Through a FOIA request to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Prairie Meadows in 2020.

She’sagraciouslady, Jun 17, Prairie S – “chondritis”

Realbird, Jun 19, Prairie T – “fractured carpus”

Mucho Macho Dan, Jun 19, Prairie R – “fractured cannon” (74th race)

Elektracutioner, Jun 22, Prairie R – “internal pulmonary hemorrhage”

Stephanie’s City, Jul 13, Prairie S – “joint infection”

Gonna Get Loud, Jul 18, Prairie R – “fractured sesamoids”

Nastylittlesecret, Jul 27, Prairie R (euthanized Jul 29) – “fractured carpus”

Flying Dahl, Aug 14, Prairie T – “fractured cannon”

Added Attraction, Aug 17, Prairie T – “ligament [rupture]”

Daisy Can, Aug 17, Prairie R – “fractured sesamoid”

Browdy Boy, Sep 3, Prairie S – “colic” (had been raced just three days prior)

Mr Fast Dixie Gold, Sep 6, Prairie R (euthanized Sep 7) – “fractured ilium”

Mkswagon Full Ofgold, Sep 12, Prairie R – “fractured sesamoids”

Sweet Walkin’ Suga, Sep 12, Prairie R – “fractured carpal”

Through a FOIA request to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Prairie Meadows in 2019. (Please note: The Commission did not forward any stall deaths – e.g., colic, laminitis – though surely there were several of these too.)

Tarpys Zapper, May 2, training – “radius”
Moonlight Party, May 25, training – “sesamoids”
Super Bound, May 27, racing – “crashed into gates – basisphenoid and parietal bone”
Harkins Hall, May 30, racing – “sesamoid and suspensory”
Mysterious Kingdom, Jun 7, racing – “carpal fracture”
Heroic Street Boss, Jun 8, racing – “carpal fracture”
Rockin Rudy, Jun 27, racing – “condylar”
Rebel Rouser, Jun 28, racing – “condylar, suspensory, sesamoids”
Maximum Volume, Jul 19, racing – “sudden death” (three years old)
Go Spread the Word, Jul 25, training – “carpal fracture”
Noho, Jul 25, training – “carpal fracture”
Essie’s Reward, Jul 26, racing (euthanized Jul 31) – “sesamoids”
Run Baby Run, Aug 9, training – “carpal fracture”
Rm U Bet the Rocket, Sep 6, training – “ligament rupture”
Fantastic Feelyn, Sep 29, racing – “sudden death – fluid around heart” (three years old)
Hermajestythequeen, Sep 30, training – “sudden death” (three years old)
Hez Opinionated, Oct 5, racing – “sesamoid and fetlock disarticulation”

Through a FOIA request to the Iowa Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Prairie Meadows in 2018.

Glendo, April 25, Prairie T
“humerus fracture”

Oh My Gravy, April 29, Prairie R
“pastern and cannon fractures”

Raegen Harper, May 18, Prairie R

Proud Hunter, June 3, Prairie T
“pelvic fracture”

Secret Voodoo, June 17, Prairie R
“pastern fracture”

Summer King, July 5, Prairie R
“carpal slab fracture”

Oliver’s Bull, July 15, Prairie R
“sesamoid and DDF fractures”

Sir Smack, July 26, Prairie R
“cannon fracture”

Oh Dear Lord, August 9, Prairie R
“sesamoid fracture” (this race came six days after previous)

Have to Go, August 9, Prairie R
“carpal slab fracture”

Justa Minyun, September 9, Prairie R
“pastern subluxation…the result of a mid-race collision [see below]”

Cruzin Wrangler, September 9, Prairie R
“tibial fracture, skull fracture, DOA…the result of a mid-race collision [see above]”

Hiclass Return, October 5, Prairie R
“carpal slab fracture”

Kaige Fighter, October 11, Prairie R
“carpal slab fracture”

Ls Prince, October 13, Prairie R
“bilateral, compound carpal fracture”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Bee Boppin Baby, April 20, Prairie
“shipped in with P1 fracture” (last raced at Oaklawn March 2; she was “claimed” before that race)

Quick Study, April 22, Prairie
“shipped in with stifle fracture” (last raced at Oaklawn April 12; she was “claimed” before that race)

Transformative, May 2, Prairie
“pneumonia” (last raced April 7)

Felony Pursuit, June 2, Prairie
“colic, ulcers, peritonitis”

Another Grey, June 15, Prairie
“flipped in stall”

Spring Special, June 28, Prairie
“down in stall – fractured ilium” (last raced June 15)

Rodeo Blues, July 6, Prairie
“died after treatment for EPM – acute hemorrhage”

Jett Bound, August 3, Prairie
“flipped in barn – acute hemorrhage”

T a Senator, August 13, Prairie
“shock after IV vitamin jug”