More California Deaths: “Protrusion of MCIII Through Skin”; “Broken Neck”; “Fractured Skull”; “Appeared to Be Suffocating on Blood”; “Spinal Cord Compression”; et al.

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 2020 kills (previous ones here). (The names were redacted but, paradoxically, the dead had already been identified on the Board’s public database.)

Harliss, Jan 17, Santa Anita R – “catastrophic fetlock breakdown, [multiple] ligament/tendon ruptures”

Enchanting Eva, Apr 4, Golden Gate T – “catastrophic breakdown: the stability and palmar support of the RF limb was destroyed”

M C Hamster, Apr 15, Santa Anita T – “complete luxation of fetlock joint with protrusion of distal MCIII through skin; [multiple] ruptures”

Arky Vaughan, May 8, Golden Gate T – “multiple comminuted fractures, [multiple] complete ruptures”; also: “chronic gastric ulceration” (three years old)

I Love Sorrento, Jun 7, Los Alamitos T – “catastrophic right humeral breakdown – returning from layoff following surgery [on same leg]”

Nana Shila, Jun 27, Los Alamitos R – “open, comminuted fractures; complete rupture [multiple] ligaments/tendons; broken neck; massive hemorrhage within spinal canal”

Plum Dandy, Aug 31, Del Mar S – “flipped – fractured skull, bled from nose, died”

She’s Got Heart, Sep 20, Golden Gate T – “multiple fractures of pastern”; also: “chronic gastric ulceration” (three years old)

Superficial, Oct 6, Santa Anita S – “skull fracture; significant blood loss from both nostrils; was ataxic and unwilling to stand; appeared to be suffocating on blood” (two years old)

Racing N Lace, Dec 5, Los Alamitos R – “catastrophic lumbar fracture, spinal cord compression, hemorrhage in spinal canal”


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  1. Every time I read these I keep wondering…HOW in God’s name can these monsters still support and encourage the suffering. How do they not just wake up one day with an epiphany that this is beyond wrong? That they are constantly inflicting pain and are surrounded by death EVERY SINGLE DAY? These are not injuries… they are not accidents…these are crimes. “Unwilling to stand”??? Did you parasites think maybe, just MAYBE he was UNABLE TO stand?? “Appeared to be suffocating on blood”??? “Hemorrhage in spinal canal?? What did you do to these babies… sent them in front of a truck to be run over? You may as well… disgusting human beings

  2. How can those on the track after an accident even continue to work there? How can you stand there and look at the horrific aftermath of injuries? How can you be an outrider,vet,horse hearse driver, maintenance person and whoever else stands around with the curtain shield? And let us not forget the trainers, owners,etc. who really don’t see the poor horse after the needle?

    • I doubt those owners and trainers could care less about one of their disposable gambling chips. These are the same people who constantly shove needles into horses’ necks, subject them to shock therapy and God knows what else to keep them standing, then sends them out on the track with the full knowledge they could literally shatter at any moment.

    • I can honestly say that most shrug it off and say it happens, just a part of the game. A lot of them are also the ones that call them “rats” and “donkeys”, and told me “I don’t care where he goes, he just needs to go, he’s a piece of shit”. And then in the next breath tell me they need the stall for the next one.

  3. I have said this before….if an activity necessitates having a medical attendant there to EUTHANIZE you…then maybe that activity should NOT EXIST.

  4. Yet another heartbreaking, wrenching, repulsive Kill List full of suffering, pain and death.
    We all must write, but ultimately it will be up to California residents to shut this down via a referendum.
    This also proves that Bill 469 put horse racing in control not California residents and the CHRB should have enacted this 20 deaths ago.
    Just as I predicted – another piece of useless legislation that was mere public wallpaper.
    This Kill List should be on every television network throughout California or posted on a page in their newspaper.

  5. The injuries that most of these innocent racehorses receive are absolutely heartbreaking. The pain, agony and sheer terror that these animals feel must be inconceivable but still the brain-dead, heartless, gutless, soul-less POS owners, trainers and jockeys will profess that they ‘love their horses’ All I can say, is God help any of their enemies if this is how they treat ‘someone’ they ‘love’

  6. Rose, Mr Aranguiz, the young gelding I told you about….finished dead last at Penn again tonight. There’s another baby I’m also very worried about,also their (Penn) her name is Solo Try. I swear to god I want to SAVE them all. These babies NEED to be SAVED.

  7. Bonnie, the sad reality is these horses are doomed. There is nowhere for all these poor abused horses. Rescues are stretched to their limits. Racing does nothing to facilitate a second chance for these animals, monetarily or otherwise.
    In fact, these abusers hold their horses for ransom. They will demand $4,000 to $5,000 for their non competitive, overworked horses with chronic injuries. Money trumps all for them. There is no decency or mercy.

    Further, as the human population continues to expand, farms and other lands are being swallowed up by developments at an alarming rate…
    Highest and best use!!!!

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