Race a Horse Who “Could Be Popping an Abscess”? Keri Brion Says, Sure!

Saturday, the intellectually and emotionally challenged Keri Brion was all geared up for another joyous day of steeplechase abuse, this one at Shawan Downs in Maryland. But alas, four of her horses were vet-scratched, and she’s none too happy about it…

But then this…

Yup, sure are. In addition to your rather bulky past body of work, you had every intention of racing a horse who was in the process of “popping an abscess.” You, like the industry you so proudly call home, are vile. (Brion’s Twitter.)


    • That’s what I was thinking — she is a bad person. She is a very selfish person to think of herself first and the horses can just suffer as long as she’s having a good time and making the owners of the horses think she’s doing her job.
      Isn’t that “brilliant” of her to think of having her own vet work up the horses on Monday after they have been scratched by the track vet?! It seems that the problems would have to be very serious in order for the track vet to scratch because there are many instances of track vets passing horses to race that should have been scratched. It’s a known fact that the race track management wants to fill the race card and have more “betting opportunities” for the gamblers.

  1. What a narcissist she is- needing reassurance, validation, and encouragement from random people on social media!

  2. Depending on its size and location, an abscess can also —[i.e., under the *p.r.e.s.s.u.r.e.* of the infected fluids within the abscess]— then develop deep, internal fistulas. With-or-without fistulas, an abscess can subsequently risk causing (potentially life-threatening) sepsis/septicemia ………… to either humans ~and/or~ to animals, as the infection enters the bloodstream.
    To then purposely DELAY qualified Veterinary treatment of a horse’s abscess —[i.e., thereby essentially disregarding the possibility of systemic “blood poisoning”]— is simply as medically wrong and unethical ~AS~ ………… all of Horseracing is simply humanely wrong and unethical, you know.

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