Bringing the Killing to Light – Texas’ Dead Racehorses, 2017

Through a FOIA request to the Texas Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017. Unless otherwise noted, immediate cause of death was limb fracture of one kind or another – underlying cause, of course, horseracing itself. (The “chart” refers to the official public record per Equibase; not a single horse below was publicly reported as dead. This corrects that.)

King Lou, January 19, Sam Houston, training

Kipalizer, January 23, Sam Houston, training

Factuality, January 27, Sam Houston, race 9
(chart merely said “vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

Famous Attitude, February 17, Retama, training
“horse collapsed and died on track post-wire; horse reportedly had frothy hemorrhagic bilateral nasal discharge – no necropsy performed” (three years old)

Visual Delight, February 20, Sam Houston, race 4
fracture and dislocation (chart merely said “vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

Alajrose, March 4, Sam Houston, race 4
(chart merely said “vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

Special Street, April 20, Lone Star, race 5
“ligament rupture and joint luxation – severe circulation compromise” (chart merely said “went wrong, vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

Blonde Flyer, April 29, Lone Star, race 9

Lucky Ann, May 14, Lone Star, race 2

I Am Another, May 14, Lone Star, race 6
(coming off an 11th of 12, 28 lengths back one month before)

Trekas, May 15, Sam Houston, race 6
“trauma to femur leaving gate” (chart merely said “bad steps, vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

A Salty Corona, May 20, Sam Houston, race 9

Iva Scaped, June 21, Lone Star, training

Tizzywizzy, June 23, Lone Star, training (euthanized June 24)

Parks Wave Dancer, July 1, Retama, race 8
“horse collapsed – spinal cord fracture” (chart merely said “fell, vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

Perry Dash Back, July 6, Retama, training
“horse collapsed on track post-workout – unknown cause” (two years old)

Siete Cuarenta Siete, July 7, Retama, race 2
(chart merely said “fell, vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

Sendero Six, July 15, Gillespie, race 5
“horse began to buck before finish line…hit and flipped over inside rail…stood and attempted to jump back over but fell backwards landing hard…attempted to jump rail again but collapsed and became recumbent and went into shock” (chart merely said “went over rail after wire” – actually, euthanized on track)

Royal Line of Fire, July 29, Retama, race 5

Six K Laura, August 12, Retama, race 8
(chart merely said “fell, vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

My Millionaire, September 2, Retama, race 7
“ligament failure and joint disarticulation” (chart merely said “fell, vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

Rooster Ray, September 16, Retama, race 7
(chart merely said “vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track) (second race in week)

Hidden Talent, September 30, Lone Star, race 3
(chart merely said “fell after wire” – actually, euthanized on track) (first race)

Cabo Wabo Baby, October 14, Retama, race 7
(chart merely said “vanned off” – actually, euthanized on track)

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Built Bok Tuff, April 17, Sam Houston
“horse was found dead in stall…with apparent signs of severe colic; Dr. Robinson reportedly treated the horse for colic [the day before] – no necropsy was performed”

Nothingbutdaylight, June 7, Lone Star
“horse was euthanized on backside – reported complications due to chronic EPM” (four years old, last raced April 30)

Sally Ali, June 9, Retama
“horse was found dead in barn on backside in early morning hours; showed signs of colic, endotoxemia; exact cause of death unknown – no necropsy performed” (two years old, had been raced once)

Jumpn On Glass, June 19, Retama
“horse found dead in stall – signs of colic and endotoxic shock” (was raced just three days before in Louisiana)

Big Gene, October 13, Retama
“severe septicemia rear legs with necrosis-laminitis all four” (two years old, raced once, in September)

Arkansas Frank, November 10, Retama
“colic – died” (two years old, scratched from what would have been his third race just six days prior)


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  1. So sorry for all racehorses who died for these ungrateful, ignorant, delusional racehorse abusers, and/or killers.
    I looked into most of the racehorses on this list.
    The majority of them were 3 years old – a lifetime ahead of them.
    Secondly, the majority of them made under $3000 or didn’t even break even when considering the financial costs of training, and racing.
    So they are actually paying to abuse horses.
    Finally, I was stabled at Retama Park back in 2008.
    The racing scene in Texas is absolutely pathetic, and it should have shut down a long time ago.
    It was vile, and horrific like it all is.
    These hell holes are being kept open because of politicians who usually receive money from the horse racing business in the form of political contributions or otherwise.
    It’s costing taxpayers in Texas millions to keep the doors open at tracks in Texas according to an article in the San Antonio newspaper.
    Anytime they try to shut it down it’s the HBPA and certain politicians that keep the doors open.
    Both of these entities make money off the lives of racehorses, but if politicians can enable the killing of American children, by receiving blood money from the NRA, then they will certainly continue to not care about racehorses dying.
    It’s so sad, but I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless racehorses – will you?

  2. These people can abuse and kill horses ad lib. There is absolutely no oversight which is disgraceful, Society fails these horses miserably. Anyone with an ounce of decency and compassion reading this report of cruelty and death would be outraged.
    Thank you, Patrick, for what you do to raise public consciousness.

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