Prairie Meadows’ Dead Racehorses, 2015

Through a FOIA request to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following track-related kills at Prairie Meadows in 2015:

3-year-old Sab Vision, April 24, race 3
“catastrophic musculoskeletal injury”

4-year-old Afleet’s Hot Copy, May 10, race 7
“catastrophic musculoskeletal injury”

4-year-old US Scout, June 4, race 9
“catastrophic hemorrhagic event”

4-year-old Propulsion, June 11, race 9
“catastrophic hemorrhagic event”

4-year-old Jamisonsjester, June 12, race 7
“catastrophic musculoskeletal injury”

8-year-old Bully Bullette, June 19, training
“catastrophic musculoskeletal injury” (last raced five days prior)

3-year-old Tiz Fee, July 16, training
“catastrophic musculoskeletal injury” (last raced June 25)

3-year-old Docs My Friend, August 22, race 3
“catastrophic musculoskeletal injury”

2-year-old Hawkeye Cartel, August 23, training
“catastrophic musculoskeletal injury” (being prepped for first race)

8-year-old Mr Hempens Feature, September 11, race 7
“catastrophic musculoskeletal injury”

None of the above deaths could have been gleaned from the official charts – not even a single “broke down.” Yet another example of Racing trying mightily to hide its dead.

In addition, five horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally – and that’s all that really matters – they are no less casualties of this sordid business than the ones above.

2-year-old Mooch Meister, April 18
“acute abdomen” (yet to be raced)

5-year-old Shadow Heart, April 28
“respiratory disease” (last raced August 2014)

4-year-old Eddings, July 27
“neurological” (last raced April)

2-year-old Hatinthewater, September 5
“neurological” (yet to be raced)

4-year-old Valiant Chickie, September 5
“acute abdomen” (last raced August)

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  1. Thank you Patrick for your tireless work in seeking the truth about the fate of these horses.
    If I have understood correctly, not one of the horses you’ve listed was disclosed in the official charts and that is not only disgraceful but unacceptable. It also evidences the deceit by racing authorities who seem to think that they are a law unto themselves. Well, the tide is turning and the public are becoming more aware and informed about what really goes on with the horses and they expect transparency and disclosure from this very public industry.

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