53 Dead Racehorses in Florida

Through a FOIA request to the Florida DBPR, I have confirmed the following 51 kills on that state’s tracks in the first half of 2018:

Brianna’s Bucket, January 1, Gulfstream, race 10

Buckwellspent, January 3, Tampa Bay, race 1

Leavem in Malibu, January 8, Palm Meadows, training

Double Cabernet, January 15, Gulfstream, race 8
fell and was “struck” by two other horses

Run for Bruce, January 16, Tampa Bay, training
“massive cardiac episode” – two years old

Forty Lengths, January 18, Gulfstream, race 5

Tree Peeps, January 19, Tampa Bay, race 6 (euthanized January 20)
“comminuted fracture”

Eye of the Lion, January 26, Gulfstream, race 5

Exonerate, January 28, Gulfstream, training

R Kinsley Doll, January 28, Tampa Bay, race 2

Watercross, February 7, Gulfstream, race 10
collapsed after race – two years old

Base Command, February 11, Gulfstream, training

Currency Rate, February 12, Gulfstream, training

Tutti Sanno, February 17, Tampa Bay, race 7
“condylar fracture with joint disarticulation”

Smoke N the Bottle, February 18, Tampa Bay, training
“suspect cardiac arrest”

Destiny’s Song, February 23, Tampa Bay, race 4
collapsed after “winning”

Sistine Sista, February 24, Gulfstream, race 3

Send It In, February 24, Gulfstream, race 12

Awaken, February 25, Tampa Bay, training
“traumatic breakdown of fetlock”

Signature Data, February 28, Gulfstream, training

Mission Awareness, February 28, Tampa Bay, race 3

Third Man In, March 2, Gulfstream, race 11

Village Express, March 4, Gulfstream, training

Leucosia, March 7, Tampa Bay, training
“cardiac collapse” – two years old

Ventina, March 11, Gulfstream, race 10 (euthanized March 12)
“comminuted fracture”

Dubai Bob, March 11, Gulfstream W, training

B J’s K Town Girl, March 14, Gulfstream, training (euthanized March 15)
2-year-old being prepped for first race

Mr. Lou, March 16, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old being prepped for first race

Tyler U, March 16, Tampa Bay, training

Coxswain, March 17, Gulfstream, race 4
“compound comminuted fracture”

Real Love, March 21, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old being prepped for first race

Atizapan, March 24, Gulfstream, race 4

Snowber, March 31, Tampa Bay, race 10

Morning Song, April 1, Gulfstream, race 7
second race

Magical Memory, April 10, Tampa Bay, training
coming off first race

Arabian Queen, April 11, Tampa Bay, race 7

Enders Cat, April 12, Gulfstream W, training

yet-to-be-named, April 12, Palm Meadows, training

Laguna Dream, April 21, Gulfstream, training

Twas Nero, April 22, Gulfstream, race 8

Ganesh, April 22, Palm Meadows, training

Seminole Charlie, April 22, Tampa Bay, race 9
“sudden collapse and died – suspect cardiovascular event” – three years old

Pappi Juan, May 5, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old being prepped for first race

Hard Left, May 7, Tampa Bay, training

Half Grey, May 19, Gulfstream, race 7

Dreaming of Jo Jo, May 19, Gulfstream, race 8

Awesome On Feet, May 24, Gulfstream, race 9

Cow Town Coyote, June 1, Palm Meadows, training
4-year-old being prepped for first race

Digits, June 17, Gulfstream, race 8

R Swift Taylor, June 24, Gulfstream W, training

Blame It On Ashlee, June 29, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old being prepped for first race

In addition, the following horses perished on track grounds from what the industry terms “non-racing” causes. In truth, they are no less casualties than the ones above.

Lucy Love, March 14, Gulfstream
“anaphylactic reaction to vitamin E injection”

Sargent, May 31, Gulfstream
“laminitis” – yet-to-be-raced 2-year-old

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  1. The Injustice of the Innocent & Voiceless! All animals deserve lives free from human-inflicted suffering. As the highest created being, humans have a moral obligation to be wise stewards of animals. Just because we happen to be the most powerful species on earth, we humans have the ability, but not the right, to abuse the so-called lower animals. The ends do NOT justify the means!

    We all know that there is something seriously wrong with a system where the best day of an animals’ life is the day that it is finally over.

  2. It is past time to outlaw horse racing. These animals are NOT expendable! They certainly don’t deserve to be “worked to death”.

  3. Stop drugging and killing these extraordinary animals. They all die from the the same causes. Horrible practice.

  4. Another brutally cruel, depravedly indifferent day at the races — but only for the HORSES and those of us who respect & love them — SHAME ON ALL WHO TURN A BLIND EYE to the suffering of these magnificent animals from Day #1 to their premature deaths.

  5. Horse racing needs to be banned. It’s just a money business with no concern for the horses
    As the bible. Says ” THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” HORSES LIVES MATTER. They have a right to live a good life

  6. This is so sad, animals being used for human entertainment..horse and dog racing needs to be stopped..everyone believes these animals live great life…not true, my sister adopted a greyhound that raced..never lived a life outside a cage that was kept in a trailer of a tractor trailer.unless she was racing..race horses that cost 100s of thousands of dollars..If they are
    not winners they’re shocked with electric probes to put down, owner has them insured…so they don’t lose their money


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