Lady Macho is dead after going down in the 2nd at Laurel this afternoon. She was six; this was her 52nd time under the whip. Poor, poor girl. In that same race, Sheknowsthedrill “struck [her] foe” (Lady, that is) and also went down. No word yet on her status. The Daily Racing Form’s Dan Illman called it a “spill.” He is abhorrent.

Earlier this month, I posted about seven horses who were inexplicably added to the NYS Gaming Commission’s death database months after the fact. This year, weeks have been going by without any listings – both in deaths and injuries – even while I know horses have been “vanned off.” Clearly, something’s going on in the Commission office. (I am making inquiries.) All this is to say, I have two more belated updates.

Slow Down Summer, a “vanned off in distress” after the 4th at Aqueduct Jan 28, is indeed dead. She was two. Also dead: Amman, “sustained injury to right foreleg” in the 9th at Aqueduct Feb 26. He had just turned three. And that’s that.