Texas’ Dead Racehorses, 2015

Through a FOIA request to the Texas Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 28 kills on Texas racetracks in 2015:

2-year-old Katelynn’s the One, January 30, Sam Houston 8
“compound biaxial midbody fractures of the proximal sesamoids of right forelimb”
Although euthanized on track, (Equibase) chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off.”

5-year-old Goldonspotofgold, February 10, Sam Houston 8
“complete open fracture of metacarpus III”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “lost his rider, vanned off.”

3-year-old Honey Boy, February 16, Sam Houston 4
“lateral condylar fracture of right metatarsus + comminuted fracture of right hind long pastern”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off.”

2-year-old Supreme Sissy, February 28, Sam Houston 1 (very first race)
“biaxial mid-body fractures of the right fore proximal sesamoids”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off.”

4-year-old New Splash, March 27, Sam Houston 11
“biaxial sesamoid fracture in right front fetlock”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “injured, vanned off.”

3-year-old Emmett, April 2, Lone Star, training (being prepped for first race)
“right fore lateral condylar fracture and shattered medial sesamoid”

2-year-old Tres Seis Luvbug, April 4, Sam Houston 2
“complete compound fracture of the left MC II,III,IV with distal limb attached to the body by soft tissues”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “injured, vanned off.”

3-year-old Ziddle, April 11, Lone Star, training (being prepped for first race)
“died suddenly on track…vanned to necropsy for removal…no necropsy performed”

2-year-old Devils Splash, April 16, Lone Star, training (being prepped for first race)
“compound fracture of left fore distal cannon bone”

3-year-old Sousaytherzachance, May 2, Lone Star 4
“slab fracture of the Third carpal and comminuted fracture of the radial carpal bones”

3-year-old Slinkys Toast, May 12, Lone Star, training (being prepped for first race)
“fracture of right fore shoulder/scapula”

8-year-old Streaks in the Dirt, May 16, Sam Houston 2
“bilateral sesamoid fracture w/severe joint instability in one plane”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “injured, vanned off.”

3-year-old My Lesson Learned, May 25, Lone Star 10
“torn peripheral sesamoidian ligaments and torn SDF”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off.”

3-year-old Centerville Slew, May 29, Lone Star 1
“comminuted fracture of pastern and biaxial proximal sesamoid fractures of [both] hindlimbs”

4-year-old Witt’s Demon, May 30, Lone Star 8
“probable LF scapular/ brachial Fx”

4-year-old Yagouti, May 31, Lone Star, training (last raced July 2014)
“CNS trauma (spine) – unable to rise – recumbent”

3-year-old Foggazzo, June 5, Retama 2 (euthanized June 6)
“biaxial fractures of the left forelimb”

3-year-old Bye Bye Creek, June 7, Lone Star 4
“biaxial proximal sesamoid fractures”

5-year-old Bijoulinn, June 11, Lone Star, training
“fractured right radius”

4-year-old All Lucky Lynn, July 4, Gillespie 2
“collided with another race animal and rail, severely lacerating/degloving proximal right forearm”
Although euthanized on track, chart said nothing, merely noting the win.

4-year-old Fiery Fast Dash, July 4, Gillespie 2
“collided with another horse and rail after crossing the finish line, severely lacerating/degloving right forearm”
Same as above – nothing on the chart.

2-year-old Wave Diamond, July 11, Retama 4
“flipped in gate with rig…acute death in gate, suspect cervical fracture”

3-year-old The Knight Arrival, July 18, Gillespie 11
“sustained severe head trauma (bled from ears and nose) from thrashing in the starting gate; collapsed on track where the horse was euthanized”

3-year-old Inseperable Holland, July 24, Retama 5
“comminuted carpal fracture”

4-year-old Oh Carter Go, October 11, Lone Star 4
“right forelimb sustained biaxial sesamoid fractures with rupture of supporting soft tissue structures and open disarticulation of the fetlock; left forelimb had uniaxial sesamoid fractures with rupture of the supporting soft tissues and open disarticulation of the fetlock”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “fell after wire, vanned off.”

3-year-old Wl Mr Goodtime, October 23, Lone Star 5
“carpal fracture, possible LF sesamoid fractures”

3-year-old Love That Eagle, October 29, Lone Star 4 (euthanized November 1)
“suspected hindend trauma/fracture”; “euthanized due to inability to rise”

3-year-old Rare Scheme, November 7, Lone Star 7
“open disarticulation/luxation of the left front fetlock”
Although euthanized on track, chart merely said “injured, vanned off.”


In addition, 8 horses died on track grounds from what the industry refers to as “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but on a moral level these animals are no less casualties of Racing than the ones above.

7-year-old Great Rising Star, May 23, Lone Star
“laryngeal paralysis severe enough to cause difficulty eating and swallowing leading to chronic respiratory infection and debilitation”

3-year-old Arrogante de Oro, June 12, Lone Star
“horse treated for colic on 6/11/15 [five days after last race]…found dead in stall at 4:00AM by groom /night watch – no necropsy performed”

5-year-old Hawaiian Move, June 25, Lone Star
“sudden death post-exercise on equine wheel…died shortly after returning to barn – no autopsy performed” – this, after last being raced in February 2014

2-year-old Jenny Cartel, July 14, Retama
“died in stall after being treated for several days for respiratory/lung disease”

5-year-old My Lucky Shot, September 22, Retama
“horse died of colic and arrived at clinic deceased” – was scheduled to be raced September 25

5-year-old Freakin Hot, October 14, Lone Star
“horse died due to colic” – was scheduled to be raced the next day

4-year-old Special Fixin, October 15, Retama
“severe colic” – was scheduled to be raced October 16…after having just been raced October 11

3-year-old Miss Executive Gray, October 17, Lone Star
“found dead in stall…history of pleuritis with pulmonary abscessation – no necropsy performed”

Ball back in your court, apologists.

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  1. Disgusting. On another post I was concerned about a 2 year old filly called LEGS LIKE BETTY that ran through the rail just after coming out of the gate at Gulfstream Park in Florida. Upon review of her race record, it became evident that she was in hard training at barely 1.5 years old, had about 3 starts before she was barely 2 years old, and was not really performing well. In the charts that day, it said:
    bolted at the start, hit fence, lost rider. That’s it. No mention of her well-being at all. Somebody reminded me that another article stated that Legs Like Betty got up, and ran-off riderless so she should be okay. Maybe so. I hope she is okay. I reminded this poster that the reports are not always accurate, that they don’t follow-up on the well-being of the racehorse, or they do, and deliberately avoid stating that the horse died or was euthanized. So when I read their statements coming from the industry, I read it with great skepticism. There’s no doubt in my mind that reporting agencies like Equibase are now being directed by industry leaders to intentionally avoid the “died,” and “euthanized” part of the equation.
    So vanned-Off’, DNF is, in many cases, race speak for died or euthanized.
    This is why these reports that are published here are so important. Of course this information can only be obtained via FOIA. The big secret, the shroud of mystery that has been coveted by the industry for years is now finally being exposed.
    Patrick, thanks for all you do. I know that you must spend hours of your time exposing the horrific facts of this industry, Thanks for 2015. I see you are continuing your excellent facts here in 2016.
    All I can say is thank you.

  2. Just a follow-up to the state of Texas horse racing. Finally, some Texas politicians are questioning the huge amount of cash required to keep these “jobs” that the horse racing industry uses to keep this horrific display of abuse going. They are finally starting to call it for what it is: a money pit. This industry is not only a money pit for taxpayers, but a slave industry that exploits horses for profit giving little or nothing in return to their commodities.
    Once again, the politicians baled them out against the wishes of many taxpayers. Here’s a link to the article: http://thescoopblog.dallasnews.com/2015/09/racing-gambling-halted-at-texas-horse-and-dog-tracks-regulatory-agency-closed.html/
    However, the writing is on the wall. The statistics for 2015 is dismal. Attendance, and wagering at all Texas racetracks are way down.
    I don’t know how any government (in the light of lack of funding to essential needs projects) can justify giving this industry any money at all?
    They keep using the “job” card. How many businesses in America struggle every day to survive without one bit of help from the taxpayer? Answer: many more jobs combined then this one industry is providing.
    Then there is the fallout from this industry: unwanted horses, environmental destruction etc.
    There is not one government, Ontario included, that can justify the money spent keeping this horrific business afloat.
    People need to voice their comments with the politicans in Texas – listed in the article.
    I don’t know about you, but every time a racetrack closes down I applaud.
    I don’t think I will see horse racing completely shut down in my lifetime, but I sure as heck will expose this industry for what it is, and support anybody who does.

  3. The only reason the charts/Equibase even mention info like DNF, vanned off, etc. is because of gambling. This info is of value to handicappers (of which I used to be one). You can’t bet on a dead horse, so the Racing Form, Equibase, etc. see no “value” in reporting this info to their readers.

    BTW, did other readers of this blog note a headline in today’s Blood-Horse that the NYRA will be offering “incentives” to encourage more 2-year-old racing? Criminal encouragement of brutality. And legal.

    Gina, thanks for mentioning taxpayer subsidization of horseracing. I always use this info in my anti-racing discussions with people. Most people are not aware of this. And, outside of racing, I have never met *anyone* who supports tax subsidies, even without my prompting.

  4. Oh it is just so sickening to read the shocking painful deaths that these horses suffered. It’s like reading a horror story that took place a hundred years ago. But this is happening now in the 21st century!

    If any racehorse dies on a track whether it be in readiness for its first start, in training/work, recovering from its last start or awaiting its next start, then, the deaths of such horses ARE a horseracing statistic. The industry opines that because the death did not actually occur in a race, it is not a horseracing death. This is deceitful and misleading when such deaths are not included in their statistics.

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