Laddie Boy Needs Us

The unconscionable abuse of Laddie Boy is scheduled to continue this afternoon at Energy Downs in Wyoming. Laddie, as we’ve documented, is 12 years old, and this, if allowed, will be his 124th time under the whip. Worse yet (if possible), his 123rd race was just six days ago – six days ago – and the one before that was on Jun 9. That means we’re looking at three races – numbers 122, 123, and 124 – in just over two weeks. Sick.

The powers that be are hoping we’ve gotten discouraged and will go away. Let them know we haven’t, and we won’t.

Energy Downs (aka 307 Horse Racing):
Jack Greer, CEO & Director of Racing

Kris Brown, Director of Gaming

Racing Office: 307-687-6500
Racing Secretary Extension: 6588
Assistant Racing Secretary Extension: 6592

Wyoming Gaming Commission: 307-265-4015

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  1. Unless Laddie Boy is gotten away from these unmerciful abusers he is pretty much a doomed horse. He will die on the track or barn and if they can’t race him for any reason he will wind up in the slaughterhouse.
    This is how racing operates. Period.

    • For whatever it is worth, I sent an email to Mr. Greer and asked him to please stop allowing this horse named LADDIE BOY to be exploited by his exploiters; and to please take responsibility for facilitating the abuse of this horse, LADDIE BOY.
      I know… Money talks, bullshit walks. Money is the only thing that these people are going to listen to. IF I were able to spend the kind of money that would get their attention, I would.

  2. Sadly, this is only to common here in Oregon during the dry season half mile bullring tracks race meets. We have seen horses raced on Wednesdays and then again on Saturday of the same week! Many of those good tempered horses had fetlocks the size of grapefruits.Racing is just a “crooked , crummy, gamboling game” as was told to us by an English born & trained jockey who we used to gallop horses with in the mornings almost 40 years ago.

  3. According to John at the racing secretary extension, the races are being cancelled today due to the weather.

  4. I just heard about a lawsuit that seeks to block the 400 million dollar loan that is going to Belmont Park. We need to support this! Is there any way to do this?

    • Exposing the dishonest statements made by David O’Rourke and anyone else acting as a spokesperson for the New York Racing Association is one thing.
      As long as people are not informed of the facts and are gullible, they might believe the falsehoods perpetrated by the lies of O’Rourke and anyone else acting as a spokesperson for the racing industry in New York State.
      IF people believe that the attendance at Belmont Park is at “record” numbers and that wagering handle is “up” or something to that affect, they should ask: “Why the need for a Loan of $455-MILLION from NY State? Why can’t the NYRA support themselves and horseracing in NYS IF their wagering handle and attendance is at “record” numbers?”

  5. Yes…two NY taxpayers are suing a whole bunch associated with this Belmont concept to prevent the thousands of hard-earned dollars going to that project.

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