Through an “Open Records” request to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, I was able to confirm the deaths of the following racehorses at Prairie Meadows in 2014. All suffered what the Commission refers to as “catastrophic musculoskeletal injuries” while racing. I have also included the original chart notes to demonstrate, yet again, how patently deceitful this industry truly is.

3-year-old Gigi’s Alina, May 10, race 5: “pulled up…vanned off”

4-year-old Motion in Potion, May 22, race 2: “eased…fell…vanned off”

4-year-old Value Trap, May 25, race 3: “injured shortly after the wire…vanned off”

5-year-old Lake Brilliant, June 20, race 2: “broke down at the quarter mile”

5-year-old Lady of Liberty, June 22, race 4: finished (3rd) without incident

3-year-old American Reign, August 1, race 1: “injured late…pulled up”

3-year-old Ima Ivory, August 24, race 8: “finished well”

2-year-old Cola de Oro, September 13, race 1: “fell after crossing wire…vanned off”

4-year-old Hada Certain Charm, September 13, race 6: “slammed at the start,” won, nothing else mentioned

3-year-old Cr Strawflyn Bux, October 18, race 1: “stumbled and lost his rider at the start,” nothing else mentioned

6-year-old Joltin Jess, October 18, race 10: finished without incident

5-year-old Willie Mosconi, October 18, race 11: finished (2nd) without incident

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Only 1 of the 12 fatally injured horses was said to have “broke down.” For the rest, zero indication of impending death on the official Equibase charts. In short, to the occasional visitor to Prairie Meadows, a day at the track may have seemed an innocuous way to spend an afternoon. Just the way Racing wants it.