On June 21 at Thistledown, Two Eagles “won” the 8th race, “earning” $10,000+ for his people, including trainer Alejandro Murillo Rodriguez. (Two Eagles was also “claimed” – sold – for $7,500 prior to the race.) Turns out, however, that the horse was jacked up on nikethamide, a Class 1 – the worst, most dangerous kind – stimulant. The drug is so bad that, according to the Thoroughbred Daily News, it is not even available (legally that is) in the U.S. For this flagrant act of animal abuse, Rodriguez received but a one-year suspension and $1,000 fine. That’s about right, huh?

In January, during the trial of the unethical veterinarian Seth Fishman, owner/trainer Jamen Davidovich admitted that he bought illegal drugs from the vet and, of course, used them on his horses. He was promptly suspended in Ohio and faces a possible lifetime ban there. Since then, however, he continues to race, now at Mountaineer in West Virginia; in fact, one of his horses, Ananroad, is slated to go under the whip tomorrow. Ananroad, by the way, is trained by a presumptive Davidovich relative, Andrew Davidovich (Jamen is listed as owner). Justice, horseracing-style.

Odds n ends…

On Jul 16, Mi Gentee finished first in a race at Ruidoso. Apparently, though, the 3-year-old had some help: According to the New Mexico Racing Commission, Mi tested positive for nikethamide, a Class 1 (the worst kind) stimulant. Trainer Martin Orona has been suspended pending a hearing on Aug 6.

At Penn National earlier this week, Traders Luck, said the chartwriter, “hit the gate at the start, then was dull.” How “dull”? Last, 38 lengths back.

And finally, in the 5th at Gulfstream yesterday, two horses, Prettyasapenny and Balmedie, “hit the gate”; the pair finished a combined 72 lengths back. Another horse in that race, Protullio, was “reluctant to load.” Oh how they “love to race,” right?

From the Iowa Racing Commission, regarding goings-on at Prairie Meadows:

“A report from Industrial Laboratories states methamphetamine confirmed in blood and urine in sample taken from the horse ‘Drag Malibu’ after finishing first in the third race on May 29.” Owner/trainer Kenny Smith’s defense? His groom was on meth; he was responsible for installing the tongue tie, hence… The stewards bought it, and only suspended Smith 15 days.

In other news, on June 15, veterinarian and owner/trainer James Hume was found to be in possession of multiple injectables, hypodermic needles, and syringes on the backside. Dr. Hume admitted this but told the stewards that he has a private practice and “had gone to a client’s farm on his way to the racetrack and that was the reason his medical bag was in his vehicle.” Ha, huh? Anyway, Hume has been suspended – but only because he’s not licensed as a vet by the Commission.

This is horseracing.