17 (Anonymous) Dead in Minnesota Last Year

Through a FOIA request to the Minnesota Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s two tracks in 2020. As always, the response came with this: “Minnesota veterinary medicine laws prevent us from providing any additional identifying information.” That said, surely most, if not all, of the “racing related deceased” can be found among the 11 horses below who were “vanned off” the Canterbury track last year and have not been heard from since.

Canterbury Park: “total of 16 deceased horses”
“racing related”: 8
“training related”: 3
“illness related”: 4
“other”: 1

Running Aces: “total of 1 deceased horse”
“illness related”: 1

London Legacy “vanned off” Jul 2
Jerf “vanned off” Jul 9
Vezmereyes “vanned off” Jul 16
Simran “vanned off” Jul 20
Painted Canyon “vanned off” Jul 29
Audrey’s Attitude “vanned off” Aug 3
Mica Bay “vanned off” Aug 20
Trapalanda “vanned off” Aug 24
Jazzing Joanna “vanned off” Aug 25
Dreaming of Blue “vanned off” Sep 16
Drop the Gloves “vanned off” Sep 16

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  1. As if it isn’t bad enough that they kill horses in MINNESOTA HORSERACING, they also have a law that protects them from full disclosure of their horse-killing details more so than some of the other states in the business of abusing racehorses to literal death. THAT’S really interesting!!!

  2. They just love them soooo much that they strip them of their names when they drop dead on their tracks.
    It’s okay though to keep their names for their stupid gambling bets and when their flipping a buck.
    They also strip their name and replace it with a number on their tails when they send them to the kill pens.
    Everything about this business is vile.

    • That’s right, Gina. At the livestock auction where the killbuyers go to buy horses to fill a contract, the weight of the horse and the price per pound is what matters to them, not the horses’ names. Some killbuyers will give some of the horses a second chance, but it’s “iffy” depending on if there is anyone that can come up with everything; the bail price, the cost of transport, the cost of quarantine, and everything else it costs money for to keep a horse.

      • Exactly, and isn’t it funny how the multi-billion dollar horse racing industry rarely, if ever, contributes ONE DIME to save a racehorse standing in a kill pen knowing its horrific fate at the slaughterhouse?
        Neither do they have a mandatory percentage from their billions in wagering profits (opening day at Santa Anita was 22 million) for racehorse aftercare
        This billion dollar industry leaves it up to a kill buyer to give their beloved “family member” a second chance.
        Isn’t that awfully loving of them?
        They only love them when their flipping a buck at the wagering windows.
        After that they are mere disposable gambling chips to this repulsive morally deprived killing business.

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