Make No Mistake: Jorge Navarro and Jason Servis Are Horseracing

Ignore everything you read and hear from the apologists. This is bad. Very bad. For an industry that has been under relentless siege for over a year now, the federal indictments that came down yesterday against some 27 people in, or associated with, American horseracing – including seven veterinarians (who merit an especial contempt) and renowned trainers Jason Servis (he of short-lived Derby winner Maximum Security) and Jorge Navarro (killer of X Y Jet) – couldn’t have come at a worse time. But it’s important not to get too far into the weeds on this.

As I wrote in the wake of PETA’s undercover investigation of another famous trainer’s (Steve Asmussen) barn in 2013, it’s more about the human-horse relationship than the case particulars. On this relationship, horseracing is more amoral than immoral, for traditional rules of morality simply do not apply. (Defrauding bettors is a topic best discussed elsewhere – i.e., I don’t care.) Racehorses are pieces of property, assets, things to be made, used, and discarded; you can no more act immorally toward your racehorse than you can your house or car. Accordingly, virtually anything goes. And that is the story here. And make no mistake, Navarro, Servis, and the rest, like Asmussen and Blasi before them, are horseracing, and anyone who says different is either lying, ignorant, or self-deluded.

Anyway, here are some of the indictments’ “highlights.”

“[Dealer Sarah] Izhaki represented that ‘The Devil’ was ‘[s]omething very new, you put it in the horse, you can use coke: it will come back negative.’

“On or about October 2, 2019, [veterinarian Louis] Grasso counseled [trainer Thomas] Guido on the proper administration of misbranded and adulterated PEDs, and specifically discussed the death of a horse that Guido was training and stated had been doped with a PED…noting, ‘it happens,’ that the deceased horse’s trainer had ‘probably over juiced him,’ and that the suspected cause of the horse’s death was not unusual: ‘I’ve seen that happen 20 times.’

“On or about October 17, 2019, Grasso reiterated to [assistant trainer Conor] Flynn his willingness to provide prescriptions without verifying medical necessity, advising…that his fee was ‘$100 per script,’ regardless of the prescription: ‘I don’t give the fuck what it is.’

“On or about October 23, 2019…Flynn indicated that he was willing to inject misbranded and adulterated PEDs of unknown composition into his racehorses because he was ‘a fucking desperado….’

“On or about January 2, 2016, [dealer Scott] Robinson forwarded the following customer complaint to [dealer Scott] Mangini: ‘I ordered some [PED-1]…starting bout 8 hours after I give the injection and for about 36 hours afterwards both my horses act like they are heavily sedated, can barely walk. Could I have a bad bottle of medicine, I’m afraid to give it anymore since this has happened three times.’ Commenting on this complaint, Robinson wrote, ‘here is another one.’

“On a February 1, 2019, intercepted call between [trainer Nicholas] Surick and [collaborator] Michael Tannuzzo discussing [trainer Jorge] Navarro, Surick stated: ‘You know how many fucking horses he fucking killed and broke down that I made disappear. … You know how much trouble he could get in…if they found out?’

“During an April 3, 2019, call between Navarro and [trainer Marcos] Zulueta, the two discussed, among other things, Navarro’s administration of PEDs to XY Jet in the weeks leading up to, and on the day of, the race in Dubai, and Navarro explained: ‘I gave it to him through 50 injections. I gave it to him through the mouth.’

“Following XY Jet’s victory in Dubai, [veterinarian] Seth Fishman congratulated Navarro on the win via text message, and Navarro replied, ‘Thank u boss u are a big part of it.’

“On or about May 29, 2019, Navarro held a conference call with the operators of a racing stable in California, for whom Navarro is a trainer, during which they discussed a series of poor performances by “Nanoosh,” a racehorse trained by Navarro. During the call, one of the operators questioned whether Navarro was ‘giving them all the shit,’ later asking, ‘Is this horse jacked out? Is he on fucking pills or what or are we just fucking -,’ to which Navarro responded, ‘Everything…he gets everything.’

“On a March 5, 2019, intercepted call between [trainer Jason] Servis and Navarro, Servis recommended ‘SGF’ to Navarro, stating, ‘I’ve been using it on everything almost.’ Navarro stated…that he ‘got more than 12 horses on’ SGF-1000….’

“[D]uring an intercepted call between Navarro and Tannuzzo, Navarro explained, in part, that he otherwise would have been caught doping: ‘[The racing official] would’ve caught our asses fucking pumping and pumping and fuming every fucking horse [that] runs today.’

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  1. I watched this abuse go on for decades and felt pretty helpless.
    Warms my heart to see them go down.
    Thank you Patrick for playing such a big part in ending it .

  2. Great work on your part also Patrick. This should be the most damaging scandal exposed yet, but can’t count on it to make a difference, yet. Hope the pressure grows and many more are indicted. Looking forward to the end of horseracing!

  3. Bring all these EVIL BASTARDS down!!!!!! The laws in regards to animals are very antiquated all across our nation as they are considered “property” That needs to change! I hope some good animal lawyers change this law. Animal lawyers are tough as nails, compassionate and get the job done! Thank you Patrick and again thank you investigators for doing an awesome job! HORSE RACING IS COMING TO AN END!! I know it is not fast enough, but it will happen for sure.

    • All this proves,what I have said in the past,the Federal Gov’t needs to run and oversee racing if it is to continue. Preferably NOT! It also exposes,just in case you didn’t realize this already.It shows how corrupt this thing they call a sport is,how wide the corruption is( and they are just scratching the surface ) if the Feds have intercepted calls as they did with this bunch of shit for people. Let’s hear the intercepted calls on the other pieces of shit in this business. According to the content of these calls it sounds like Humpty Dumpty fell and even all the kings men…..can’t save their sorry ass. OMG,unless some scummy shyster atty cuts them a sweet deal this could be a flat liner. Do you think the state gaming commission’s didn’t know about this or the racetrack officials? The “BOOM “ is falling for other local trainers in N.Y. that have cheated the betting public. All those that have been associated with this so called ass’t trainer Tunnuzzo. Trainer ? The only thing he could train a horse to do is “ Eat a Cheeseburger”.

  4. If these allegations are true, then these are truly disgusting actions by disgusting people. Hopefully, they will all be found guilty, incarcerated, and their property confiscated. The veterinarians’ licenses should all be revoked permanently. It’s very sad to see what the love of money will do to some people.

  5. Whoa!!! I do hope the intercepted calls were legal taps and who on earth put this together. Was it you, PB? It looks big and I still have more reading to do. I’m not a religious man but I have some belief in the Cosmos and will direct it to the court. I don’t know how the process goes but PB seems like a proper witness for the Prosecution, eh?

  6. I read and cried and cried some more. My heart and soul are crushed just thinking about the sheer suffering and abuse these beautiful horses and many more were and are going through. It really is a horrible time to be a horse if you fall upon these monsters’ hands. The comments and actions are repugnant and sickening. All I am praying is that the Universe provides for justice, these excrements are locked up, licenses revoked never to see the light of day again and/or practice again nor break, maim, destroy and kill again. Too many horses have died and not nearly as many criminals have paid the price. But they will…THEY WILL

  7. I’ve come across a lot of racing industry folks’ responses to this whole Bombshell-that-Really-Isn’t since it broke yesterday. Most are predictably pathetic attempts from racing insiders seeking to vocalize their sudden contempt for those few who were finally caught. They’re trying to distance themselves from the accused parties, in the futile hope that the public will believe that they, themselves, are so far above the fray:

    “What THEY do is contemptible and cruel, but what WE do is NOTHING like what THEY do,” they claim.

    Oh, really, so-called “clean” horse racing people? You’ve still killed off just as many of your “beloved family members” as these newly-indicted butchers have. And, in many cases, even more. Keep desperately shouting out that hollow claim of “We love our horses!” as your brutal blood sport spirals ever more completely into oblivion.

    Oh, and the other cry and plea from the depths of horse-hell is the now-ubiquitous, “We need a central governing body! We need a Commissioner/Czar/disinterested third-party to monitor us!” and, “Pass the Horse Racing Integrity Act right now!” etc.
    No, if this latest so-called scandal proves anything at all, it proves that DRUG TESTING DOES NOT WORK. Safety reforms do not work to mitigate breakdowns. Industry aftercare efforts barely scratch the surface of even addressing the over-breeding/slaughter conundrum. The whole industry is a cesspool of cheating and cruelty and old-fashioned, horse-killing corruption from top to bottom. This latest investigation will only help to bring the final, inevitable end of this anti-sport around sooner, rather than later. Sadly, the end of U.S. horse racing won’t come soon enough for most of its equine victims.

    • Yes, thank you Kelly – apologists are either saying nothing at all about Servis, Navarro and the other 25 abusers and enablers of it OR they are, like you mentioned, acting shocked that these horrors could actually be happening and they just had no idea!! SMH…

      But then there are the We Support Horse Racing folks who poked and prodded the protestors at the California tracks, trying their level best to provoke the activists to “unprofessional” behavior (BIG backfire – the apologists were the ones who looked like the fools they are) – well those individuals? – they’re supporters of Navarro and surely he must be innocent of the FBI’s findings. Yes, I know – but one cannot make this stuff up.

      • Right and true, Joy. My comment was going on too long as it was. But you’re correct; I’m also laughing at all those defensive and obnoxious racing creeps who are suddenly silent, quaking in their blood-covered boots because of the incriminating things that they themselves have discussed when they thought no one was listening in. Funny how terrified they are that the FBI could have been monitoring THEIR transgressions, too:)

    • Kelly, YES!! (and laughing while I write this!)

      I forgot to mention – I am seeing MANY insiders and fans exclaim “we should not be talking about this on Facebook!” While that’s so sick on one hand (they’re still wanting the abuse hidden), I’m also thinking each time I read that, “OOPS! – TOO LATE! BUSTED!”

  8. From an industry insider, this has been going on for YEARS.
    Servis and Navarro are 2 droplets in the ocean of corruption.
    Just look at ALL top trainers – every single one of them have a long history of cheating and doping scandals while killing racehorses with no repercussions!
    Most of them have highly suspicious deaths under their belts with horses who were probably killed for equine insurance money – dare I say it.
    Bob Baffert – Teflon Bob – has the distinction of being involved in one of the biggest fraudulent racing scandals in horse racing history with JUSTIFY.
    Yet, there he is.
    Stabling, training, racing, and winning out at Santa Anita.
    Then this.
    The owners of Maximum Security announced today that they were pulling the horse from Jason Servis because he’s “corrupt” and wanted to send the horse to a reputable trainer.
    Bob Baffert – NO FUCKING KIDDING!
    Talk about jumping from the fire to the frying pan.
    This also speaks volumes about the owners – the “innocent” owners who blame everything on the trainers.
    All owners know damn well what’s going on with their horse and Maximum Security’s owners probably knew.
    In the corner cobwebs of their stalls, intensely confined, under no scrutiny or even the most basic inexpensive technology are racehorses being injected, restrained, abused and denied one ounce of compassion.
    Drug testing is a joke because it’s corrupt at the highest levels.
    The vets have the doping concoctions DOWN PAT because they know the times, they know the races and when to give it and many times the vets OWN the racehorses either under hidden ownership or in a syndicate.
    There are vets treating the whole field like Dr. Hunt in high level stake races so that would be like taking candy from a baby when it comes to race fixing.
    These poor racehorses, it’s so heart breaking.
    This is a business who receives BILLIONS of dollars from casino profits and/or corporate welfare.
    It’s long overdue to END the subsidies, to STOP this widespread racehorse abuse, and to SHUT this down.
    Thank-you Patrick for your tireless dedication to the racehorses who need our voice now more than ever.

    • Thank you, Gina – for staying strong in this battle – I know you’ve been at it a long time.

      Racing is receiving well-deserved blow after well-deserved blow – and they’re all nails in the coffin. We will stay the course.

    • How did Bob Baffert’s name not come up in the indictments with his doping/ drugging violations of JUSTIFY being newsworthy after the Triple Crown races were over for several months? Also, how do the people responsible for enforcement of doping/drugging violations at the racetracks (especially Santa Anita Park) get away with the blatant refusal to enforce the doping/drugging violations against Bob Baffert?

      • Bob Baffert and one of his long time owners, Mike Pegram, allegedly have connections at the highest levels of law enforcement including the military, which is precisely why he’s never held accountable.
        Plus, he gets advanced word of any type of law enforcement investigation evidently.
        I mean really?
        How does a Trainer basically “fix” the entire Triple Crown including a sell-off worth 60 million dollars and nothing comes out of it?
        Of course he had plenty of assistance from the corrupt CHRB.
        This closely resembles the likes of the Whitey Bulger gang.
        This business attracts sadistic, demented, animal abusers like Navarro and Servis, because they know they can perpetrate egregious acts of inhumane abuse on a racehorse with total impunity.
        Moreover, the racing commissions, vets and supporting personnel look on and do little to nothing.
        Hell, most of them are part of it!
        I dedicate this post to X Y Jet who made over 3 million dollars!
        Not even 3 million dollars of earnings, in this vile business, ensures the health and welfare of racehorses.
        This is how disgusting this corruption and death pit is.
        In the midst of this cesspool of abusive, corrupt business practices are their voiceless victims.
        X Y Jet may your spirit rain down a living hell your killer Navarro and on these vile parasites who make racehorses suffer and die every single day.
        You all make me sick.
        You are all complicit, you are all bad apples because you can’t possibly subject a racehorse to this and think that it’s okay nor can you sit back and watch this horror play out on racehorses every day.

      • A racing contact told me four or five years ago that Baffert would put Draino in a horse’s veins if he thought it would help that horse win a race. Now, just to be clear, I don’t know Baffert but her statement didn’t surprise me in the least.

        And a quote from Warren Buffet (investment guru) which is applicable to the shakedown on Monday…”It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.” I personally believe that more indictments are coming down. Monday was just the tip of the iceberg, imo.

  9. I am heartbroken over this. Horses are intelligent, spiritual beings. Everyone must go to prison for a long time and harsh laws must be enforced against this. Thank you for being a warrior for these amazing beings.

  10. its extremely painful to hear the abuse it’s going on with this innocent animals . It makes you wish nothing but the worse for this heartless people .

  11. Yes, heartbreaking and disgusting to read this!!! I had to stop what I was doing this morning so that I could watch CBS this morning, stating about horseracing and the doping going on. Bless you all for being these beautiful horses earth angels…

  12. It’s absolutely disgusting that these heartless savage wastes are in charge of such gentle and forgiving animals. And those so – called veterinarians are every bit the butchers and sadists as the rest of them.
    Since so many people in the racing industry are frantically protesting that these few don’t represent the whole, then why don’t they open up and make ALL their horses’ medical histories public, just to prove once and for all that the majority of trainers don’t use a cesspool of illegal substances and barbaric therapies? They claim to love these horses and have only their well-being at heart, so what do they have to hide?

  13. Horseracing is a dead sport, as it should be. These beautiful horses are just dollar signs to all involved. To even think about using drugs to enhance the performance of a horse for racng is disgusting and shows how low people will sink for the almighty buck.These horses are discarded like trash when no longer able to win races and so many end up transported to slaughterhouses in Canada and elsewhere. It is pathetic that these people have been able to get away with doping horses for so long and hopefully it is coking to an end. These horses deserve so much more. Stop horseracing a altogether and let these horses live a good life..

  14. So, so sad. Such beautiful animals with their curiosity and patient soulful eyes don’t deserve this. Thank you for your work bringing this to people’s notice. Our government clearly needs to be involved.

  15. Please please send these criminals to jail for a long time. What useless excusses for humans. Explotation of animals IS CRIMINAL!!! WHEN IS OUR GOVERMENT,JUDICAL SYSTEM AND LAW ENFORCEMENT GOIN TO WAKE UP!!!!animal abuse is diqusting!!!! Do your jobs,set examples!!! Our youth is watching!!!! Where is moratity,is power,greed more important than life????? Living,breathing,VOICELEES,FEELING BEINGS DESERVE JUSTIC!!!!

  16. How is this travesty referred to as the “sport” of Kings, when it is so clearly run by bottom feeders?

    These are not human beings. I don’t know what they are, but they are not human beings.

  17. Thank God this is finally coming to a head and I hope it ends this so called sport that kills as many animals as dog fighting. What is wrong with people?

  18. I had no idea this was going on as I am not a horse racing fan. This is despicable! It always comes down to money and that is so sad. I hope the powers that be stop horse racing completely. Those poor horses should not be drugged for our enjoyment!

  19. I am so disgusted with horse racing. Nothing will get done to help these poor horses. I see different bills in Congress that never get passed. I don’t understand. Why are we letting this go on ——- OH I KNOW WHY -GREED!!!!!!!!! Big Business greed. Very sad. Racetracks allowing horses to drop dead on the track in front of you because they are drugged. ………….. DISGUSTING.

  20. And Geoffery Berman, US Attorney for SDNY, said toward the end of his announcement, the death of XY Jet was still being investigated.
    Finally, at least one of these “heart attack” deaths is getting the attention it deserves – all the “sudden deaths” may even start to slow down now!!!

    • Also, as you probably know, Berman said the investigation was “ongoing”, adding, that was all he “could say at this time”. This was his response to a question from one of the reporters.

  21. The following just offered on my FB wall so it’s geared to that platform but thought I’d C&P for here…

    Here, Sunny Ridge with trainer Jason Servis – Servis, indicted on federal charges in a horse-doping scheme. Sunny Ridge’s OWNER is Dennis Drazin, the CEO of Monmouth Park’s operator Darby Development. Think about that for just a few seconds – but read on a few sentences more…

    After a win in May, 2019, this from Servis; “‘I told Dennis Drazin one of these days…[Sunny Ridge is] going to win a really big race. He’s a poor man’s horse. He bangs away every race and makes money. And he’s a gelding so he could have another good three years in him.’”

    Did you get that last sentence? – he could have another good three years in him….

    Horse-doping trainer per the indictment. The owner who is a major track’s CEO. And Sunny Ridge is at their mercy.

    Oh and regarding Drazin’s trainer Jason Servis facing federal indictment in racehorse doping? – Drazin declined comment to the Thoroughbred Daily News.

  22. DISGUSTING INTENTIONAL RECKLESS acts of inhumane treatment of beautiful horses for profit. THIS MUST END!!!!!! PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS AND PUNISH HARSHLY.

  23. Not surprised. Dr. Fishman was the vet for David Brooks of Perfect World and Bulletproof Enterprises. Biggest criminal ever to participate in harness racing.

  24. On Monday morning, I received a text from a racing contact that Palm Meadows was a “crime scene.” As many others have done over the last couple of days, I immediately perused social media and posted on my FB page the news that Servis and Navarro were among 27 indicted for doping. My post included a photo of Servis standing outside Maximum Security’s stall with a handful of carrots. What a dichotomy! If the photo had been taken after the Derby, everyone would have fawned over Servis and his “much loved” family member but now it was repulsive that this doper would appear to be so loving when he literally didn’t give a damn about the horse’s life.

    I then somehow came across a post on the Horse Racing Nation FB page….a post about Donna Brothers, a paid mouthpiece for racing. Yes, the same Ms. Brothers who babbled on and on that PETA is a bully and those who want to end horseracing are “extremists.” I quote, “Brothers also included a call to action: to share your photos with your racehorses, or of that warm moment between jockey and equine athlete after the finish line, to illustrate how the industry cares for the animal.” What the fuck! Did the dumb ass really think that just because you hug a horse or give a horse carrots, you “care” about the animal? Is she freaking delusional? Of course, Brothers probably realizes that “perception is reality” for many people so if you can show enough fools giving horses peppermints and jolly balls, then you have proven the industry “cares.” Anyone who believes that is incredibly stupid. All the photos in the world can’t cover up the criminality that has been alive and well for years and years within the racing industry.

    Brothers has now become as quiet as a church mouse and that usually happens when folks are caught with their “pants down.” I strongly suggest to Brothers and her “ass kissing” colleague, Ms. Amy Hoffer, that they take a break from espousing the virtues of racing. Otherwise, they will look like even bigger fools than they already are.

  25. You may already know, according to the Daily Racing Form, Michael Dubb, a member of the NYRA board has 25 of his 100 horses with Servis. But, according to Dubb, they are not his “top tier horses”

    I remember when Dubb, a Long Island developer, started out in this game years ago. His go to trainer at that time was Rudy Rodriguez. Rodriguez, as I remember, like Dubb, was a new bee and I was pretty amazed as well as puzzled at how successful that duo became. Finally, Rudy, was up on drug charges !!
    Now Dubb races 100 horses! Must have made some money.

    As I’ve said before, this business is riddled with conflict of interest and corruption. What is Dubb doing on the board?!
    And “they” are going to clean up this game, what a hoot! It is rotten to the core!!

  26. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Horse sports with money at stake = cheating, doping, abuse. Start with racing, bring the entire industry down PLEASE. Then go to the others. What a sick mess. Then dope the abusers and force them to run until they drop. Eye for an eye when it comes to this crap. Clearly prison isn’t enough.

  27. Thank God the Authorities are going after them — TIME’S UP! — I hope they get a very long time in Prison  —  SHUT DOWN the evil, depravedly cruel industry of HORSE-RACING   —  FOREVER   —  Society MUST NEVER ALLOW such unconscionable, sadistic, torturous suffering and death to Animals  — if we do NOT STOP these criminal-MONSTERS, they will continue their heinous crimes against our HORSES.

  28. This is disgusting and should never have gone on for this long. Horses bond to their owner and caregivers just like other animals. They become attached just like dogs or any other pet. I hope this morons rot in jail.


  30. Just wanted to share a reply (from an apologist, of course) I received in response to one of my social media platforms comments voicing my disgust with the industry and all those within it I.e the indictments :
    “Andrea C cry me a river, do you even know that these horses would not even be alive if not for horse racing? probably not, you dunce!”
    I am sure most of you have seen similar comments but it never ceases to amaze and disgust me how some totally deluded “people” view this obscene industry and how they continue to support the bastards within in and the abuse and cruelty they inflict upon our horses. The fight continues though and hopefully so will the investigations and indictments until racing becomes a nightmare of the past.

  31. I’m sharing this at the risk of infuriating many of the good Christians out there. On the racetrack there are many Born Again Christians who are rather new recruits through the AA 12 step program. When they let go and let God they find a higher power that helps them leave their addiction behind . Some of them become truly unbearable and it’s hard to imagine that it could be better than addiction but none of my business. They can quote scripture and are extremely opinionated. One of their opinions is that animals are beasts of burden and they were put here by God to serve us. When I was on the track I saw the good Christians make horses miserable through ignorance, cruelty, and neglect. I swear the perpetrators didn’t even blink. They truly believe that God approves of treating animals like that. I believe one of the reasons that racing must be shut down is the fact that people who think like that cannot be changed

    • I am a Christian but I don’t believe that . sadly I view that way of thinking as an example of what was wrong to begin with in their life. That it is all about them. And not the creator who made the earth. For that matter when did gambling become a God given right? We don’t need. It and racing should be done away with. No more racing leads to no more over abundance of horses to kill off and mistreat. I am not offended by your comment and I get it. All I can say is it is the wrong attitude and an example of stinking thinking

    • Thank you, Former trainer, for sharing your observation about people who use scripture references to justify there ABUSIVE actions against horses. Maybe they forgot to read the parts of the Bible that talk about the sins of gambling and working on the Sabbath day or day of rest and about being honest, for starters. Honesty is the best policy and I think it basically goes without saying that horseracing is based on not only cruelty to horses but also cheating and corruption and the love of money. I believe it is common knowledge for the most part that the love of money is the root of all evil. The Bible says to put God first. So basically whatever a person puts first in their life becomes their “god” and whoever is addicted to money, or shady activities that involve acquiring money, are definitely not putting God, the Creator, first but rather money first. If that happens to involve horses and treating horses like objects to be exploited for money, using scripture references to justify their sins just makes them hypocrites. Two stupids don’t make a smart and two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Wanda — the primary point of SHUTTING DOWN this industry is its depraved cruelty to Horses, its sadistic abuse and heinous indifference to suffering — these PSYCHOS belong in psyche Wards due to mental and emotional deficiency — their crimes are beyond any kind of reason — under any other circumstances, these IMBECILES would be thrown in prison — who cares if someone gambles, who cares if someone loves money — NOTHING IS WORSE than these SICKO-MONSTERS who abuse Animals — who abuse other living beings (whatever their reason) — for this they MUST be taken off the streets — for a very long time — they’re a danger to all of society.

      • mssm8822,
        I completely agree that horseracing needs to be shut down and the perpetrators need to be punished and locked up. What is wrong with our country or society that does not and has not recognized that horseracing is an extremely abusive, cruel exploitation of racehorses as gambling chips? What is wrong with our country or society that has not recognized horseracing and killing as abuse of racehorses? What is wrong with our country or society that so far has not recognized horseracing and killing as a heinous crime that needs to be shut down?

    • These are not true Christians as I’ve said before. The Bible says that “the righteous man regardeth the life of his beast” – not just acknowledges the animal exists but care for the animal as one of God’s creations. I don’t care what programs these people are in or what church they sit in every Sunday or even how many Bible verses they can quote correctly. You can tell a TRUE Christian by their actions, and these people in the racing industry no more believe in God than they do the Easter Bunny.

  32. These scumbags are true pieces of human excrement!! They need to be charged with multiple felonies for animal cruelty at the very least.

  33. I posted a video of abuser Navarro and X Y Jet on my FB page this AM. Anyone who can check it out should – watch the gelding’s behavior – watch Navarro’s body language and listen to his BS. But be prepared to hurl…when asked about his “success”? – he mentioned “I spend a lot of money on my babies.”

    That filthy scum – and he’s defended and supported by (at least some of the) We Support Horse Racing group members!

    • If calling his horses “babies” was intended to sound as if he loves them in a compassionate way, a person would be an absolute fool to believe that. But, (as you know, Joy, and as many others know) the horseracing industry recognizes 2-year-old Thoroughbreds as babies. In the glossary of terms of the daily racing form it defines Baby Race as a race for two-year-olds.

    • He spends a lot of money on his horses.You gotta spend money to make money. I am sure these alleged PEDS are not cheap. He was probably like a kid in a candy store” which PEDs —should I allegedly use” ? I was going to ask,what was his best combination of PED cocktail, it might not be the one XYJET dropped dead on,no maybe this is best suited to be answered by Mr. Servis. I don’t know,did he have any horses drop dead in public from a heart attack? What about the ones that “Dopey Mikey”Claimed to dispose of. Will he disclose the whereabouts of the carcasses to the feds or were they disposed of in the “Fountain Ave. landfill in East New York,Brooklyn.These dumps were used by the mob to make people disapear.Maybe the Feds should look there for any remains. I believe another trainer racing at SANTA ANITA had one of his major stake winners “EXPIRE” by the same “natural causes”during a training session. This horse was a major breeders cup winner,if I’m not mistaken. What a talented trainer he was. Winning at a clip of 5% then got better stock,or possibly just learned how to place his horses better,to raise his WIN PERCENTAGE to 30%. And no one at SANTA ANITA “ NOTICED”TRAINER MR.SCUMBAG”all of a sudden LEARNED HOW TO READ THE CONDTION BOOK or GOT BETTER STOCK. 5% to 30% Somebody is getting a kick back to ignore this “BLATANT” egregious, CRIMINAL activity.

  34. I’m tired of all of you people “BASHING” all of these hard working horse people,taking potshots at individual trainers. “JorgeNavarro”,Jason Servis” etc. Can all of you people at least wait until the “FEDS” get their star “WITLESS”, WITNESS, Known as “DOPEY MIKEY” — AKA. “MICHEAL TUNNUZZO” TO FLIP ON ALL OF HIS SCUMBAG PALS. ( all of his “BEST FRIENDS”) Now let’s see how long these friendships last) if all these friendships survive this. Then we can all breath easy and say “ IT WAS TRUE LOVE “ a bromance of the decade. If they’re lucky they’ll have adjoining suites at “RIKERS” and I’ll be the first to petition that they have conjugal visits when they get transferred to “LEVENWORTH FEDERAL PENITENTIARY” in beautiful Kansas. The land of “OZ”. Only it s not going to be Dorothy clicking her sequined red slippers.

    • As to your, “I’m tired of all of you people “BASHING” all of … ” — Have you read Battuello’s blog? — Have you read all the comments? — are you in possession of all the FACTS regarding evil, cruel, loathesome industry of HORSE-RACING? — if you did, you would realize that BASHING the individuals in this brutal, heinous business is a KIND act — you should be “TIRED” of all the depraved, sadistic cruelty inflicted on the HORSES — remember, it’s all about the HORSES.

      • Mr.mssm8822, I’m going to be kind to you, because you did not get the “SARCASM” in my comment. I’ll just leave it at that. If you care to read deeper into the meaning of what I posted. AND THINK before rushing to respond.

      • I have to agree that the indicted trainers were working hard. They could not have killed and tortured nearly as many horses without being fully committed to the job.

    • A lot of people have been watching the horses go down for a number of years now. And a lot of folks worked on making people aware of what an evil business horse racing is. My only hope is when they finally get rid of it that these druggies that make their business out of killing race horses for a living do not come into our neighborhoods and sell this crap to the children. Time for these evil people to get a real job and stop dealing death whether its to horses or to children.

      • Dear Jenn, It’s already being done and it’s worse than any horse drugging.Unfortunenitly it’s right in your neighborhood,you just don’t see it. Open you eyes and ears,Babe! Good Luck.

    • I apologize — I did NOT mean to offend — exactly where did the SARCASM begin and where did it end? —

  35. When are there going to be more criminal charges going to be brought against people at other tracks, never this one?

    This cruelty needs to be stopped immediately and the people involved are prosecuted to the fullest exten of state and federal laws!

  36. To Sopher – YES — I just re-read your comment — the start of your comment can be read with SARCASM — the latter part shows NO sarcasm — we cannot all be as intelligent as you – sometimes, things have to spelled out for us lesser than …

    • All of these PEDS are all so unnecessary. They are not only cheating,other legit horsemen ( if there are such individuals ) but what about the betting public being swindled. All involved are guilty of these crimes or at least co- conspirators from the governors office,the N.Y. gaming commission,the racing board,the race officials,the trainers and the jockeys.Lets not forget,if you think organized crime is not involved in this somehow,you are mistaken. One other question I have,who is going to be responsible for all of the financial losses ( in horse flesh,and the fraud perpetrated upon the general betting public. ) The state is the biggest thief, are they not? Should they not be financially responsible for not being competent enough to police this sort of criminal activity? This behavior is nothing new the state either knew about or should have known about this criminal activity. EX: Oscar Barrara in the 1970’s or Pete Ferriola allegedly. That was fifty years ago. As far as these horses running to the best of their ability.there are other methods,just as effective,without resorting to these dangerous inhumane methods. And these other methods will not end in these unnecessary catastrophic breakdowns and these sudden cardiac deaths.

      • The thing is that these indicted people weren’t satisfied with thier horses (you know the horses that they all love so much) running to the best of their ability. They medicated them with powerful illegal performance enhancement drugs so that they could run beyond their abilities. That is why they broke down and died. They died and died and died and it didn’t matter to these people.

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