“Severe Blunt-Force Trauma”; “Compound Fracture, Multiple Fragments”; “Chronic, Severe Laminitis” – Some of Emerald’s 2020 Kills

Through a FOIA request to the Washington Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Emerald Downs in 2020 (there was no racing at Washington’s other track, Sun Downs, last year).

Hide N Seeker, Feb 24, Emerald T – “humeral fracture – acute, severe, with hemorrhage”

Rojo Bou Peep, Mar 19, Emerald S – “suspected pleuritis”

Double Zero Seven, Apr 24, Emerald T – “collapsed – unknown” (three years old)

Ready Eddie, May 9, Emerald T – “collapsed – unknown” (five years old)

Little Cat Gee, May 23, Emerald T – “fetlock luxation”

Midnight Medley, May 28, Emerald T – “fractured sesamoids”

Good Mischief, Jun 12, Emerald T – “fractured humerus”

Sketchy Lady, Jun 17, Emerald S – “sick – unknown”

O. K. So Far, Aug 23, Emerald T – “fractured sesamoids”

Bobble Doit, Aug 31, Emerald T – “displaced fracture, severe ligament laceration, tendon lacerations”; also, “chronic osteoarthritis, gastric ulceration” (two years old)

Scotchontherocks, Sep 24, Emerald S – “chronic, severe cutaneous wound; chronic, severe laminitis with P3 rotation and sinking” (two years old)

Great Gasby, Oct 1, Emerald R – “severe blunt-force trauma: skull fracture – comminuted, acute, severe”

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Oct 4, Emerald T – “compound fracture, multiple fragments”

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  1. The pain and suffering these horses endured is disturbing to think about. The barbaric and inhumane treatment that was inflicted on these victimized horses by their racing participant connections was for the pursuit of a barbaric and EVIL gambling game as evidenced by the wagering handle. Emerald Downs has nothing to be proud of because being guilty of providing a facility for practicing ANIMAL ABUSE is nothing to be proud of. All of these equine victims deserve some justice. Horseracing is evil abuse of horses and it must be shut down!!!

  2. Great Gasby sustained “severe blunt force trauma: skull fracture – commuted, severe” Sounds like this poor horse’s head was absolutely smashed in and no notation as to how this occurred??!!!!

    Seattle is a very liberal city. I lived there for a long time. Yet dog fighting flourishes there and horse abuse continues unabated…
    To get anything done you have money and lots of it!
    It is always about the MONEY no matter what or where.

    • Rose,blunt force trauma to a horses head,to incur a fracture in his stall is rear.IMO this was a man made incident. It could be an angry groom,a jealous competing trainer etc. using a hammer or a shovel. Not all abuse comes in the form of racing and training.Many people in this industry are undesirable. I knew of a new trainer at NYRA several years ago who had two horses and he was not being welcomed into the NYRA backstretch by race officials. One of his horses got a fractured jaw and two days later his second horse got his frog cut out with a blacksmiths knife a half inch deep into the fleshy part of his foot the diameter of a quarter.Rendering both horses unraceable. Their was no NYRA investigation,the trainer was threatened to let it go by NYRA officials.There was a typical NYRA coverup.When the trainer called in the Dept. of Justice to investigate, The DOJ told him they know who did it but could not prove it.Just let it go and move on.NYRAs response was that he had no business wanting to train horses here. Then to go one better I spoke to one of the most respected trainers in the nation hoping to get an outsiders take on this ( he is stabled out of state ) his response was “he would never stable at any NYRA track,because if they don’t like you personally,they’ll do something to your horse,this came from a multi breeders cup winning trainer.I hope this clarifies what kind of people you’re dealing with.

      • Sophie, thank you for telling the truth!!!!!!! I always suspected ungodly crimes of unspeakable EVIL.

      • inconvenience. Also the practice of taking grievances out on the innocent horse is not uncommon. After all it is just a horse and assaulting someone may result in meaningful penalty.

        • Sorry the first part was deleted by my computer!! It should read: Yes Sophie D I have encountered the excuse of “there were no witnesses”. These people do not have the expertise to investigate a crime. Plus they would rather not shed a bad light on their business. They are experts at covering up wrongdoing. I tried to find out about a horse, with the same fatal injury as Great Gasby but was stonewalled.
          Crimes and misdeeds are nothing more than an convenience.

          • .!!!Should read inconvenience not convenience.
            Further, in the real world crimes are solved sans witnesses but in the subculture of racing a crime can’t be solved without a witness. How convenient

    • Rose,blunt force trauma powerful enough to create a skull fracture on a horse in their stall is extremely rear. One way this can occur is man made. An example it could have been done with a hammer or a shovel.I knew a trainer who was not welcome on the NYRA backstretch by NYRA officials. He had two horses in training that were sabotaged.One horse had her jaw fractured the other horse had his frog cut out with a knife. IMO a NYRA coverup ensued.A world class trainer winner of multiple breeders cups.He Told me he would never stable at NYRA tracks,because if they don’t like you they will do something to your horses.

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