Death at Meadowlands; “Vanned Off” in Consecutive Races at Ruidoso

According to the chart, Classic Landing simply brought up the rear in the 2nd at Meadowlands Friday night. Nothing more. In fact, I have learned from multiple sources, he went down after the wire and is dead. He was just two years old.

In other news: One Valiant Love, also just two, was “vanned off” in back-to-back races at Ruidoso – just 15 days apart (Jul 1, Jul 16). He may or may not still be with us. His abusers: owner Dunn Ranch, trainer Monty Arrossa.

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  1. Yes, how many more horses have to die, America ?
    And not just America !
    Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Germany and all the other global horseracing jurisdictions.
    Oh do tell, how many more innocent magnificent equines will you kill to keep your vile and repugnant animal cruelty industry going ?

    And it’s not just the publicly reported horse deaths in races, it’s all the undisclosed deaths especially in training, etc. and of course the shocking statistics in relation to the horses bred for racing that never make it to the racetrack because they’re not suitable to race for various reasons such as poor conformation, health issues (one stud i know carries out surgical procedures on about 50% of its foals in an attempt to make the poor things fit to race). Needless to say, this practice occurs globally in the horseracing industry.

    So many horses bred for racing are sent to slaughter because they were slow, financially not viable, owners pull out for various reasons and of course finished with being of no further use to the industry.

    Makes me ashamed to be a human being.

  2. There is a site called Race Horse Death Watch that has fatalities in the UK. On July 17 at Windsor ,Yorkshire Terrier was in the lead..a BABY with the most beautiful face. All of a sudden the back right hind leg went…he was trying so hard to put his leg down and continue. I watched the replay and had teary face the rest of the afternoon. So it’s all over the world this travesty happens. And just a reminder,the barbaric Steeplechase is back in business at 1:00 New York time with Kerri Brion and company. Patrick did a piece about her awhile back.

  3. CLASSIC LANDING, a 2-year-old, was recorded in the chart as having “brought up the rear” meaning he was last, for one thing. Is that a new euphemism for being killed by being raced to death? Or have these morally depraved people been using this line as a way to not fully inform the public of their diabolical abuse of horses and I just missed it somehow?
    ONE VALIANT LOVE, a 2-year-old, should never have been allowed to be raced at all either. Since he was allowed to be raced, at least they should have had the sense to know that racing any horse that close together is not good, especially a 2-year-old.
    All of this exploiting horses for racing and wagering is demented as hell, but these morally depraved creeps have some responsibility to not try to run a baby into the ground on purpose!

    At some point, you have to draw the line somewhere. These people are so morally depraved, they don’t draw the lines. They just keep forcing the baby horses to keep going and going until they kill their colts and fillies. It’s painfully stupid besides depraved. Just read some books in basic horsemanship and some Veterinary Medicine books for horse owners. The racing induced injuries are listed or described in HORSE OWNER’S VETERINARY HANDBOOK as well as in the necropsy reports of dead racehorses shared in previous posts on this blog. This deplorable industry operates on insane cruelty as well as stupidity.

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