Stimulant Positive at Ruidoso; Horses Hitting Gates

Odds n ends…

On Jul 16, Mi Gentee finished first in a race at Ruidoso. Apparently, though, the 3-year-old had some help: According to the New Mexico Racing Commission, Mi tested positive for nikethamide, a Class 1 (the worst kind) stimulant. Trainer Martin Orona has been suspended pending a hearing on Aug 6.

At Penn National earlier this week, Traders Luck, said the chartwriter, “hit the gate at the start, then was dull.” How “dull”? Last, 38 lengths back.

And finally, in the 5th at Gulfstream yesterday, two horses, Prettyasapenny and Balmedie, “hit the gate”; the pair finished a combined 72 lengths back. Another horse in that race, Protullio, was “reluctant to load.” Oh how they “love to race,” right?


  1. druggers need to be thrown out of jobs. this man shold never be near any animal ever again in his life. he threatens their lives. no living thing should be exposed to human scum like that person who drugged this horse. the evilness and violence of this person is behond belief. all of us in america should not tolerate this horror of these drug masters who lie to us and cause death

    • This trainer, Martin Orona, is not even close to being the only one who is guilty of illegal doping for “enhancing” performance in racehorses! Everyone in this horse-abusing gambling racket called horseracing is involved in drugging and doping their horses in some way, shape or form with legal substances, illegal use of legal substances and various illegal substances that are adulterated and mislabeled and, don’t forget, manufactured illegally by unauthorized individuals in unsanitary conditions. It’s hideous and unbelievable at what these morally depraved people are capable of doing without regard to the safety or well-being of the horses.

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