Apologist on Horse Who Was Killed: “That was his job.”

A recent post on the “Harness Racing Tomorrow” FB page:

“Classic Landing, a two-year-old trotting colt, recently dropped dead [our post here] shortly after crossing the Meadowlands finish line. Although the last to cross, he presented a valiant effort. That was his job. A very tragic ending for a young colt with such an impressive potential career. The betting favorite, he struggled not to disappoint the gamblers. In the end, he lost – really lost.”

“presented a valiant effort”

“that was his job”

“struggled not to disappoint the gamblers”

Yet another example of the self-delusion these pathetic people labor under.

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  1. “A very tragic ending for a young colt with such an impressive potential career”
    Then at the end of his impressive “career” what? Probably another impressive “career” as an Amish buggy horse and when thoroughly spent sent to auction and finally an “impressive” trip to Mexico or Canada.
    That is the scenario for most of these Standardbreds.
    Has the apologist checked the kill pens to see how full they are of these horses waiting for THEIR TRAGIC END???

  2. Any person who believes this crap that horses are out there killing themselves to please the morally depraved people involved in this vile horse-killing industry aren’t and can’t be playing with a full deck.
    A 2-year-old horse should be allowed to be out on several acres of pasture/ grazing land and be allowed to grow into a fully matured horse.
    The people in this deplorable industry (consisting of selfish, sadistic, greedy, diabolically narcissistic “human beings”) WILLFULLY exploit young, underdeveloped colts and fillies. Horseracing is, in so many ways, the equivalent of human-child abuse except that the babies in horse racing are equine rather than homo sapiens.
    This egregiously cruel industry will continue to shoot itself in the foot because they are not going to recognize that they are engaging in heinous animal cruelty, which is the equivalent of child abuse.

  3. There it is again! The racing industry’s wording everything so that it sounds like horses are acting of their own free wills and that everything that happens to them is their own fault. It’s absolutely ridiculous and a way for the “humans” involved to dissociate themselves from the horrors they inflict.

    • Well said, Teresa!
      The lies these horse-abusing cowards tell defy common knowledge of horses. Anyone who believes that horses choose to be abused, brutalized and killed for the gamblers aren’t playing with a full deck. These evildoers putting on a false front in order to deceive people deserve to be treated like the criminals they are. Of course they have to lie to defend themselves and their wrongdoings. The psychopaths that deliberately abuse horses to death and attempt to make it sound like some kind of a fairy tale really should be locked up.

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