59 Dead Racehorses in Florida Through May

Through a FOIA request to the Florida DBPR, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note that the vast majority came without details (e.g., nature of injury); some quoted material was pulled from Equibase charts.

Sir Senescal, Jan 3, Gulfstream R – “fell, euthanized on track”

Precedence, Jan 12, Palm Meadows T

Halsey, Jan 12, Tampa Bay R – “took a bad step”

Classic Amadeus, Jan 13, Gulfstream T

Super Baby, Jan 13, Palm Meadows T

Wanda Girl, Jan 16, Gulfstream T

Don’s Beach, Jan 16, Tampa Bay R

Dreamingofmermaids, Jan 24, Gulfstream R – “went wrong, pulled up in distress”

Future Treasure, Jan 24, Gulfstream West T

Tripwire, Jan 26, Gulfstream R – “collapsed fatally”

San Diego Slugger, Jan 27, Gulfstream R (died or euthanized next day)

She’s Unbridled, Jan 31, Gulfstream T

yet-to-be-named, Feb 2, Gulfstream T

Frankie’s Dragon, Feb 2, Pompano T

No More Cache, Feb 2, Tampa Bay R – “took a bad step”

Siberian Treasure, Feb 3, Gulfstream T

Lodestar, Feb 3, Tampa Bay R – “open, total disarticulation fracture”

Souper Wish, Feb 10, Palm Meadows T

Aeromosa, Feb 10, Tampa Bay R – “sudden death” (three years old)

Porter Street, Feb 18, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress”

Oro Bird, Feb 18, Gulfstream R – “went wrong”

Ms. Maximum, Feb 22, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress”

First Warrior, Feb 23, Gulfstream R – “sustained a fatal leg injury, fell”

Pop’s Irish Rose, Feb 28, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress, euthanized on track”

Howies Dune, Mar 2, Gulfstream T

Lunar Illusion, Mar 3, Palm Meadows T

Giant Dilemma, Mar 16, Gulfstream R – “went wrong”

Savannah Belle, Mar 17, Palm Meadows T

Miss Contessa, Mar 20, Gulfstream R – “location of deceased animal: rakeyard where she was put down”

Whiskey Train, Mar 23, Tampa Bay R – “multiple fractures fetlock”

Union Ranks, Mar 30, Tampa Bay R – “fracture cannon bone”

Alpha Orionis, Mar 31, Palm Meadows T

Bertie Mee, Mar 31, Tampa Bay T – “comminuted fracture pastern”

Gran Paraiso, Mar 31, Tampa Bay R – “sesamoid fracture, rupture”

Morning Buzz, Apr 5, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress”

Notcho Daddy, Apr 5, Tampa Bay R – “collapse, cardiac episode” (two years old)

Divide, Apr 7, Gulfstream T

Mongo Nation, Apr 7, Gulfstream T

Fast Track Kathern, Apr 7, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress, euthanized on track”

Flashgun, Apr 10, Gulfstream T

Night Rythm, Apr 12, Tampa Bay R – “sesamoid fracture, suspensory rupture”

Wiwi Celebration, Apr 13, Tampa Bay R – “fracture, [ligament] severed/ruptured”

Queen Sofia, Apr 15, Tampa Bay – “complications from pleuropneumonia”

Zero Out, Apr 16, Tampa Bay T – “euthanized due to condyle”

Before, Apr 18, Palm Meadows T

Silver Drill, Apr 20, Gulfstream T

Dash of Dazzle, Apr 21, Gulfstream T

Cut Me Loose, Apr 21, Gulfstream West T

Catholic Brother, Apr 24, Palm Meadows T

U S Academy, Apr 26, Gulfstream R (died or euthanized Apr 29)

Pictures of You, Apr 28, Tampa Bay T – “fracture sesamoids”

Sly Embrace, May 3, Tampa Bay R – “fracture P1 and ankle”

Bear Field, May 6, Gulfstream T

Nodebtdanny, May 11, Gulfstream T

Saratoga Breeze, May 17, Gulfstream R – “fell leaving the turn”

Jazzy Beach, May 20, Gulfstream T

Paint in Black, May 23, Gulfstream T

Big Alex, May 26, Gulfstream West T

Dempsey, May 30, Gulfstream R – “pulled up in distress”

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  1. How can ths go on a nd on

    Skickades från E-post för Windows 10

    ________________________________ Från: Horseracing Wrongs Skickat: Saturday, August 10, 2019 3:25:53 PM Till: tovecharles@hotmail.com Ämne: [New post] 59 Dead Racehorses in Florida Through May

    Patrick Battuello posted: “Through a FOIA request to the Florida DBPR, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note that the vast majority came without details (e.g., nature of injury); some quoted material was pulled from Equibase cha”

  2. This KILLS my heart and is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! I wish you would touch up my petition and post it to get it signed!

  3. We keep hearing this horrible stuff but nothing ever gets done to stop it. It just keeps going on and on. Anyone in charge that could change things Doesn’t care. Tell me this isn’t crulity and abuse? I’m really beginning to hate the race industry. They care about the horses? But yet they do nothing to change. Disgusting.

  4. Come on Florida! We shut down one abusive “sport” greyhound racing. The horses need us desperately. Suffering so, and dying for human greed. Many before they’ve even had a chance to really live. There’s no defending it. No “fixing “ it just really needs to end. Don’t know exactly what to do, but not giving up!!

    • That’s My motto Karen…NEVER give up.Words to Live by.We WILL prevail.Because there’s no fixing it. Innocent Souls need us,if not us,then who?

  5. Another bunch of “kill” tracks like so many others. What the hell we don’t know or have an explanation for so many of the kills – why is that – because these poor horses are being abused and slaughtered daily. They are started WAY TOO young – when they should be no where near a track, they are owned by owners who don’t give a shit about them only the common greed and as always the MONEY, trainers who are abusive and don’t care how much abuse is placed on these poor horses day after day – their training ideas are just dope them up, race them no matter how much pain they might be in, jockey’s who are useless as hell and figure the only way to win a race is under the ‘WHIP” for the whole race. Seriously are you f*ckers that dementated all of you that you are not the least bit caring about the abuse you inflict on these horses daily. When they are what you consider not good enough – you dump them in a bullshit claiming race and honestly I believe you hope that they don’t make it around the track – saves on feed and stall costs. Jesus H Christ – will you bastards look in the mirror at yourselves and see just what kind of murderers you really are – you are a disgusting – “waste of skin” all of you. The state racing commissions are just another joke – full of people on the take because their rulings in most cases make absolutely no sense what-so-ever – they are there strictly for the rich and powerful!!! These race tracks all need to be shut down completely in North America – the abuse is beyond out of control – people don’t care at all about the animals – man’s greed will be the demise of this planet.

  6. “Yet to be named” and already killed by an industry that wouldn’t have cared even if he/she had a name. “Location……rakeyard where she was put down” – killed basically in a garbage heap and left there for a rendering service to haul away. But the racing industry cares about their equine athletes; they love them and treat them like family. Bullshit!
    I get so depressed reading these posts, but I have to keep reading them. These horses were killed by people who couldn’t care less about them when they were alive and didn’t give them a second thought after leaving their lifeless bodies for disposal. These horses were all intelligent, gentle, sentient beings who deserved a life beyond exploitation and misery.
    In my tack room I have a rainbow halter hanging, and above it a sign that says “In remembrance of every horse who dies on the racetrack and from slaughter” . I hope one day I can take it down, because there will be no more racing, and all the slaughterhouses will be burned to the ground.

  7. This has to stop… Horses dying at 2 years old on a track from a heart attack… Rode to death? please stop this..It’s animal cruelty in the highest degree. PLEASE show some compassion and end the suffering from rhe get go….STOP THE Artificial inseminations so there are no more foals born under this Brutality.

  8. Just to be a deeper perspective on how vile this list is, and also to pay respect to the racehorses who gave their lives for people who exploited and killed them:

    2 year olds. (babies in diapers compared to humans. Yet, pounded on before they are 2)
    Stars beside their name appear again below.


    The following racehorses died under the care, custody, and control of multiple drug violators and/or multiple racehorse killers “trainers” and/or owners:

    CLASSIC AMADEUS – Owner and breeder BRUNO SCHICKEDANZ. Had another drop dead the other day. This monster is a serial racehorse killer, has been claiming racehorses, running them into the ground, and killing them for years – YEARS and of course the infamous kill WAKE AT NOON. Now, this is somebody who this industry reveres when he should be in jail on Felony Animal Cruelty charges. Caveat: I use the term “killer” because I feel that’s exactly what they are. They send them to their death either intentionally or not, but they continue with the abusive business practices time and again so that’s no different than handing a drunk the car keys – a drunk who has killed before.

    TRIPWIRE – “trained” by multiple drug violator and killer MIKE MAKER. Claimed, used, and abused by owners Ken and Sarah Ramsey who has a dismal record of claiming, dumping, and/or killing racehorses.
    FAST TRACK KATHERN – “trained” by multiple killer MIKE MAKER – 2 dead racehorses within 1 week. Again, breeders Ken and Sarah Ramsey.

    SOUPER WISH – “trained” by MARK CASSE. Died under the care, custody and control of Mark Casse like so many others.

    MS. MAXIMUM – “trained” by multiple drug violator and multiple racehorse killer TODD PLETCHER.

    FIRST WARRIOR – “trained” by Kiaran McLaughlin. Put on my suspicious death list. Purchased for $410,000 equine insurance policy most likely in place, doesn’t show much, certainly not stake material and dies.

    LUNAR ILLUSION – “trained” by James Jerkins. Put on my suspicious list and this dude has appeared many times on this list. Purchased for $480,000, didn’t show much, then dies. Equine insurance policy most likely in place.

    SAVANNAH BELLE – “trained” by multiple racehorse killer BRIAN LYNCH.

    Highly suspicious death – CATHOLIC BROTHER – purchased by Marisa Lizza for $180,000 (equine insurance policy most likely in place) didn’t show much in breezes actually indicating something was wrong. DEAD at 2 years old even before he made it to the first race. Marisa Lizza most likely the owner and beneficiary.

    Now the horse racing industry goes to no lengths to provide EVERY SINGLE STATISTIC beside a “trainers” name from their WINS, PLACES and SHOWS for the past 5 years at least. Displays their win percentage, displays their “top” horses and just about everything targeted at the person who places a bet, but nothing for the racehorses because they don’t put the DEATH STATISTICS beside their name which clearly shows a death pattern if nothing else.

    This can’t be permitted to continue.
    Everybody must pull together to shut this murder show down.

  9. That’s heartbreaking, couldn’t you’ve adopted them out or put them in foster care to be nursed? no regards to animal life. I’m so deeply saddened.

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