“Fell and Died Acutely,” “Sudden Death on Track,” “Found Dead in Stall,” etc. – Texas’ Sacrificed Horses, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the Texas Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018. Unless otherwise noted, immediate cause of death was a break of one kind or another; underlying cause, of course, Racing itself.

Dancingwiththeangels, January 10, Retama T

Contrapunto, January 13, Retama T

Uncle Mike, February 13, Sam Houston T

Won Gold, March 7, Sam Houston T
“collided with another horse”

General Stryker, March 13, Sam Houston R

Tiz a Par, March 16, Sam Houston R (euthanized May 22)
“race-related lameness”

Precious Move, April 6, Lone Star T

Baby Spencer, April 12, Lone Star T

Queen Otaheite, April 14, Lone Star T
“acute death” (six years old)

Elite Five, April 28, Sam Houston R
euthanized on track but chart merely said “fell, vanned off”

Runningunninrascal, April 29, Lone Star R

Indulgent Tythings, May 3, Lone Star T

Beaus Famous, May 12, Sam Houston R
“collapsed…died on track” (four years old)

Defiant Red, May 13, Lone Star T
fracture plus ruptured ligament

Revolutionize, May 13, Lone Star R

Colonial Kendra, May 20, Lone Star R

The Ranch, May 20, Lone Star R

Bird Orr Brady, May 27, Lone Star R
euthanized on track but chart merely said “fell, vanned off”

Seward’s Gift, June 1, Lone Star R
euthanized on track but chart said absolutely nothing

Frankentap (probably sic), June 11, Lone Star T

Kristina Nag Ulera, June 17, Lone Star T

Vivvid, July 6, Retama R
euthanized on track but chart merely said “vanned off”

Naughtycitydancer, July 15, Lone Star T
“fell and died acutely – no post-mortem performed” (two years old)

Eyesonthepreacher, July 19, Lone Star R
“acute death” (four years old)

Early Bid, July 19, Lone Star R (died 24 hours later)
“horse died acutely in stall” (four years old)

Run for President, July 21, Gillespie R
“sudden death on track” (three years old)

C Red Illusion, August 3, Retama R (found dead next morning)
“signs of acute pulmonary hemorrhage”

C R B Eyes, August 4, Retama R
“horse tripped and fell after colliding with another horse”

Las Vegas Storm, August 7, Retama R

Beta Phone, August 8, Retama T

Rojo Pita, August 8, Retama R

Prince Isaac, September 4, Retama R
euthanized on track but chart merely said “vanned off”

Love Ya Honey, September 4, Retama R (euthanized September 5)

Pianito Alluring Way, October 5, Lone Star R
euthanized on track but chart merely said “fell, vanned off”

yet-to-be-named, December 27, Sam Houston T

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Devilish P Js, March 21, Sam Houston
“severe colic”

Start a War, April 24, Lone Star
“joint infection, post injection”

Sharp Skirt, May 20, Lone Star
“horse found dead in stall” (two years old)

Dominator Sr, July 30, Retama
“horse found dead in stall; [possible] colic” (last raced July 14)

Hamburg Gig, July 30, Retama
“horse found dead outside stall; [possible] colic” (last raced July 6)

RB CREED, July 30, Retama
“horse escaped from stall and ran into car”


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  1. This is a horror show.
    It’s shameful that local and state politicians continue to give this industry billions.
    PATRICIA FARRO, industry labels her as a “trainer,” but she’s really a racehorse abuser, and killer.
    Horses like CARRY YOUR HEELS – I dare you to look at the PP’s.
    CARRY YOUR HEELS had changed hands multiple times prior to Farro claiming him, but she still continues the abuse.
    2/8/2018 the first DNF under another racehorse abuser Gary Sciacca.
    7/20/2018 the second DNF.under Gary Sciacca.
    In the first DNF CARRY YOUR HEELS was “eased,” but able to walk-off.
    In the second DNF he had to be “vanned-off” he was too distressed to carry his own body at that point.
    11/19/2018 Yet another DNF. BLED FROM THE NOSTRILS this time under Python Patricia FARRO.
    This horse is crying out for relief, he’s trying to save his own life, but it’s falling on deaf abusive ears.
    If this weren’t enough Python Patricia has entered this horse to run TODAY in the 9th race at Penn.
    It seems obvious that she’s in with the gang at Penn, and the racehorses are paying every step of the way.
    Farro is just one, they are all vile – every single one of them.

  2. How the hell does an animal “die acutely?” These people are unreal. I wonder how many of them also have domestic abuse records.

    • Karen, I wondered about that, too!
      An acute death versus a slow death?
      Looks like these people witness horses left to die slowly, hence the distinction in their warped minds!!
      No cruel disregard for the horse in this business should be a surprise.

  3. What a list of suffering, death and destruction.
    Found dead in stall, found dead outside stall, joint infection from joint injection,, dropping dead on the track, broken bodies, and all this is “accepted” as the norm. Why ?
    This is nothing but shameful animal cruelty by those who hide behind the facade of the K Derby, Triple Crown and horses treated better than some people.
    The public buys this big lie but the day of reckoning will come, it always does.

    • Nothing in this world surprises me anymore. This is truly horrible. One of the most wonderful and beautiful intelligent creatures USED and abused for what? “Sport” ? Profit?
      I hope and pray for a day of reckoning. And the sooner the better!

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