Oregon: “Traumatic Fractures, Severe Hemorrhage”

Through a FOIA request to the Oregon Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s only regularly-running track, Grants Pass, in 2020. (GP conducted only 25 live-racing dates last year. Still, as with Illinois and other states, I am almost certain that this list is incomplete.)

Hawks Main Interest, Jun 24, Grants Pass R – “open, comminuted fracture LF limb”

Jemsek, Nov 3, Grants Pass T – “severe, comminuted fracture; severe soft tissue hemorrhage”

Papa Said Ya, Nov 9, Grants Pass R – “multiple, traumatic fractures; severe hemorrhage; ulcerated cartilage”

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  1. Several years ago the state threatened this track with closure due to a horse breaking down almost daily in every other race! Now thanks to a coffee shop chain owner spending hundreds of thousands of $$$ to renovate a county fair type track it is now the only commercial run track on publicly owned property. in Oregon. How can this be right? Publicly owned property by a county used for private profit!

  2. Nancy, there’s a pretty gray girl entered in the fourth race today at Parx. Her name is Victoria E. , I’m “concerned” about her. I pray nothing happens to her today. I know how you ❤️ your grays. The poor dear girl has been plummeting through the ranks,if you will. She used to be a stakes type horse,so she’s been through a lot. I’m 🙏 . I will not watch….can’t.

    • Bonnie race 1 at Parx. I always count the starting gate horses and then count the finishing ones. Race 1 was missing somebody at the end. I did not see if something went awry. I will watch race 4. Thank you!!

  3. Nancy, he was eased….no van off. He had Edwin Rivera as his jock,I trust Edwin. I hope the horse is ok.

    • Bonnie, our priority is always the status of the beautiful horses wellbeing. Hope he is ok also.

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