Syringes, Needles, (Non-Prescription) Drugs? No Problem.

A report/ruling from the Minnesota Racing Commission:

“Elvin Zimmerman was the subject of a vehicle search on 8/25/22. Syringes with needles attached, and bottles labeled with non-prescription contents were found in Mr. Zimmerman’s possession. Mr. Zimmerman signed a statement verifying that the items were in his possession. Mr. Zimmerman [also had] an unlicensed person working in the stable area. After consultation with the judges, and the judges explaining the circumstances, Mr. Zimmerman was issued a $1,000 fine and a 60-day suspension. Mr. Zimmerman signed the waiver of hearing.”

But of course he waived his hearing. With that kind of deal, wouldn’t you?

This is horseracing.


  1. ALL of you ….lazy scumbags:photographers,reporters,trainers,etc,may you someday suffer the way these majestic beautiful animals do …everyday I wish nothing but the worst for you lazy easy way out scumbags, how nice you don’t need to WORK for a living. May it be the stroke of conscience about the mass death and misery you have contributed to these helpless animals, that haunts your end of life. How do you look your homely faces in the mirror? Every aspect of horse racing is the sin of killing an intelligent,sensitive,sentient being.

  2. This creepezoid so-called trainer/driver should be arrested for felony animal cruelty and illegal possession of illegal drugs!!!! It should not be so easy to get away with the illegal doping/drugging of horses!!!! The stuff he says in the article on Harness Racing Update makes him sound like some kind of innocent, hard-working person. Obviously, he is a horse-abusing, horse-doping, racketeering scumbag that should be kept in a jail cell for a long, long time!!!!
    The morally depraved people in this industry prove continually that exploiting horses should not be funded with public funds of any kind in any way, shape, or form.

  3. Another torturing thought I think about often is the fact that these illegals working for the trainers cause they are cheap ….you’re talking about desperate,dire circumstances humans, they would be susceptible to accepting monies to do something to the horses they muck stalls for, so races would come out a certain way. Who could in good conscience say that hasn’t happened? This is WHY bet on stupid ass humans who have consented to play a sport. So many nefarious things go on in horse racing. There needs to be FEDERAL LAW no using animals for gambling.

    • I suspect that it is more likely that the legal citizens of the USA are doing the illegal doping themselves, which would be the licensed trainers and the licensed vets who have no scruples; you know, the kind like Kathryn Papp and Jeff Blea.
      The immigrants with not much else going for them would be lucky to even get paid for doing the normal work of a stable hand.

      • But, that’s the whole Point Wanda. They are DESPERATE beyond belief. Desperate humans are easy pickins for doing anything for even scraps, I’m not singling out,or saying they did. If normal intelligence people ….would be NUTS to say …not beyond the realm of them clubbing a leg,or ANY type of physical harm. I mean that’s just being naive!

        • Bonnie, I agree that it is possible. I wouldn’t rule it out. Regardless of who does it, the horses are being maliciously exploited by these morally depraved gambling racket people especially the rich owners that hire the trainers and sometimes pay the bills.

      • Not that it means much in the grand scheme of things, but I always made a point to say good morning to the grooms in my trainer’s barn whenever I came to visit my horses, and ask them how they (the grooms) were doing. Treating them as though they were invisible and not worth notice is just rude. The grooms seemed astonished that I acknowledged them (the first time; once they knew me, I got a smile and a nod). I think of them, sometimes, now that I no longer am involved in racing or go to the track. They are hard workers, and do thankless jobs. If anyone is doing any doping, I don’t think it is them doing it.

        • I WASN’T saying they were doping the horses. I was SAYING they could do even much WORSE. Like taking a bat to their spindly fragile legs!!!!!!!!! It was ABSOLUTELY CLEAR what I meant.

          • I know you weren’t, Bonnie. I was trying to put in a good word for the grooms, the ones whose lives are so much worse in their home countries (and not much better for them here) than most of us can imagine, but who leave their families and come here to try to find work. I can’t imagine being so bad off that I myself would have leave my home to do that. They are trying to get by and send a little money–and it is a little, for those whose bosses don’t cheat them of their pay–to their families at home. Try to hire an American to do for more than one day what they do, let alone for an entire race meet. The “legals” might make use of a bat (and worse), as you said, but I doubt the grooms would go that route. It’s too dangerous, because they are easy fall guys, should a fall guy be needed. Look further up the racing food chain, to those who can and do easily hire attorneys to make their problems go away. Those are the people we need to concentrate on. You and I are on the same page, because both of us would like to see an end to horse racing. I owe it to the horses I “owned,” whose faces I can still envision, and whom I still think about every day.

            • I’ve always been the type that thinks “several moves ahead “. Think about it …if every illegal was sent back home tomorrow … poof. Racing would be dead. That’s the reasoning behind my WANT of seeing racing dead. Kill racing NOT the horses.

              • Yes, I understand where you are coming from. It’s like the symbiosis of labor and owners. No company, no work. No workers, no company. If one goes, they both go. The track I used to go to always said that every year the trainers advertised for US citizens to work in their barns, and got almost no takers. One local college kid took a job one year and stuck with it for the entire meet, but he loved horses and didn’t mind the hard labor that it entailed. I think I remember him quoted as saying that he made more per hour than his friends who worked at McDonald’s, and got to be around and take care of the horses he loved. I guess I have a bit of a soft spot for the grooms, who spend more time around the horses they care for than anyone, and would notice when something is not right with one of them. Then it is up to the trainer to do the right thing, which, as we all well know, they don’t always do.

  4. Like Rose said, this whole corrupt racket only exists because of EXPLOITATION of illegal aliens and innocent animals.

  5. And, another thing …. these corny people of today (my racehorse) who “own” a whisker of some racehorse …are incredibly comical and sad to listen to them hype this corny bs.

  6. Bonnie, the horses would still be considered chattel and they would still be subject to abuse, neglect, abandonment, starvation and being shipped to slaughter in the event that the caretakers or grooms were not there to feed and water the horses and clean their stalls, etc. Horses would still suffer without legislation having been passed to address these types of case scenarios. The bills in the Assembly and the Senate in New York State addressing the government subsidies and government-directed benefits to horseracing to be stopped and REDIRECTED to education and human services are vital elements in this fight against this industry. Having a certain number of dead horses is considered “normal” in horseracing as you know only too well. This is their modus operandi and this m.o. would not change with the low-paid backside racetrack stable workers being removed from this industry by deportation.
    The moral depravity would still be there and these people would still be demanding that they get what they want. (To hell/slaughter with the horses, because they’re just chattel as far as these people are concerned.) They want money, money, money and more money.

  7. To think we as a People allow such abuse and torment to HORSES — this vile racket is CORRUPT and OBSCENE — SHUT DOWN Horseracing FOREVER.

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