2-year-old (remember that age) Snow Cloud Cartel finished 1st in a “Futurity Trial” at Will Rogers Sep 12. Two weeks later in the “Futurity” itself – a $180K Grade 2 race – he finished 4th, garnering almost $15K for his people. Turns out, however, that his people were cheating. In that trial race, says the Oklahoma Commission, Snow Cloud tested positive for Boldenone. As with many of these drugs, I had to look it up: “Boldenone is an anabolic androgenic steroid and synthetic derivative of testosterone.” (USADA)

When notified, says the Commission, trainer Waylan Melton “waived the opportunity to send a split…and waived his right to a hearing.” In other words, he knew he’d been caught and accepted whatever punishment was coming his way. So, what was that punishment for injecting a 2-year-old horse with an anabolic steroid? A paltry $1,500 fine, and even more telling – no suspension.

This is horseracing.

A ruling yesterday from the Delaware Racing Commission:

“Owner/trainer Jaime Cruz is fined $1,000 for failing to protect a horse in his charge against the administration of prohibited drugs or medications. In testimony, Cruz’s exercise person admitted to giving Acepromazine to El Rey de Papa without the knowledge of Cruz on the morning [Aug 25] the horse fell during training. Cruz has been absent from his trainer’s duties on multiple occasions and does not employ an assistant trainer to oversee his barn.”

Acepromazine, by the way, is a sedative. No explanation as to why El Rey was given it. As for the two-year-old, no word yet on whether he survived.

This is horseracing.

A report/ruling from the Minnesota Racing Commission:

“Elvin Zimmerman was the subject of a vehicle search on 8/25/22. Syringes with needles attached, and bottles labeled with non-prescription contents were found in Mr. Zimmerman’s possession. Mr. Zimmerman signed a statement verifying that the items were in his possession. Mr. Zimmerman [also had] an unlicensed person working in the stable area. After consultation with the judges, and the judges explaining the circumstances, Mr. Zimmerman was issued a $1,000 fine and a 60-day suspension. Mr. Zimmerman signed the waiver of hearing.”

But of course he waived his hearing. With that kind of deal, wouldn’t you?

This is horseracing.

In the 6th at Belterra yesterday, this for 3-year-old California Kitty: “dropped far back, in a gallop through the stretch, just able to cross wire and walked off.” She crossed the wire, it turns out, 97+ lengths back. Now, some context: Belterra, like all Ohio tracks, is a racino, meaning it is being wholly propped up by slot machines. But this massive influx of non-racing revenue also allows the track to pay first-last. So, in crossing that wire – again, 97+ lengths back – California Kitty “earned” her people, including jockey Vernon Bush, $184. By the way, CK was coming off a last, 31 back in the race prior.

Then this: Oklahoma reports that 3-year-old Duanes Howd Id Do tested positive for caffeine after winning a race at Fair Meadows July 16. The miscreant responsible, trainer Luz Chavira, waived his right to both a split-test and a hearing, pretty much an admission of guilt. For this, he has merely been fined – no suspension.

This is horseracing.