongs and it makes me sad, mad and seriously troubled. I board at a barn that has taken in several used and abused former race horses. My question is what can I do to make a difference? Who should I share this information with? Is there a lobby group working on any of this in the form of state legislation? Please email me at lisaesimms1@gmail.com.
    Thank you…

    • Hi Lisa, we have a new Horseracing Wrongs Action Group on Facebook where we post daily Action Alerts where we ask advocates to reach out to lawmakers (governors, state legislators) through email, phone calls and social media platforms. We also host contact and tweet storms as well. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/887149342065006

      Also, for those not on Facebook, we can do email blasts with this information so everyone can take one minute to do a daily action to be a voice for the horses.

      Please feel free to contact me at nicole@horseracingwrongs.org for more info.

  3. I wish that I could make a difference to end all this suffering and needless death of horses. I cannot believe how the owners of these horses could be so cruel and not be concerned about what happens to the horses.

  4. The number of horses with broken and even severed spines, broken shoulders, and serious head trauma is so suspicious. I believe there is far more going on than we will ever know. Not to mention the number of horses that BLEED OUT. Seriously, how often does THAT happen to not just the average horse owner, but in any other equine venue? The sheer torture and abuse at racetracks defies comprehension.

  5. The list of ‘injuries’ and causes of death for these innocent racehorses is absolutely heartbreaking. The terror, agony and pain they must endure is truly horrendous…..may Karma visit the owners, trainers and jockeys and repay them tenfold for their utter abuse and disregard for these horses.

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