As NYRA Announces New “Safety Initiatives,” Another Horse Dies at Belmont

Doesn’t it get old, folks? Ahead of Belmont’s (rescheduled) Opening Day, June 3, the New York Racing Association has issued a statement that begins:

“The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) today announced a number of safety initiatives…for the upcoming 25-day spring/summer meet at Belmont Park. … The safety and welfare of horses…competing at NYRA tracks is our highest priority.”

Given the frequency with which these “safety initiatives” are announced, one would think they’d have run out by now. No matter, though, for facts, as the great John Adams famously said, are stubborn things, and our facts beat their propaganda every time. Speaking of, here’s another fact that NYRA must answer for: In a training session this morning at Belmont, Lil Morning Star “sustained [an] injury to [her] leg, [was] ambulanced to barn [and euthanized]” (Gaming Commission). She was three years old.

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  1. Not much to say that hasn’t already been said. But what kind of people are these.?Routinely killing and causing such suffering to babies like this one.
    Lil Morning Star I am so sorry, Rest In Peace. You will not be forgotten

  2. Considering the source being NYRA, their answer in their “thought bubble” will be something like, “Too bad, so sad. Next…”
    In their public relations announcements, their answer will be the same old, same old line of garbage that they are “doing this and doing that to keep horses safe.” Are you kidding me??? Actions speak louder than words!!!! They can say they love their horses all day long but seeing the kill reports tells a much different story. Knowing that they want to have the Belmont Stakes in June as usual in the year of the worst global health pandemic that is on record since the 1918 flu pandemic, to the best of my knowledge, means that the people in the NYRA are naturally going to publicly announce that they are putting safety above all else. If that were true, they would stop training horses to race, stop racing once and for all, and stay at home as much as possible and stay six feet away from each other. They would not be continuing business as usual, except for maybe not having spectators and bettors in the grandstands.

    • Wanda,you nailed it. What it boils down to is…a living breathing sentient being,should NEVER lose their life for something so non-sensical and abhorrent. Animal lives are PRECIOUS. Let’s keep animals ALIVE.

  3. Of course they’re at it again! Did we expect anything different from these excrements? “Safety initiatives”?. “Reforms”? Smoking mirrors…unless horse racing disappears completely, baby (horses) will continue dying and the vast majority of the rest will end up in horrifying slaughterhouses! THAT is a fact and the reality of horse racing. RIP Lil Morning Star…hope you shine bright wherever you are far away from your abusers.

  4. It was totally the trainers fault. And this is NOT inevitable the way many in horseracing believe. Look at Bill Mott and Bob Baffert and Richard Mandella. And without looking further, I can bet this was a cheaper claiming horse. These are the ones the trainers take chances with.

  5. I just looked up her PP’s,she either was injured and being forced to race anyway, or she had no desire to do it. Poor little,and she was little, soul. A petite baby girl, who didn’t want any part of racing. She knew it was no good.

    • Horseracing is corrupt including the trainers regardless of what their name is; some have a “free pass” to get away with more doping violations than others. It is about more than just doping!!! It is also about the many other fundamental wrongs of horseracing!!!

  6. Rich or poor, stakes or claiming, training or racing, top trainer or small stable – it’s all the same.
    The parasites cling on to their host sucking them dry until they are dumped or killed.
    While poor Lil Morning Star was dying there were at least 20 racehorses, previous racehorses who were in-foal scattered at kill auctions begging for their lives.
    Not only does the track deaths get old but so does their unwanted racehorse mess.
    This is a vile business and those who support it are equally vile which includes our politicians who continue to give hundreds of millions of corporate welfare.
    Horse racing isn’t a corruption and death pit that should have been shut down years ago.

  7. Headline: “Another horse (or two or three) dead.” Racing Authority response: “Blah blah blah blah.” Owners’ response: “Blah blah blah blah.” Trainers’ response: “Blah blah blah blah.” Jockeys’ response: “Blah blah blah blah.” This is like Omar Khayyam’s experience of religion: “Evermore came out where in I went.”

  8. I am so sorry LIL MORNING STAR. Those low lifes who abused you, unloved you and led to your death will pay one day. My tears and prayers go with you beautiful baby, you are among the stars, R.I.P.

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