King’s House Needs Us (119th Race Tonight)

King’s House is slated to be raced tonight at Penn National. It will be the 12-year-old’s 119th race. This race, of course, will be of the (cheap) claiming variety – he and his fellow horses will be “For Sale” at just $4,000 prior to.

As I wrote the last time I alerted to this poor creature’s suffering, not coincidentally King’s has been raced exclusively at subsidized tracks for years now, the vast majority of the time in PA. That massive infusion of decidedly unearned casino cash not only keeps these tracks afloat, but also allows them to pay first-last. So it doesn’t matter where King’s finishes, his cruel, abusive exploiter, Jose Gonzalez-Milian, will always cash in.

Please speak for King’s House:

PA Racing Commission’s “Integrity Hotline”: 717-787-1942
PA Racing Commission: 717-787-5196;
Penn National: 717-469-2211

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  1. Why is this not getting media coverage? It’s insane that these issues are not getting coverage.

  2. KING’S HOUSE has dropped in value (again); he was running for higher
    claiming prices in previous races. Is there someone who can rescue/buy him?

    [Recently, there was an article about the fact that animal rights activists are now going to be guilty of a felony if they interfere with pork producers hauling their hogs to market/slaughter. If animal rights activists interfere in any way such as giving the pigs a drink of water, or anything like that, they can be charged with a felony. I feel that this “development” is a fair warning to anyone thinking about certain types of “socially unacceptable” behaviors when protesting the ruthless exploitation of horses for racing and wagering. Just saying.]

  3. Made calls to PA Racing Commission and also to Director Racing at Penn National. Director. Seems they had lots of calls but he stated if vet clears him he will race regardless of his age or number races. I mentioned we have a heat advisory of over 100 as well. He just thanked me and hung up. I also called the PA Racing Commission integrity hotline and let a Pa.state rep I am working with this example of how these horses are abused in Pa.

  4. I’m on my way to Penn National. I will try to find a trainer who will claim him so I can find him a home.

  5. Came in 6th of 6. Race payed through 5th place – “off slowly, lacked bid”
    Poor horse!

  6. The most disturbing revelation here is the disclosure of the moral hazard that makes both the horse racing industry and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania equally culpable. First-to-last payouts amount to a risk-free bet in favor of both owners and trainers alike;, they are all incentivized to enter their most vulnerable stock, because from an economic standpoint, they can’t lose. In fact, the worse the horse’s condition, the better. So much for the pretense that the state is ever looking out for the animals’ welfare. Folks, the horse racing industry is not the only one to blame; business and government alike equally exploit the innocent creature.

  7. Unable to make claim due to a very uncooperative racing secretary. However I left a message for the
    trainer making an offer of $5000. I will keep you posted, King’s Road definitely needs our help.The poor guy should never have passed the vet inspection.

    • Rick, thank you so much for doing what you were able to do! Were you able to get physically close enough to KING’S HOUSE to see his physical “war wounds” especially in his legs, joints and hooves?

  8. Thank you Rick. Claiming is not an easy process especially when a key individual is uncooperative!!
    If you are able to purchase King’s House I will chip in.

  9. Wanda; I did see him up close in both the paddock and post parade. His joints were swollen and his legs look like they had been pin fired. He also had a very arthritic gait. I live in coal country, and the poor guy reminded me of the broken down miners I see every day who have spent most of their lives
    underground. He had a sad look on his face, and I knew before the race that he would be fortunate
    to finish.I cannot believe that the fricking vet allowed this poor horse to race. I;m deciding this weekend what my next move will be.It hits me even harder when I see these atrocities before my very eyes.
    Rose.I want to thank you as well for your kind words and generous offer. I feel very fortunate to be associated with all the wonderful people at HW.

    • His condition sounds absolutely heartbreaking. Thanks for the update, Rick.

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