The Lone Star 27: Texas’ 2014 Dead Revealed

Through an “Open Records” request, I have confirmed the following 27 deaths on or at Texas racetracks in 2014:

2-year-old Eyes a Stoli, March 27, Sam Houston 7
Equibase merely said “injured, fell, vanned off.”

4-year-old Stop Talking, April 10, Lone Star 6 (euthanized April 24)
Equibase had him as finishing without incident.

3-year-old La Jolla Surprise, April 19, Sam Houston 3
Equibase merely said “fell after wire, vanned off.”

4-year-old Prowess, April 19, Lone Star, training
Final four races (Sep-Feb): last of 7, last of 10, 6th of 7, 10th of 12

4-year-old Moneyatlast, May 1, Lone Star 7
Equibase merely had her as “pulled up in distress, vanned off.”

3-year-old Tree Top Society, May 3, Lone Star, training
Dead after only one race (4/3, Oaklawn).

1-year-old Talking Man, May 7, Lone Star, training
This colt was put to the whip twice as a 1-year-old (2/22, 3/19, Louisiana Downs)

3-year-old It’s too Easy, May 8, Lone Star 7
Equibase merely had him as “went wrong early, vanned off.”

4-year-old Jess a Whisper, May 9, Sam Houston, unknown – “barn area”
A throwaway $5,000 claimer, hadn’t raced since previous October.

5-year-old Turbalo, May 9, Lone Star 7
Equibase merely said “went wrong early, vanned off.”

3-year-old Skyrunner, May 23, Lone Star, training
Still being raced at the maiden claiming level when killed on the practice track.

3-year-old Pink Gold, June 1, Lone Star 8
Equibase merely had her as “vanned off.”

3-year-old Part N Ways, June 10, Retama, training
In her last race – a $5,000 claiming at Remington in April – finished last of 10.

2-year-old Fishy Wagon, June 13, Retama 8
Equibase merely had her as “vanned off.”

3-year-old Shanes Social Cat, June 21, Lone Star 2
Reported as “broke down.”

4-year-old Halos Wild, June 28, Lone Star 9
Reported as “broke down.”

4-year-old Gleaming Girl, July 3, Lone Star 8
Reported as “broke down, euthanized.”

2-year-old He’s the Shot, July 12, Lone Star, unknown – “barn area”
Never raced.

2-year-old Dm Fly Belle Fly, August 9, Retama, training
Never raced.

6-year-old Miss Mulligan, August 16, Retama, training
41 career times under the whip; in last race (7/3, Lone Star), finished last of 11.

3-year-old Matagorda Bay, August 24, Gillespie 2
Reported as “broke down.”

4-year-old Strategic Player, September 12, Retama 5
Reported as “broke down.”

3-year-old Men Dee Go, September 26, Lone Star 3
Reported as “fell, euthanized.”

1-year-old Desiro/Fire Made, October 6, Lone Star, unknown – “barn area”
This yearling didn’t even have a name yet.

2-year-old Easy Cash Fenimore, October 18, Lone Star 5
Equibase merely said “injured, vanned off.”

3-year-old Chloe’s Posse, November 28, Retama 4
Equibase merely said “injured himself, vanned off.”

8-year-old Empire House, November 29, Retama 2
Equibase merely said “fell, vanned off.”

Of the 17 raceday kills, only 6 could have been gathered from the charts (and that’s only if you know that “broke down” is racing-speak for dead). Of the other 11, 10 were merely said to have been “vanned off,” while 1 was reported as finishing fine. Add the utterly unknowable 7 training/3 “non-track” deaths, and we’re left with this: As far as the public knew, only 6 racehorses died on or at Texas tracks in 2014, not the 27 we reveal today. The Big Cover-Up – again.


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  1. Maybe it’s just me. The names of many of the deceased are eerie. I don’t mean this list but most of what Patrick has posted. May God have mercy on us all. Any human who makes dollars off of an innocent animal is a pimp/whore.

  2. There is no shelter for these animal abusers. The abuse starts in “breeding” farms and bringing a young horse onto the grounds of training/racing stables. I think we need to demand electrocardiograms, respiration monitors, and transparent reporting. This same “use other words” game is used in every scamming operation.

    Law enforcement on behalf of the animal cruelty laws is ridiculous and make our peaceful society a jjoke and just another lie.

    This is America. Killing 2-3 horses a month in such a small area as Texas is abhorrent, same as it is in every other state. Texas bills itseld as a western lifestyle state and is supposed to know how to handle horses.

      • Yes, it is – including our wild horses. While everyone is at it, a quick call to your representatives to demand the end of horse slaughter and transport across the borders is a good daily task. Stopping slaughter will stop an outlet for the abused and injured and for “excess” horses (so-called to justify blodthirsty business).

  3. Hi Patrick! I began subscribing to your blog last year, and I’ve been (and continue to be) shocked by what the horseracing industry gets away with. Thank you for all you do.

    I wanted to let you know that this past Monday, I started a course on Coursera entitled “The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management” offered by Dr. Chris Mortensen at the University of Florida. There are threads in the Discussion Groups talking about the treatment of wild horses in various parts of the world… In two of these threads, I left posts mentioning you, your website, and the work you are doing to expose the dark side/underbelly of the horseracing industry. Many people seem to be completely unaware – or in denial – about what is happening in horseracing.

    Me personally, I will never watch another horse race, have fortunately NEVER bet on one, and spread the word as much as I can.

    • Elinor, I believe there are both – there are folks who have no clue about the abuses in horse racing (just the way the industry likes it), but most certainly, there are those who know about the suffering but for a variety of reasons, they betray the voiceless horses and continue to support the industry. It’s a very difficult thing to observe…they exclaim racehorse welfare advocacy yet support the very industry that causes so much pain and so many deaths.

      Thank you for choosing to read Patrick’s informative posts and acknowledging the harsh realities…even though it’s painfully hard to digest. And an extra thank you for sharing what you’re learning here!!

    • Kathleen, the JC database is strictly voluntary – not all tracks participate. What’s more, those that do have no third party confirming their numbers. Bottom line – dead horses are bad for business, so they (state racing commissions, tracks, individual horsemen, and yes, even the JC) have a vested interest in submitting under-reported kill rates. I put no stock in the JC database.

  4. Strategic Player – this 4 y/o gelding raced for owner Danny Keene and trainer Shea Stuart on July 24, 2014…Strategic Player was “PULLED UP IN DISTRESS”.

    Danny Keene (O) and trainer Allen Milligan ran him again on September 12, 2014, at Retama…this time the youngster was “ridden along to duel”, “fell and broke down”…end result, he’s dead.

    Pulled up in DISTRESS…7 weeks later, forced to DUEL, but FELL and BROKE DOWN. A four-year-old DEAD. For what…

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