Through an “Open Records” request, I have confirmed the following 27 deaths on or at Texas racetracks in 2014:

2-year-old Eyes a Stoli, March 27, Sam Houston 7
Equibase merely said “injured, fell, vanned off.”

4-year-old Stop Talking, April 10, Lone Star 6 (euthanized April 24)
Equibase had him as finishing without incident.

3-year-old La Jolla Surprise, April 19, Sam Houston 3
Equibase merely said “fell after wire, vanned off.”

4-year-old Prowess, April 19, Lone Star, training
Final four races (Sep-Feb): last of 7, last of 10, 6th of 7, 10th of 12

4-year-old Moneyatlast, May 1, Lone Star 7
Equibase merely had her as “pulled up in distress, vanned off.”

3-year-old Tree Top Society, May 3, Lone Star, training
Dead after only one race (4/3, Oaklawn).

1-year-old Talking Man, May 7, Lone Star, training
This colt was put to the whip twice as a 1-year-old (2/22, 3/19, Louisiana Downs)

3-year-old It’s too Easy, May 8, Lone Star 7
Equibase merely had him as “went wrong early, vanned off.”

4-year-old Jess a Whisper, May 9, Sam Houston, unknown – “barn area”
A throwaway $5,000 claimer, hadn’t raced since previous October.

5-year-old Turbalo, May 9, Lone Star 7
Equibase merely said “went wrong early, vanned off.”

3-year-old Skyrunner, May 23, Lone Star, training
Still being raced at the maiden claiming level when killed on the practice track.

3-year-old Pink Gold, June 1, Lone Star 8
Equibase merely had her as “vanned off.”

3-year-old Part N Ways, June 10, Retama, training
In her last race – a $5,000 claiming at Remington in April – finished last of 10.

2-year-old Fishy Wagon, June 13, Retama 8
Equibase merely had her as “vanned off.”

3-year-old Shanes Social Cat, June 21, Lone Star 2
Reported as “broke down.”

4-year-old Halos Wild, June 28, Lone Star 9
Reported as “broke down.”

4-year-old Gleaming Girl, July 3, Lone Star 8
Reported as “broke down, euthanized.”

2-year-old He’s the Shot, July 12, Lone Star, unknown – “barn area”
Never raced.

2-year-old Dm Fly Belle Fly, August 9, Retama, training
Never raced.

6-year-old Miss Mulligan, August 16, Retama, training
41 career times under the whip; in last race (7/3, Lone Star), finished last of 11.

3-year-old Matagorda Bay, August 24, Gillespie 2
Reported as “broke down.”

4-year-old Strategic Player, September 12, Retama 5
Reported as “broke down.”

3-year-old Men Dee Go, September 26, Lone Star 3
Reported as “fell, euthanized.”

1-year-old Desiro/Fire Made, October 6, Lone Star, unknown – “barn area”
This yearling didn’t even have a name yet.

2-year-old Easy Cash Fenimore, October 18, Lone Star 5
Equibase merely said “injured, vanned off.”

3-year-old Chloe’s Posse, November 28, Retama 4
Equibase merely said “injured himself, vanned off.”

8-year-old Empire House, November 29, Retama 2
Equibase merely said “fell, vanned off.”

Of the 17 raceday kills, only 6 could have been gathered from the charts (and that’s only if you know that “broke down” is racing-speak for dead). Of the other 11, 10 were merely said to have been “vanned off,” while 1 was reported as finishing fine. Add the utterly unknowable 7 training/3 “non-track” deaths, and we’re left with this: As far as the public knew, only 6 racehorses died on or at Texas tracks in 2014, not the 27 we reveal today. The Big Cover-Up – again.