Cal Deaths, King’s House, Laddie Boy, Etc.

According to the chart for Santa Rosa Thursday, Danehill Song “took a bad step, was pulled up, and vanned off.” In fact, she is dead, as confirmed by the CHRB. She was three years old. The CHRB also disclosed the death of the “pony horse” Dallas at Del Mar yesterday. Yes, as he was in servitude to the industry, he is an industry casualty. Full stop.

Updates on two long-beaten horses we’ve been following:

On Jul 28 at Penn, 12-year-old King’s House was raced for the 119th time. He finished last. Thank you to all who made calls for King’s prior to that race. Because of the exposure here, people are working hard to save him.

One day later at Great Falls in Montana, Laddie Boy, also 12, was put to the whip for the 125th time: second-to-last, 25+ lengths back. I’ve made introductions regarding Laddie’s possible rescue.

And finally, this (in BloodHorse) from trainer Graham Motion on the recently-deceased Sopran Basilea: “It is what we all dread. … We had friends with us and you try to explain to them that you are always relieved when the race is over and then you are looking to see them come back.”

Holding your breath for fear that some might die – some “sport,” huh?

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  1. Knowingly and willfully sending your horses out to the racetrack for “training” and/or racing to put them in harm’s way on purpose and then pretending like you care about the horses well-being? What a sick, perverted joke!

  2. Thanks for keeping us all informed on the status of laddie Boy and King’s House. Thanks to your hard work, speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves, their lives will hopefully change for the better!!!

  3. Who participates in anything where you are relieved when it’s over??? Relieved that your horse didn’t die. Seriously. These people are sick.

    • The trainers know the risks to the horses and they send them out anyway.
      This deplorable industry reminds me of the obsessive-compulsive behavior of alcoholism. An alcoholic can know they should not take another drink, but they take another drink anyway. That’s where the 12-step program comes in which is helpful to many alcoholics. What does it take to get a trainer to stop abusing horses over and over???

  4. Thank you for the updates on King’s House and Laddie Boy. They’ve been in my thoughts. I’ve been hoping they will cross paths with a kind responsible rescuer and get the retirement they so deserve. Every horse saved is a small victory. I will continue praying for both of these warriors.

  5. The stats in coveted Saratoga keep rising. Everyday whether it be a dump or the grand strand of venues the story is the same.

  6. Today a horse that was vet scratched his two prior attempts by trainer to get into a race….today the vet at saratoga let him race and he ended up getting VANNED OFF! That wasn’t even the most HORRIFIC of saratoga today.

  7. Just received word that the Excellar Fund will be happy to give King’s House a home and will help me get in contact with the right people at Penn National. Patrick, I forwarded the e mail to you and Mary.

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