Five Horses Test Positive for Opioids in NJ; Trainers Get Wrists Slapped

The following rulings at Freehold Raceway have been published by the NJ Racing Commission. (Although most of the violations are older, hearings were only just held.)

5-year-old Betziesbookinit tested positive for oxymorphone and oxycodone [opioids] on Nov 12, 2021. Trainer: Travion Jones.

12-year-old Victorydaze Wilwin tested positive for oxymorphone and oxycodone on Dec 11, 2021. Trainer: Joseph Martin.

8-year-old Kerrin Joseph A tested positive for oxymorphone and pregabalin [an anticonvulsant and analgesic] on Dec 11, 2021. Trainer: Travis Kolaczynski.

5-year-old Paloma Ruiz tested positive for oxymorphone and oxycodone on Feb 4, 2022. Trainer: Jacob Cutting.

5-year-old Turbochargedpete tested positive for oxymorphone on Nov 19, 2022. Trainer: Scott DiDomenico.

Each of the above was fined $1,000 and suspended for just seven days.

This is horseracing.

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  1. And why over a year are they now just being loosely held responsible?

    I see felony animal abuse, no drugs is the only answer.

    Investigate the veterinarian(s) and anyone who administers illegal drugs.

  2. I’m guessing all of these horses have been on some kind of pain killing drugs since they were 2 years old. It’s a no-brainer that racing causes injuries to horses and, therefore, pain. Pain, and especially chronic pain, with no stopping of the activity that causes the pain requires some type of relief from the pain. This is horseracing, as you say, with the absolutely predictable outcome that horses forced into this existence of servitude to the human species by the human species will inevitably suffer INJURIES and UNSOUNDNESS, and therefore pain and chronic pain.
    But you know as the popularity of horseracing has been in decline since the 1980s, and with the knowledge that this industry is a very corrupt industry, it is no surprise that the punishment is slim to none and that this animal cruelty industry needs these horse-abusing human participants to help fill out the race cards at any given racetrack on any given race day.

  3. nj slaps their wrists and lets crap trainers keep hurting horses. stop horse racing because it is horse abuse

  4. i object to such little fines given for drugging horses. drugging horse means they slip and fall and die. it is a very serious offense because it means the death ofthe horse veyr often.

    we need to stpp these lowlifes from getting away with it. they get suspended for 7 days only. make irt 30 deay for a first offense, 2 months for a second offense and forever for a third offense. it is time to stop these lowlife scum who oppose and kill horses. and as far as the fine, make it $5,000 for a furst offense, $25,000 for a second offense and complete suspension for a third offense. we cannot contineu to let his go by. you are encouraging drugging with such light sentences imo

  5. Horse racing is supported by the public coffers, in one form or another, which guarantees obscene cash flows while being able to operate with total impunity when it comes to abusing and killing racehorses.
    This is all approved and rubber stamped by our elected politicians who continue to ignore the ever growing outcry from taxpayers who no longer want to pay for it.
    Everybody is being forced to financially support this horror show in one form or another, but it’s the racehorses who continue to pay the ultimate price.
    So many examples, but a current one is NIGHT OPS.
    This multiple stakes winning 7 y.o gelding has made over $918,523.
    The bulk of those earnings were for Steve Landers Racing LLC and, true to industry form, he dumped NIGHT OPS into the claiming ranks when he was done being a big earner.
    He’s now running for $25,000, but most likely will end up running for a flake a hay if he doesn’t drop dead in the dirt before then.
    Not even $918,523 is enough for these morally deprived parasites to do what’s right for him.
    Not even administering opiods, to the detriment of the racehorses, is enough to hold them accountable.
    It’s horrible that no amount of racehorses dying or intentionally damaging racehorses is emough to end their funding – total impunity with everybody else footing their bill.

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