Abuse. Abuse. Abuse.

Animal abusers Stan Brewer and Gilbert Ecoffey were back at it yesterday at Energy Downs, racing the poor Laddie Boy just nine days after his last race. Laddie, I remind, is 12, and this was his 123rd time under the whip. Not that it matters, but he finished 14+ lengths back. Still, he “earned” almost 500 bucks for this ugly pair of human beings.

Meanwhile, 11-year-old Nyoman, currently being exploited and abused by Francisco Villa, was raced at Hawthorne yesterday – his 100th time under the whip.

And finally, on our weekly list you’ll see that Queen Ekati “bled” and was “vanned off” at Hawthorne Thursday. This is (at least) the third time she has bled in less than a year: April 20 at Hawthorne and Aug 2 (after being “unresponsive to urging”) at Fairmount. Brian Cook is responsible for the two most recent episodes, Dawn Martin prior to that. For those who may be new to this, “bled” means the horse bled from his/her nostrils – which is a manifestation of pulmonary hemorrhage. Pulmonary hemorrhage.

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  1. The utter indifference to the deliberate causing of harm and suffering to the horses exploited for racing and wagering shows the public that the racing industry people are not honest about “safety”and that they are diabolically selfish, sadistic, and evil animal abusers who are okay with causing harm, suffering and eventual death to horses.
    I don’t ever expect CBS NEWS to do a report on the racing industry allowing morally depraved animal abusers to continue to exploit horses that suffer from Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage.
    Anyone with any common sense would think that if a horse bleeds once after being exerted to the extreme, that this horse should be retired from racing. The sickening part of “retiring racehorses” is that so many of them are dumped into the slaughter pipeline.
    I also don’t expect CBS NEWS to report on the ugly reality of the racing industry people dumping racehorses into the slaughter pipeline or their dirty secrets of how these morally depraved people, who think they’re so smart, circumvent the laws against shipping racehorses to slaughter.

    • Yes, I am one of those who called the track about Laddie Boy last time and now, so soon, here he is being run into the ground. It’ll be death on the track or a trip to the slaughterhouse, I fear.
      Cold hearted bastards. They didn’t blink an eye when I begged them to take him out of the race at the age of 12 and with 121 races behind him already. “He checked out fine.” THEY DO NOT CARE.

  2. Right now we can’t stop his owners from racing Laddie Boy but I still believe the gelded son of War Pass stands a good chance of being spared the slaughter house if Michael Blowen at Good Friends would agree to take him and he can be purchased. There’s nothing that can be done for Laddie until his owners are ready to give him up and Lord only knows when that will be, if ever. His fate could be like so many before him, to die on the track, but even that is better than death in a Mexican slaughter house. I have two suggestions, contact Michael Blowen to find out if Laddie fits the criteria for horses to be accepted at Old Friends. Secondly, have a third party contact Laddie Boy’s owners and “kindly” ask them if at some point they would consider relinquishing Laddie Boy to Old Friends. I wish I had a better solution, but I don’t. It’s unlikely they will respond to anyone associated with HW, that’s why I suggest an outside party do the asking. Prayers for Laddie and all the others in the meantime.

  3. I doubt anybody connected to racing will lift a finger to help this obviously abused horse . They never do. If someone in the business was interested in helping Laddie Boy they would have made a move by now. What are they waiting for?!
    Further, I seriously doubt his breeding will mean anything to these people. Many “well bred” horses wind up in the downward spiral of the claiming game and on the slaughter house floor. Happens all the time. Betrayal is applied pretty evenly in this sick business.
    By far, people who step up for these hapless victims are not connected to racing. They dig deep in their pockets, make all the arrangements to purchase or claim the horse, arrange for placement, schedule and pay for transportation…
    P.S. Laddie Boy has had 10 starts in 41/2 months this year. He was “for sale” in 4 out of those 10 races. He could have been claimed and retired but nobody stepped up for him.

  4. These poor, unknown and uncared-for horses that die daily at lesser known tracks, break my heart. Their lives are spent in misery, being used up and thrown away by sub-humans who can’t or won’t get a real job. The horses die almost anonymously, unnoticed. There’s no grief, and not a blip on the racing radar. It’s sick.

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