Trainer Dopes Two of Her Horses With Caffeine at Los Alamitos

The stewards at Los Alamitos report that trainer (and owner in one case) Angela Aquino has been busted for doping not one but two of her horses with – caffeine. Not surprisingly, the horses in question, Debt Monger and Chay Up and Away, finished first in their respective August races, “earning” a combined $14K for Aquino in the process. Thus far, the only repercussions are disqualification and purse forfeiture. Aquino, by the way, still controls both and has raced them a combined 11 times since; in the case of DM, two of those races came just six days apart. A fine human being.

In addition, over just two days (Dec 10, 11), the following sick or injured horses were set to be raced by their people at LA, but were thwarted (“scratched”) by the track vet:

One Cool Dude, sick
Malakai Moxie, unsound
She Thinks Im Cute, sick
Jay Boy, sick
Project Logic, sick

Then, at the Los Al Thoroughbred meet, same thing (four days):

Navy Man, sick
Charlotte Harbor, injured
Turquoise Bikini, sick
Crypto Munny, sick
Angelcents, sick
Betito, sick

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  1. Don’t these people have any compassion whatsoever for the horses to enter the horses when they’re sick or injured?
    It takes a very sadistic person to treat a horse with such ignorance and indifference!
    I wonder if this woman owner/trainer practices her “doping skills” at the unregulated racetracks? Angela Aquino; if I were going to bet on anything to do with horse racing, I would bet that this woman thought she was smarter than everyone else by administering caffeine to the horses she had control over.

  2. what is going to stop this asshole owner of horses from continuign to dope with such lax punishment. you cant trust her in any race at any time

  3. She seems like a sweet gal, making sure her customers stay caffeinated to their heart’s content, like all good waitresses should. Oh, wait…she’s not a waitress?
    Well then, it’s probably a plus that she practices her “trade” at Los Al Horse Hell; Ol’ Doc will still keep her around for years — if he has that long.
    “Refill, please, Angie! For me, not the poor horses.”

  4. Animals whatever type are treated like rubbish. People that are in charge of them get away with blue murder.

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