27 (That We Know About) Dead Racehorses in Florida

Through a FOIA request to the Florida DBPR, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. The single-page “reports” mostly came without immediate causes of death, so I’ve supplemented with notes from Equibase.

Kantstaros, Jan 2, Gulfstream R – “pulled up, vanned off, [euthanized]”
Stormy D, Jan 2, Tampa Bay S – “colic” (last raced Dec 11)
Fan Fan, Jan 5, Tampa Bay R – “biaxial sesamoid fractures”
Rakasa, Jan 14, Gulfstream R – “suffered catastrophic injury past wire”
Coalition Building, Jan 15, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Beat the Odds, Jan 22, Tampa Bay T – “[broke] both front cannons” (two years old)
Vow Me Now, Jan 23, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Umbra, Jan 29, Gulfstream R – “pulled up, vanned off, [euthanized]” (first race)
Starship Mishka, Feb 12, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Cielo d’Oro, Feb 12, Tampa Bay R – “open, displaced condyle fracture”
Sue’s Shoes, Mar 2, Tampa Bay T – “multiple fractures”
Eye of the Temple, Mar 5, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Awesome Remix, Mar 9, Gulfstream R – “suffered catastrophic injury” (first race)
Face of Victory, Mar 10, Gulfstream R – “pulled up, vanned off, [euthanized]”
Fiery Princess, Mar 11, Tampa Bay S – “sudden death” (four years old)
Thecradlewillrock, Apr 1, Tampa Bay R – “ruptured patella [before race]”
Sweet Baby Raelynn, Apr 1, Tampa Bay R – “disarticulated fetlock”
Twice too Many, Apr 3, Gulfstream R (euth Apr 7) – “racing-animal death”
Reinagol, Apr 5, Palm Meadows T – “racing-animal death”
Master Q, Apr 9, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Nashville Note, Apr 10, Tampa Bay T – “fractured pastern”
Diamond Play, Apr 12, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Uncle Hanover, Apr 12, Pompano T – “catastrophic cannon fracture”
Never Say Know, Apr 16, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Bimini, Apr 22, Palm Meadows T – “racing-animal death”
Inner Wave, Apr 28, Gulfstream R – “fell, vanned off, [euthanized]”
Superposition, Jun 10, Gulfstream R – “pulled up, vanned off, [euthanized]”

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  1. This phrase “racing-animal death” is unusual as a cause of death but better than saying the horse died doing something that he/she loved. No horse loves being abused and killed.

  2. When is your documentary coming out patrick ? I want to blow this all up and make it viral – its so wrong – awareness is a big part of this – I had no idea until I started following you .. most people don’t Either i assume – these poor babies .. animals are not here for our “entertainment “ ban horse racing now !!!

  3. SHUT DOWN this EVIL industry of Horseracing — Tell your Representatives in Government — who will support you to SHUT DOWN cruel, abusive HORSERACING

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