Saratoga Kills Again; Industry “Safety Leader” NYRA Now at 171 Dead Horses Since 2018

In this unprecedented era of scrutiny on horseracing kills (something we proudly have much to do with), the industry suits have had their work cut out for them. What we have gotten (and really all they have to offer) is a seemingly endless barrage of “safety” statements, like these from the New York Racing Association, operator of Aqueduct, Belmont, and Saratoga: “our goal is to reduce…deaths and injuries to zero”; “demonstrably safer”; “new safety initiatives”; “an industry leader in safety.” And yet.

In 2018 (the year of the first link above), 60 horses lost their lives at the three NYRA tracks. In 2019, 65. This year – which, I remind, has seen curtailed racing because of the virus – 45. Oh, wait, it’s now 46, as Saratoga claims its third victim in three days and ninth on the summer. In the 5th today, Perfection “suffered a catastrophic injury…in the shadow of the finish line” and is dead. She was two; this was her very first race.

To recap, 171 horses have perished at NYRA tracks in just the past 2+ years. 171. Is this what is to pass for “safe” in the “Sport of Kings”? America, you’ve been, are being, had.


  1. This poor filly’s price tag went from an original 140,000 to 80,000 In her most recent auction. Sure didn’t bode well for her, and for today they earned $432. For the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone even tries in this loser business.

  2. You knew Perfection was going to wind up dead the second Daily Racing Form actually admitted to the breakdown. It seems that even those DRF horse-killing glamorizers have started to acknowledge the obvious as it occurs. Does this mean their decades of hiding thousands of horse deaths (by simply refusing to mention them) are finally over? Doubt it. But they have come around to realizing how absurd they appeared as “journalists” who purposefully dodged the one subject the whole world was discussing about their antiquated, barbaric blood sport.
    Guess the emperor finally looked in the mirror.

  3. Keeping in mind that this is August 30 and the racing and killing of horses continues as we speak, I predict with despair that the number of racing Thoroughbreds (not sure about Quarter Horses or Standardbreds) that will be killed by racing will possibly be 70 by December 31, 2020 in New York.
    In 2018, there were 60 horses killed. In 2019, there were 65 killed. So it could be 5 more for 2020.
    #Endhorseracing//Stop. Killing. Horses!

    • Check out Saratoga today 8/30 Sunday.I’m assuming it was a kill because the announcers did not mention anything about it.

  4. Anything – I mean anything that comes out of the mouths of these pathetic apologist parasites is nothing more than public wallpaper.
    Their so-called “reforms” and “safety measures” are nothing, but empty words.
    It’s the same old broken record over and over again while racehorses continue to crumble to the dirt.
    As I’ve said many times before, this business REQUIRES doping sore horses to keep them going, beating/whipping sore/tired horses to keep them running even on broken legs, hidng their vet/treatment records, maiming, dumping and killing.
    It’s all part of this corruption and death pit so that their profit slaves can flip a buck for these ungrateful parasites.
    Speaking of parasites the usual “claiming” trainers are very active replacing their crippled and dead racehorses with another one that they claim.
    When it comes to Linda Rice she’s one of the most pathetic parasites in the game – right up there with Python Pat.
    On 8/30/2020 at the blood bath killing ring Saratoga Linda honed in on another victim
    This time she claimed SUMMER BOURBON.
    This 7 y.o. gelding has made over $312,000, but that’s not enough for a safe landing in this pit.
    He’s been For Sale and claimed many times over including his latest parasite trainer and killer Rudy R. Rodriquez.
    These sub-humans are pathetic pieces of trash that should be disposed of in a jail where they belong.
    Linda Rice has one goal to squeeze whatever she can out of SB until he’s claimed, maimed or killed and she has no problem doing this over and over again.
    These pathetic parasites have a piece of their brain and heart missing, but this business supports them and why?
    They will do whatever it takes, whatever abuse is required to fill races and their wagering coffers and that’s all that counts.
    The health and welfare of the racehorse isn’t even on their radar despite what they say.
    Again – public wallpaper.
    So sorry for all racehorses who have died for this blood bath.

    • Speaking of Linda Rice,what happened to her indictment by The Dep’t. Of Justice. Don’t tell me another slap on the wrist. Will this be covered up. Amongst her other abuses of the system.

  5. And a horse that sold for $400, 000 as a 2yr. old in training with earnings of less than $100, 000 in 30 starts was “rescued” from the low level claiming game recently. He is now up for adoption for a few hundred dollars. at a “rescue”. He can only do low level trail riding because of his ankles. At 6 yrs old this is what racing did for him….
    He certainly lined the pockets of his breeder. I can tell you his breeder had nothing to do with getting him out of his bad situation.
    As far as I’m concerned it is a roll of the dice as far as his future is concerned. Better he never had been born.
    P.S. Unfortunately, I’m unable to identify the horse at this time due to an agreement.

    • I hope he will get a new owner that won’t make unnecessary demands on him, especially considering he has been raced to the point that he is no longer useful to the people involved in racing.

  6. Horse racing is a over breeding, multibillion industry which has No regard for these beautiful race horses who are just a living , breathing , race machine and if this race horse machine fails to be a winner, then gets sold to the highest bidding, kill buyer, then sold by the pound , for slaughter! This race horse industry knows and does Not care if these race horses meet their cruell deaths on the tracks as two year olds, who are too young to be racing to begin with forced to race , no matter the danger for the horse! Horse racing is all about the damn recognition, and money, never about the horse! Race horses are nothing but a tool, trained to run , given drugs , to enhance the max racing performance, no matter the trauma impact of the horses natural race endurance. A majority of race horsesare found in kill buyer lots, auctions and slaughter house pens waiting to be slaughtered, this is a race horses reward, 2yrs + and up,healthy beautiful young horses! There should be retirement sanctuaries for all the sport horses and for all horses to live out the rest of their lives! And breeders who breed it, you keep it! Horse racing is a greedy man’s sport, and it is all about the money,! Horse racing is abuse of horses 🐎 who fail to be winners. Too , many horses are dying on the race tracks, young horses! Cruel and unacceptable abuse! Breeding race horses must be limited! Laws implemented!

  7. This is an outdated cruel sport that needs to be stopped. Too many horses are dying because of the greed of man😡😡😡😡😡😡

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