Ritalin. Yes, Ritalin.

Donttemptthisnatural finished second in a race at Ruidoso Aug 13, “earning” $800 for his people in the process. Turns out, however, that the 3-year-old had three times the limit of lidocaine (yes, that again) in his system. For this, trainer/owner Michael Gonzalez received but a one-month suspension and a $750 fine. Why? This was Gonzalez’s “first med violation in 365 days.” Never mind that it was an anesthetic.

Staying in NM: At Albuquerque Aug 27, Confidential Dash “won” the 7th race – and $15,600 for trainer Cervando Garcia Solis and owner Jesus Garcia Solis (I assume they’re related). Problem is, the 3-year-old was jacked up on methylphenidate – brand name, Ritalin, the powerful stimulant used to treat ADHD in humans. This is a Class 1 violation, the worst kind, or, as the Commission puts it, a “zero tolerance drug in New Mexico” (and everywhere horses are raced). But, you know, this is trainer Cervando’s first “Class 1,” so we’re just going to give him 13 months off, and then he’s free to go right back to it. As for the owner, nothing, just a forfeiture of that day’s purse money.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Both of these guys could literally or hypothetically take racehorses to unregulated racetracks. There are no rules at the unregulated tracks and these guys would be “free” to abuse, dope and kill horses for big money or little money.

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