Doping in Ohio

On June 21 at Thistledown, Two Eagles “won” the 8th race, “earning” $10,000+ for his people, including trainer Alejandro Murillo Rodriguez. (Two Eagles was also “claimed” – sold – for $7,500 prior to the race.) Turns out, however, that the horse was jacked up on nikethamide, a Class 1 – the worst, most dangerous kind – stimulant. The drug is so bad that, according to the Thoroughbred Daily News, it is not even available (legally that is) in the U.S. For this flagrant act of animal abuse, Rodriguez received but a one-year suspension and $1,000 fine. That’s about right, huh?


  1. So now he, Alejandro Murillo Rodriguez, can go to an UNREGULATED RACETRACK and keep on abusing horses because he is not locked up in jail. Who is going to stop him? Who is going to shut down the UNREGULATED racetracks?

    • Maybe West Virginia will welcome him since WV doesn’t honor suspensions in Ohio.

      • I’m really shocked that there’s no reciprocity. In harness racing a suspension anywhere is a suspension everywhere.

  2. This is what hundreds of millions of public subsidies supports.
    It supports criminals, animal abusers, killers, dopers, dumpers and flat out corruption.
    It’s the same deal in every state and it’s a breeding ground for horrendous racehorse cruelty and corruption as we’ve seen time and time again.
    The racehorses almost never partake or benefit from the millions in wagering profits that they generate.
    They pay and pay every step of the way – literally for a bunch of parasites.
    I think that Alejandro is related to or is the brother of Rudy Rodriguez all from the same barrel of bad apples.

    • As of right now it has been appealed and no disqualification so I would wait before you open your gobby mout!! You failed as a trainer because you didn’t know a horses head from its arse!!

      • Typical horse racing attack, but if you really cared about racehorses then you would want to see people like this get suspended.
        This is a dangerous drug that puts a racehorse’s life in jeopardy and puts everybody else’s life in jeopardy out on the track not to mention the cheating to get wins.
        It’s people like you that are, unfortunately, widespread in racing and that’s precisely why the subsidies need to END and so does horse racing.

        • You’re 100% correct about the lack of ethics and the willful lack of moral responsibility in this industry of exploiting horses for money and the inherent cruelty to horses by the people involved, Gina!!!!
          Any person who is trafficking in illegal drugs should rightfully be investigated by law enforcement and the FBI. There ought to be strict laws against ABUSING HORSES so that this creep could be put behind bars for the various crimes he is guilty of at this point.

      • You know Donald … just being kept prisoner in a closet over 23 hours a day is bad enough! Horse racing is Animal Abuse plain and simple. How do you Cretans who perpetuate this sin live with yourselves??

        • Hmmmmm…it seems Donald didn’t want to open his “hobby mouth” and respond. Gina, Wanda, Bonnie, all three of you are right. What crossed my mind though was that if these people are willing to smuggle/ import/ obtain and use illegal zoological drugs, are they doing the same with illegal street drugs for their employees/ selves/ associates?

          • Yes. Substance use/ abuse is significant on the backside and jockey rooms of every track in America.

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