Through a FOIA request to the Florida DBPR, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2020 (this is part 2; part 1 here). Please note, however, that the single-page “reports” mostly came without immediate causes of death. More broadly, Florida’s recordkeeping is, along with New Mexico’s, the most slipshod in the nation. So, I’m absolutely certain that this is not a full accounting of Florida carnage – and I’m reporting well over 100 kills there for 2020.

Roddick, Aug 3, Gulfstream T

Masterday, Aug 7, Gulfstream T

Miss Flying Sun, Aug 8, Gulfstream T

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Aug 10, Gulfstream W T

Smoochin Kitten, Aug 11, Gulfstream T (3-year-old being prepped for first race)

Mapart, Aug 27, Gulfstream T (2-year-old being prepped for first race)

Concorde’s Dream, Aug 27, Gulfstream R – “stepped in a hole on the track or took a bad step”

Allurstra, Aug 28, Gulfstream R

Tempt Me, Aug 29, Gulfstream R

Channeled’s Angel, Aug 30, Gulfstream R

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Sep 16, Palm Meadows T

New Delhi, Sep 17, Gulfstream R

Greenmountainman, Sep 18, Gulfstream W S – “severe neurologic symptoms”

Citibike, Sep 19, Palm Meadows T (had 2 “DNFs,” including a “vanned off,” in 7 total races)

Metcalf, Sep 19, Palm Meadows T

Believe Indeed, Sep 20, Gulfstream T

Remaster, Sep 20, Gulfstream R

Taco, Oct 2, Palm Meadows T

Hidden Found, Oct 3, Palm Meadows T (2-year-old being prepped for first race)

Jax a Million, Oct 4, Gulfstream T

Roi Du Sucre, Oct 10, Gulfstream T (2-year-old being prepped for first race)

Fernanda, Oct 11, Gulfstream T

Trev, Oct 11, Palm Meadows T (10 years old)

Courage de Lion, Oct 16, Gulfstream W R – “displaced fracture”

Chandler’s Drama, Oct 24, Gulfstream W R – “sudden death – heart attack” (four years old)

Colossal Storm, Oct 24, Gulfstream W R (died Oct 25) – “had an impaction and passed away” (was “fractious” before start of that race)

True Champion, Oct 29, Gulfstream W R – “fracture, tear” (first race)

Luxe Diamond, Nov 6, Gulfstream T

Wason, Nov 6, Gulfstream T

Tapish, Nov 7, Gulfstream T – “manner of death: natural causes” (two years old)

Cabo Polonio, Nov 18, Gulfstream T

Shanghai Levi, Nov 21, Gulfstream T

R Sea Smoke, Nov 22, Gulfstream W R

Majestic Maiara, Nov 22, Gulfstream W R

Sold American, Dec 1, Gulfstream S – “laminitis, colitis” (finished 40 lengths back in last race, Nov 1)

Tribute Flag, Dec 2, Gulfstream R

Teachable Moment, Dec 15, Palm Meadows T

Dudes Got Game, Dec 26, Gulfstream R

Crazy Kiss, Dec 29, Tampa Bay T – “shoulder fracture” (2-year-old being prepped for first race)

I Am the Grey, Dec 30, Gulfstream R

Lil’s Kitten, Dec 30, Tampa Bay R

Little Nesso, Dec 31, Gulfstream T – “sesamoid fracture”

Through a FOIA request to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks through June 30:

Marine Corps, Jan 1, Palm Meadows T – “euthanized due to injury of pelvis”

Berliner, Jan 1, Tampa Bay R (euthanized Jan 3) – “displaced knee fracture”

Dance Dune, Jan 1, Tampa Bay R

Power Punch, Jan 3, Gulfstream R

Third Day, Jan 6, Palm Meadows T

X Y Jet, Jan 8, Palm Meadows T

Show No Mercy, Jan 12, Gulfstream T

Salambo, Jan 12, Gulfstream R

Blingin It Back, Jan 12, Tampa Bay S – “likely GI rupture”

Salsa Criollo, Jan 12, Tampa Bay S – “colitis”

Busy Signal, Jan 13, Gulfstream T

Bigger Picture, Jan 13, Palm Meadows T (eight years old, 41 races)

Solder, Jan 18, Gulfstream T

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Jan 24, Gulfstream T

Strong Performance, Jan 24, Gulfstream R

Grisaceo, Jan 24, Tampa Bay T – “fractured cannon”

Bruno, Jan 26, Tampa Bay S

Gaby’s Dream, Jan 30, Gulfstream R

Stay Again, Feb 7, Gulfstream R

Foot in the Door, Feb 8, Tampa Bay R – “had heart attack” (three years old)

Mr. Philly Dilly, Feb 15, Gulfstream R

Teriyaki, Feb 15, Gulfstream R (euthanized Feb 16)

Discreet Affair, Feb 22, Tampa Bay T

Lemon Drop Candy, Feb 23, Palm Meadows T

Cutie Fantastic, Feb 29, Gulfstream T

yet-to-be-named, Mar 6, Gulfstream T

Double Whammy, Mar 6, Gulfstream R (60th race)

Gallant Bid, Mar 14, Gulfstream R (after “winning”)

Nine Point Five, Mar 16, Gulfstream W T

Scam, Mar 19, Gulfstream W S – “colic impaction” (ten years old, 58 races)

Bostaleto, Mar 21, Gulfstream R

Rox Dene, Mar 25, Gulfstream T

Creative Award, Mar 26, Gulfstream T – “fetlock failure”

Morning Princess, Mar 27, Tampa Bay R

Bravely Bold, Mar 29, Tampa Bay R – “fractured P1”

Laguna Spirit, Mar 31, Gulfstream T

Musical Lia, Apr 1, Gulfstream T – “disarticulated fetlock, open fracture”

Blessed Halo, Apr 4, Palm Meadows T

City Roc, Apr 4, Palm Meadows T

Lost for Words, Apr 5, Gulfstream T

Tizaprincessa, Apr 5, Tampa Bay R – “comminuted fracture”

Golden Tapit, Apr 8, Palm Meadows T

Shanghai Zeus, Apr 9, Gulfstream S – “colic, torsion”

Just a Duke, Apr 11, Tampa Bay R – “comminuted fracture”

Mirandus, Apr 17, Gulfstream T

Belle Mar, Apr 18, Gulfstream T

R Moody Women, Apr 19, Gulfstream T

Richest Gifts, Apr 19, Gulfstream T

Dermot, Apr 23, Gulfstream R

Mrs. Miniver, Apr 24, Gulfstream R

Sean’s Idea, Apr 30, Gulfstream R

Irked, May 2, Gulfstream R

Missandei, May 7, Gulfstream R

Eat the Ticket, May 7, Tampa Bay S – “pleuropneumonia”

Law Degree, May 9, Gulfstream W T

Flight Deck, May 15, Tampa Bay R – “open, disarticulated fetlock”

Ranita, May 21, Gulfstream R (euthanized May 22)

Pump Room, May 23, Gulfstream R – “[multiple] fractures”

Lady Love, May 30, Tampa Bay R – “pelvic fracture”

Finally the One, Jun 8, Palm Meadows T

Jackies Dream, Jun 8, Tampa Bay T – “fractured humerus”

Billy, Jun 12, Tampa Bay S

Put It On Detti, Jun 14, Gulfstream R

Transistor, Jun 17, Palm Meadows T

Koa Kani, Jun 17, Tampa Bay S – “colic”

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Jun 18, Gulfstream T

Liam’s Lucky Charm, Jun 22, Gulfstream T

Handsome Coyote, Jun 22, Tampa Bay R – “disarticulated fetlock, ligament damage”

Through a FOIA request to the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. This is Part 2; Part 1 can be found here. Please note that with but two exceptions, the DBPR did not forward causes of death. Of more import, there was nothing for the state’s harness track, Pompano Park. In addition, not all the December records were in yet (I will update accordingly). In other words, Florida’s 2019 carnage is likely more than the 102 dead horses you see on these pages.

Get Into Mischief, Jan 12, Gulfstream T – “heart attack” (two years old)

Easy Cherry, May 8, Gulfstream T (being prepped for first race)

Social Roy, May 21, Palm Meadows T

Prime Candidate, Jun 8, Gulfstream T

Man of Wicklow, Jun 19, Gulfstream T (being prepped for first race)

Imperial Majesty, Jun 20, Gulfstream R

Party Sweets, Jun 21, Gulfstream R

Flossie, Jun 21, Gulfstream R

Crazy for Sofia, Jun 28, Gulfstream T

Smart Return, Jun 29, Gulfstream R

Florida Man, Jul 9, Gulfstream T (being prepped for first race)

Hot Gal, Jul 14, Gulfstream T (being prepped for first race)

Monkey Money, Jul 14, Gulfstream T

Brush, Jul 14, Gulfstream W T (being prepped for first race)

Fairy Goddess, Jul 18, Gulfstream T

Buttonhook, Jul 26, Gulfstream R

Little Christina, Jul 26, Gulfstream R

Butte, Jul 27, Gulfstream W T (being prepped for first race)

Appealing Beast, Aug 2, Gulfstream R

Unbridled Piper, Aug 12, Palm Meadows T

Joe Beach, Aug 18, Palm Meadows T

Revenge, Aug 24, Gulfstream T (being prepped for first race)

Argentino, Aug 29, Gulfstream S

Rompin Reid, Aug 31, Gulfstream T

J P’s Rose, Sep 4, Gulfstream T

German Alberto, Sep 12, Gulfstream T

Perfect State, Sep 12, Gulfstream R

Mertz, Sep 23, Gulfstream T

Rock You, Sep 27, Gulfstream R

yet-to-be-named, Oct 3, Palm Meadows T

Tequila Sheila, Oct 15, Gulfstream T

Queen Madeleine, Oct 16, Gulfstream W T

Grand March, Oct 19, Palm Meadows T (being prepped for first race)

Follow the River, Oct 23, Gulfstream W R

Queen of the Dudes, Oct 26, Palm Meadows T

yet-to-be-named, Oct 27, Palm Meadows T

Gates of Destiny, Oct 28, Gulfstream T (being prepped for first race)

Welly, Nov 6, Gulfstream T

Royal Asscher, Nov 12, Gulfstream W T

Desert Princess, Nov 26, Tampa Bay T

Cotton Dixie, Nov 27, Tampa Bay T

yet-to-be-named, Nov 28, Palm Meadows T

Don’t Tell Deb, Dec 11, Tampa Bay R – “RF comminuted sesamoids”

Through a FOIA request to the Florida DBPR, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note that the vast majority came without details (e.g., nature of injury); some quoted material was pulled from Equibase charts.

Sir Senescal, Jan 3, Gulfstream R – “fell, euthanized on track”

Precedence, Jan 12, Palm Meadows T

Halsey, Jan 12, Tampa Bay R – “took a bad step”

Classic Amadeus, Jan 13, Gulfstream T

Super Baby, Jan 13, Palm Meadows T

Wanda Girl, Jan 16, Gulfstream T

Don’s Beach, Jan 16, Tampa Bay R

Dreamingofmermaids, Jan 24, Gulfstream R – “went wrong, pulled up in distress”

Future Treasure, Jan 24, Gulfstream West T

Tripwire, Jan 26, Gulfstream R – “collapsed fatally”

San Diego Slugger, Jan 27, Gulfstream R (died or euthanized next day)

She’s Unbridled, Jan 31, Gulfstream T

yet-to-be-named, Feb 2, Gulfstream T

Frankie’s Dragon, Feb 2, Pompano T

No More Cache, Feb 2, Tampa Bay R – “took a bad step”

Siberian Treasure, Feb 3, Gulfstream T

Lodestar, Feb 3, Tampa Bay R – “open, total disarticulation fracture”

Souper Wish, Feb 10, Palm Meadows T

Aeromosa, Feb 10, Tampa Bay R – “sudden death” (three years old)

Porter Street, Feb 18, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress”

Oro Bird, Feb 18, Gulfstream R – “went wrong”

Ms. Maximum, Feb 22, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress”

First Warrior, Feb 23, Gulfstream R – “sustained a fatal leg injury, fell”

Pop’s Irish Rose, Feb 28, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress, euthanized on track”

Howies Dune, Mar 2, Gulfstream T

Lunar Illusion, Mar 3, Palm Meadows T

Giant Dilemma, Mar 16, Gulfstream R – “went wrong”

Savannah Belle, Mar 17, Palm Meadows T

Miss Contessa, Mar 20, Gulfstream R – “location of deceased animal: rakeyard where she was put down”

Whiskey Train, Mar 23, Tampa Bay R – “multiple fractures fetlock”

Union Ranks, Mar 30, Tampa Bay R – “fracture cannon bone”

Alpha Orionis, Mar 31, Palm Meadows T

Bertie Mee, Mar 31, Tampa Bay T – “comminuted fracture pastern”

Gran Paraiso, Mar 31, Tampa Bay R – “sesamoid fracture, rupture”

Morning Buzz, Apr 5, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress”

Notcho Daddy, Apr 5, Tampa Bay R – “collapse, cardiac episode” (two years old)

Divide, Apr 7, Gulfstream T

Mongo Nation, Apr 7, Gulfstream T

Fast Track Kathern, Apr 7, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress, euthanized on track”

Flashgun, Apr 10, Gulfstream T

Night Rythm, Apr 12, Tampa Bay R – “sesamoid fracture, suspensory rupture”

Wiwi Celebration, Apr 13, Tampa Bay R – “fracture, [ligament] severed/ruptured”

Queen Sofia, Apr 15, Tampa Bay – “complications from pleuropneumonia”

Zero Out, Apr 16, Tampa Bay T – “euthanized due to condyle”

Before, Apr 18, Palm Meadows T

Silver Drill, Apr 20, Gulfstream T

Dash of Dazzle, Apr 21, Gulfstream T

Cut Me Loose, Apr 21, Gulfstream West T

Catholic Brother, Apr 24, Palm Meadows T

U S Academy, Apr 26, Gulfstream R (died or euthanized Apr 29)

Pictures of You, Apr 28, Tampa Bay T – “fracture sesamoids”

Sly Embrace, May 3, Tampa Bay R – “fracture P1 and ankle”

Bear Field, May 6, Gulfstream T

Nodebtdanny, May 11, Gulfstream T

Saratoga Breeze, May 17, Gulfstream R – “fell leaving the turn”

Jazzy Beach, May 20, Gulfstream T

Paint in Black, May 23, Gulfstream T

Big Alex, May 26, Gulfstream West T

Dempsey, May 30, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress”

Through a FOIA request to the Florida DBPR, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in the second half of 2018 (first half report here).

Fadelza, July 12, Gulfstream T
Midnight Salsa, July 13, Palm Meadows T
Mud in Yer Eye, July 17, Palm Meadows T
Fire Warrior, August 17, Palm Meadows T
Nice for What, August 18, Palm Meadows T
Banco Negro, August 20, Gulfstream T
Seven Oh Three, August 25, Palm Meadows T
Dana’s Ride, September 5, Gulfstream T
Alcuin, September 14, Gulfstream R
Menehune, September 15, Gulfstream T
Dudacity, September 16, Gulfstream R
Cosmic Outlaw, September 27, Gulfstream T
Fueledbydrama, September 29, Gulfstream T
Outback Bob, September 29, Gulfstream T
Two Step Blues, September 29, Gulfstream T
R Secret Life, October 2, Gulfstream T
Geaux Beaux, October 6, Palm Meadows T
Fusil de Chasse, October 9, Gulfstream T
Queen of Credit, October 12, Gulfstream W R
Prospectively, October 14, Gulfstream W R
Sing For Me George, October 29, Pompano T
Super Duper Girl, November 8, Gulfstream W R
Forty Hits, November 12, Gulfstream T
Horner Man, November 17, Gulfstream T
Dreaming of Aca, November 20, Gulfstream T
Real Wicked, November 23, Gulfstream T
Iron Flash, December 2, Gulfstream R (euthanized December 6)
More to Adore, December 8, Tampa Bay R
Burning Wild, December 9, Gulfstream R
Tractable, December 15, Gulfstream T
Sambucca Steve, December 20, Gulfstream R
Uglich, December 26, Gulfstream R (chart said “vanned off”; actually dead on track)
Battle Joined, December 27, Gulfstream R
Celebrity Warrior, December 28, Tampa Bay R
Killer Kitten, December 30, Gulfstream R

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Yates, July 3, Gulfstream
Sahara Storm, September 10, Gulfstream – “colitis, pneumonia”
Coracrevi Team, October 8, Gulfstream W – “colic”
Golden Diamond, November 20, Tampa Bay – “colitis, endotoxemia”