Pair of Horses Test Positive for Opioids; Trainer Gets Wrist Slapped

From the stewards at Kentucky Downs:

Aug 31:
“Motel Mischief was injured in the paddock.”

“Lucky Lesson was injured in the paddock.”

“Fireball Fun returned lame and required the assistance of the horse ambulance.”

“Whisper Not bled and required the assistance of the horse ambulance.”

Sep 7:
“Blame the Stars suffered injury to RH leg and required assistance of horse ambulance.”

Meanwhile, in the harness world, this: Trainer Miriam Kraemer has been busted for a pair of drug positives in New Jersey dating back to early 2022. Sir Richie N was found to have oxymorphone, oxycodone, and noroxycodone in his system when raced Feb 25; Slipin Skip had oxymorphone in his when raced Apr 30. For this – opioids – Kraemer was suspended for a mere 27 days (currently being served).

This is horseracing.

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  1. It must be a special type of evil, soulless human to defile an innocent, helpless creature’s body with our human filth.

    • Sadly, before we knew better, we galloped horses & taught many of these kinds of owner/ trainers horses to be ridden. Today these same crummy owners/ trainers are still racing at Grant`s Pass so called commercial meet right now. Wish all this would just go away! Economics will eventually slowly, inevitably have these tracks disappear. Don`t bet, watch or support this “crooked, crummy,gamboling game” in anyway.

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