11-Year-Old Dies of Heart Failure After Finishing 2nd in Her 93rd Race

Through a FOIA request to the Colorado Department of Revenue, I have confirmed the following kills at Arapahoe Park in 2020.

Yuma Thurman, Jun 23, Arapahoe R – “horse died in barn area after finishing 2nd -congestive heart failure” (11 years old, 93rd race)

Neon Light, Jun 30, Arapahoe T (euthanized Jul 9) – “fell in starting gate”

Spittin Candy, Jul 25, Arapahoe S – “horse died in barn from colic”

Mazel Tov G C, Jul 28, Arapahoe R – “fractured cannon after crossing finish line”

Pastoral, Aug 10, Arapahoe T – “ran into rail”

Jet Latino, Aug 11, Arapahoe R – “RF fracture just prior to finish line”

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  1. I’m hoping that Colorado is one of the next States in the USA to “become a victim of national trends” meaning a drop in wagering handle of at least 50%, et cetera.
    Horseracing needs to be defunded everywhere!!!!

  2. So how are all these track officials gonna handle it when it will no longer take a Freedom of Information Act request to get their deaths released by the state? Once the Horseracing Integrity (ha ha) and Safety Act takes effect, won’t they have to publicly concede them as they happen?
    Just kidding! We all know the pro-racing HISA authors and supporters have no idea what “Integrity” means. So, carry on with your spotty, reluctant so-called reporting, horse killers.

    • Any truly honest person would not fit into the lifestyle of constantly and actively abusing, neglecting, racing, killing, dumping, and disposing of their “unwanted, BUT BELOVED” race horses. Any person with strong moral principles would be repulsed by the depravity of the horseracing modus operandi. Once you know how immoral a thing is you have to reject it. But, some people do what a dog that vomits does. The dog “returns to his/her vomit” and a morally depraved person returns to his/her vile ways.
      Isn’t it as the “gambler” said when a racehorse is killed? “Just shake it off and proceed to the next race.” As the dog returns to his/her vomit, the gambler returns to the moral depravity of financially supporting the evilness of the abusive killing of horses exploited for money with $2 bets.

  3. If I were a betting person, my money would have been on the necropsie report showing that poor darling pumped full of drugs. Really, you disgusting money grubbing people(abusers, bettors, owners, trainers and jockeys)mark my words, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!
    Two things you might want to ponder before you run any more horses to death.
    1. God created His animals the day before He created us. This tells me He holds them in high esteem.
    2. What you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.
    Lastly, I would like to know how you sleep at night, knowing you are part of the problem. Before any of you people answer me and tell me how you aren’t the bad people in racing, save your energy.
    As I have yet to see or read about the “good guys” working to clean up horseracing.
    None of you know me and my words are those of anger, sadness, frustration regarding horseracing. I am however, a nice, community minded, retired grandmother. My philosophy is that, should I die with a great amount of money left over, then I didn’t give enough away. We can’t take it with us, so please support Horse Racing Wrongs.
    Pamela Cingano

  4. I don’t have to be religious or think that animals come from God to know that this is totally wrong.
    Just as people don’t have to be directly involved with racehorses, such as the owner of this blog Patrick, to know that this is totally wrong.
    Whatever your beliefs and/or motivations are I think that we should all know horse racing is heinous.
    Not only do these kill lists prove just how delusional and morally deprived horse racing apologists are, there are examples that come in every single day.
    If not in the form of a racehorse dying, but proven at Turfway Park in Kentucky on January 30, 2021.
    The snowstorm was so bad that there was zero visibility and, in fact, so bad that the racetrack announcement said this during the 4th race: “They continue to race around the turn, and your guess as good as mine with about a quarter mile to go,”
    Openly admitting that neither he or anybody else could see what was going on.
    They sent those poor racehorses out in a freezing, cold snowstorm to flip a buck for their wagering coffers.
    This is outrageous and so indicative of the delusional parasite scum bags that they all are.
    Can you imagine if there were a breakdown?
    They wouldn’t even be able to see it and this is part of their “safety reforms?”
    Are you fu**ing kidding me?
    They all make me sick to my stomach so I can only imagine how the racehorses might feel.

    • Gina after the 4th they did cancel the rest of the card..so wondering who made the decision and why? Did someone call and complain or did the jockeys say no way jose??

      • I think you would agree that no horse racing, no races should have taken place that day, but they just squeezed in 4 races for their gambling addicts, racehorse abusers and wagering firms.
        Utterly outrageous.
        Furthermore, the ongoing torture of this poor 11 year old racehorse, YUMA THURMAN, is heartbreaking, but aren’t they all?
        I can’t wait until even 1 of these hell holes for racehorses shuts down, any type of progress for civilization would transpire to horse racing shutting down for good just like greyhound horse racing.
        I also acknowledge and I’m well aware that “safety reforms” have been mere public wallpaper for years.
        Nothing has changed nor will change – racehorses will continue to die for this unnecessary, antiquated gambling killing business.

    • Agree with you Gina! It was stupid to have horses running at speed in those conditions. We have seen the race replay.We have had the experience of galloping a horse on our now defunct, thankfully redeveloped 1 mile track as it was freezing up under our horses hoofs! In our state it was recently announced that all race horses will now undergo hair testing! Wonder what kinds of drugs the racing commission is looking for.We would not have subjected a saddle horse to those horrible outside conditions. That`s why indoor riding arenas were developed.To get out of bad weather & still ride your horses.

    • Gina, I believe it has been proven by the evidence that Patrick keeps digging up and reporting here on this blog that the so-called “safety reforms” by any and all horseracing jurisdictions are a very cruel joke. If the commissioners and other racing participants can find a way to hide the evidence of horses breaking down catastrophically, we know that they will do everything they can to sweep a racing and/or a training death/kill under the rug. That is the modus operandi of horseracing participants who only care about how much money they have to gain or lose and not about the health and well-being of horses. If they cared about the horses, they would do as you have done, Gina; they would stop participating!!!
      I am still waiting to find out if CARAMEL LATTE is dead or alive. I know there are hundreds of other unfortunate horses that have had breakdowns of some kind on the track and the Paulick Report pretends like “that didn’t happen” by not discussing anything about a horse that was involved in a breakdown or a spill. He reported on the jockey that was injured badly, but not killed. They are only trying to protect their horse-killing paychecks, not the horses!!!!

      • Wanda is not the only one wondering about Caramel Latte
        If any of you out there know the status of this horse will you please let us know? Thank you in advance.

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