Doper Suspended in Ohio, Keeps Racing in West Virginia

In January, during the trial of the unethical veterinarian Seth Fishman, owner/trainer Jamen Davidovich admitted that he bought illegal drugs from the vet and, of course, used them on his horses. He was promptly suspended in Ohio and faces a possible lifetime ban there. Since then, however, he continues to race, now at Mountaineer in West Virginia; in fact, one of his horses, Ananroad, is slated to go under the whip tomorrow. Ananroad, by the way, is trained by a presumptive Davidovich relative, Andrew Davidovich (Jamen is listed as owner). Justice, horseracing-style.

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  1. The powers that be in the horseracing industry would rather put forks in their eyes than seek and effect justice in any shape or form.

    • You’re Absolutely right Jean, it is Disgusting. New York is horrible too but at LEAST they honor the suspensions in other states.

  2. it is disgusting that druggies who drug up horses so they die are allowed to go to another state to hurt their horses. very disgusting

  3. I thought HISA was supposed to get rid of things like this from happening , lol.
    I find it interesting that pro racing folks are blaming PETA and anti racing folks for the creation of HISA. Would anti racing folks like Jamen Davidovich to have his hands on ANY horse?? I don’t think so!! And yet here he is- even with HISA in play. Of course, the ass backwards folks in WV racing are fighting HISA anyhow.
    As someone on Paulick report said – “everyone knows WV is where the crippled, sore horses go to be axed”.

    • Both Louisiana and West Virginia are able to continue doing business as usual as long as the injunction is in place. The Jockeys’ Guild seems to think that no jockey regardless of what state they’re racing in should be under HISA rules. In other words, they want to whip horses excessively and not be fined by HISA. Yes, the Jockeys’ Guild defends the jockeys choice to blatantly violate the whip/ riding crop rules.

    • Don`t forget my state of Oregon. We have ridden many of those horses that come here or end up here to be axed! HISA is a joke & will do NOTHING.

    • Marie, upon reading what the person commented about that’s where they send them to meet their death(WV), you should’ve said ….and, why is that acceptable to ANYONE?

  4. Speaking of going from one state to another state, morally depraved owners, trainers, jockeys and gambling addicts can also go from regulated tracks to unregulated tracks. At the unregulated tracks, they inject illegal street drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamines straight into the jugular veins of the horses and the jockeys use the electric shocking devices they call buzzers and a few other names. I don’t know how widespread this is with Thoroughbreds but it’s definitely happening with Quarter Horses. A jockey that was suspended for twenty years for being caught using the electric shocking device on a racehorse at a regulated racetrack can now be actively engaged in abusing horses at an unregulated racetrack.
    Some of these jockeys that have not been suspended at a regulated racetrack could be riding at unregulated tracks as well. They definitely kill horses at the unregulated racetracks.

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