This Is Horseracing: 3-Year-Olds Dying of Aortic Ruptures and Pulmonary Hemorrhages

Through a FOIA request to the New Jersey Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2020.

please note:
As with many other states, this is surely an underreporting by the Commission – e.g., only two stall deaths, just a single harness death, etc.

Almost every report came with this: “Carcass Removed By M & S Pet Removal.” From “majestic athletes” to “carcasses.”

Constitutional Pal, Jul 4, Monmouth R – “[multiple] complete, displaced fractures; ulceration and dissection of the articular cartilage from the subchondral bone”

Ilchester Cheetah, Jul 11, Monmouth R – “sudden death: rupture of arterial tree in right lung that resulted in pulmonary laceration and hemorrhage” (three years old)

Jonimarie, Jul 23, Monmouth S – “acute cardiovascular collapse” (five years old, scheduled to race next day)

Gin and Platonic, Aug 1, Monmouth R – “dropped dead: rupture of arterial tree right lung with laceration and intrathoracic hemorrhage” (three years old)

Withholder, Aug 2, Monmouth T – “pulled up lame, collapsed into hypovolemic shock – pelvic fracture with severe and extensive soft tissue hemorrhage” (two years old)

Tony, Aug 15, Monmouth R (euthanized Aug 23) – “[multiple] fractures, severe and extensive soft tissue hemorrhage”

Giant Rose, Aug 17, Monmouth S – “acute laminitis both front feet; started Aug 10 [two days after last race]”

Painted Image, Aug 22, Monmouth R – “partial tear suspensory ligament, severe soft tissue hemorrhage”

Our Americanbeauty, Aug 27, Monmouth T – “complete humerus fracture”

Eve’s Medal, Sep 20, Monmouth T – “dropped dead: aortic rupture, hemorrhage into the thoracic cavity” (three years old)

Evil Monkey, Oct 1, Monmouth T – “fractured pelvis”

Rubenslegacy, Oct 4, Monmouth T – “complete, comminuted P1 fracture”

Cinnamon Latte, Oct 14, Monmouth R – “complete rupture [multiple] ligaments, massive and extensive soft tissue hemorrhage”

Octane Blue Chip, Dec 26, Meadowlands R – “sudden death: aortic rupture, additional hemorrhage in lungs and thoracic cavity” (six year old)

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  1. Horseracing is horrendous abuse and horrendous neglect of horses!!! Of course, the psychopathic and the sociopathic individuals that are involved in this NON-ESSENTIAL ACTIVITY say they take the best care of their horses and all these kinds of things, accidents happen to horses on the Range and pasture and blah blah blah and the difference is that race horses get treated and healed. That’s really special coming from someone who refuses to “see the forest through the trees” as the saying goes!

  2. Lazy scumbag sack of s**t Todd on tvg just made a snarky comment on tvg about protests. Hey Todd your a grown old man go get a REAL job, you know one that actually requires brains and actual WORK. Todd you’re a Todd.

  3. The truth is too painful to address. In the name of GOD, this unreported extreme cruelty MUST BE STOPPED!

  4. It is time for the greedy owners of horses to stop the abuse and killing of their horses by ending their participation in horseracing.

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