Did You Know a Meth-Jacked Horse Can Affect the Welfare of the Bettors?

The stewards at Fair Meadows have temporarily suspended (pending a hearing) trainer Etniel Sanabria for a positive on his horse A Relentless Gamble June 10. The dope of choice: methamphetamine. The ruling states that meth is a “prohibited substance with no acceptable threshold level for horses [and] which can affect performance.” Okay, so that much we knew. But how about this: “[Meth can] potentially affect the welfare of the betting public.” That’s the welfare of the betting public. All I need do is relay this stuff as it crosses my desk.

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  1. Well, I’d like to hear the rest of their explanation of how they arrived at the conclusion that methamphetamine given to a racehorse (even though it is obviously exceptional ABUSE of the horse AND can potentially change the outcome of the order of finish in the race) can affect the WELFARE of the betting public; how does that work?
    Do they mean that the betting public could potentially bring a RICO lawsuit against the responsible parties who allowed the illegal use of a most dangerous street drug as a Performance Enhancing Drug on a racehorse?
    That would be awesome to read an article in the racing industry press about how so and so knew this and this and when he and/or she knew it and on and on the story goes. The horseracing industry really needs the Paulick Report to be “shining” more “light” on this gambling racket.
    The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act was passed in 1970 and is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States.
    So maybe it would be prudent (?) for the racing commissioners to get their heads on straight.

    • Hahahahaha. Like the PR is gonna shine its dim bulb on their own industry. Only when the abuse has already been exposed in the mainstream press or on social media. Then they’ll launch themselves at it like they’re “investigating” the Watergate break-in;)

      • Paulick Report
        Shining Light on the Horse Industry

        It is clever how he managed to leave out the word “Racing” — don’t you think?

        • Yeah, love how he tries to hijack the entire equine world — every breed, discipline and owner/rider/horse lover — to fall under his sleazy, smarmy, corrupt and abusive umbrella that is the racing world. (Gosh, Ray. Such authority you command over reprobates and degenerates! But, in the future, would you kindly leave the rest of us out of it? Thanks!:)

  2. I cannot imagine riding a horse that’s on meth. That horse has to be out of his mind. I bet this would really mask the pain he’s in. Poor horse.

  3. The same SCUM from Remington!!!
    Uh, has his home and work been ‘ raided’?/searched?? If no, why not?
    I believe that is an illegal substance.

    • Methamphetamine is definitely an illegal substance meaning that it is banned, forbidden, against the law, prohibited. This is why there is no acceptable threshold level (NO ACCEPTABLE THRESHOLD LEVEL) for horses or humans or any living being.
      The Federal Bureau of Investigation should be on this particular case like stink on poop.
      There ought to be a petition to sign to get this horse-abusing trainer, Etniel Sanabria, to be banned from being able to have any contact of any kind with horses ever again as long as he is alive. He should be locked up. Etniel Sanabria needs to be banned for life from horseracing!!!!!

  4. The whole “Welfare of the Bettor” concept as it’s applied to animal racing is an obscenity. And an anachronism. And an oxymoron.
    Seriously. The bettors are the ones primarily responsible for keeping this whole horse-killing shitshow going. (Who cares about THEIR so-called welfare when these magnificent animals are being killed by the thousands just to feed THEIR addictions?)
    Oh yeah, and they’re also the ones who care the least — and I do mean the very, very least — about the (also obscene, anachronistic, and oxymoronic) concept of Racehorse Safety. And why WOULD the bettors care? They regularly profit from racing deaths. (Though most are wise enough now not to openly gloat about their “good fortune” when a horse they didn’t pick dies horrifically on the track.)

    • Who benefits from the wagering handle in Tulsa, Oklahoma? I don’t know exactly who, but you know Ed Allred & Frank Stronach benefit from Other People’s Money (OPM) which, in horseracing, is the wagering handle & all those tax breaks, the government subsidies and the government-directed benefits. Those individuals are definitely the pushers of this horrendous CRUELTY to horses!!!!!

  5. By the way, I just remembered the horse racing publication (DRF), who recently said the quiet part out loud, it was Jay Privman(it’s never been about racing). It’s always just been about the biggest breeding farms lining their pockets. No regard for foals being born into a living nightmare hell,they didn’t ask to be born into this meat grinder … THINK about THAT.This is unnecessary pure evil that is happening.

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