The Animal Abuser Keri Brion, Again

A quick review on the trainer Keri Brion:

After her horse Baltimore Bucko was killed at Belmont last September, Brion said this: “I understand how uneducated people right away are like, ‘I hate watching these races and I hate seeing them,’ but…do you really think that we’re going to force a 1200-lb animal to go jump over fences if they don’t want to? I mean, honest to God, do you really think we’re capable of doing that?” She then added: “[Baltimore] was just kind of the gift that just kept on giving for his owners and for me. [I]t was unfortunately just…one of those things. It was tough, but he did go out doing what he loved to do.”

Last month at Saratoga – in the very same race – Brion had a horse (French Light) “vanned off in distress,” and another (Iranistan) return “bleeding” (from the lungs, that is). She called the latter “unfortunate,” which has proved to be her go-to word of absolution. Then, earlier this month, Brion saw the humor in the suffering of another of her assets (The Mean Queen).

Which brings us to yesterday. Here is Brion-trained Peat Moss going down at Colonial. No word yet on whether he survived. What is certain, however, is that the likes of Keri Brion will continue, merrily, to abuse and kill horses until there are no more tracks at which to do it. (Brion’s Twitter, should you wish to vent.)


  1. “Unfortunate” is this horrible woman’s continuing involvement in racing. Baltimore Bucko died doing what he loved? How does she know? Wouldn’t he rather have passed peacefully in a grass filled paddock than being whipped over fences? I’d bet on the latter. What a piece of work this supposed “horsewoman” is. Disgraceful.

  2. Saratoga at 1:00 New York time is the Jonathan Sheppard Steeplechase race on the 17th. Going Country and Historic Heart will be jumping for Brion.
    Baltimore Bucko was a beautiful horse who was fatally injured and rest assured he didn’t go out doing what he loved. Maybe she should run 2 miles and do jumps just to show everyone how enjoyable it is. The visual makes one smile on that one,doesn’t it?

    • Also, the incessant whipping! C’mon, Keri! You know you love running and jumping while having your ass whipped!!! Lol! Hahahaha! Look at you falling down. You know you love it, …..🤬🤬🤬

      • OMG Wanda – what you said! It shouldn’t make me laugh but it does – the mental picture. I’d pay to watch Keri jumping.

  3. Keri Brion says she “understands how uneducated people” are repulsed by the gruesome injuries and death. Keri Brion doesn’t understand jackshit about having compassion and empathy for the horses. Keri Brion doesn’t have a clue about anyone else’s education or lack of education.
    Her moral depravity dictates the filthy and disgusting lies that come out of her mouth.
    Her morally depraved mind will continue to prioritize money and ego over TRUE HORSEMANSHIP. Actions speak louder than words! The actions of the vomit-worthy and morally depraved people in this egregious cruelty to horses say that they could not care any less about the health and wellness of the horses!
    Keri Brion epitomizes the puke of this egregious-cruelty-to-horses for corporate welfare!
    This deliberate cruelty to horses is worse than unfortunate!


    • I have just read on her info page Historic Heart due to minor injury will not perform in the race on Wednesday. Not seeing a scratch yet on Saratoga entries page

  4. Huh? Do the horses also ask to be kept in a box and be drugged??? Unfortunately these horses are raised in a ‘prison’ and although they feel their natural instinct, they succumb to the abusers. Just because humans can wield power doesn’t mean they should. Keri Brion is an ass and a liar!

  5. An insider has told me that Keri Brion started out as a jockey riding mainly in the Steeplechase races and describes a person void of feelings when it comes to the horses under her control.
    They describe a person who would probably have no problem sitting on top of a dead racehorse, laughing, like Gordon Elliott.
    Pure evil and there are no lines when it comes to gender in this business.
    They all exploit their voiceless and defenseless victims with zippo remorse or accountability.

    • The heartless & no feelings for the poor horses suffering is one of the main reasons we quit galloping horses in the mornings despite having to gallop them for free & having to wait 20+ years to gallop on our states tracks, legally, with a state issued license. We became completely disgusted as to how the horse people would laugh when we purposely tried to make the gallops as easy as we could for the young claimers that at 5 were already so worn out that they could gallop but not walk without limping. Also became disgusted by a specific woman trainer whose only regard for a filly, who we taught to ride & gallop without the use of any whip, the trainer`s only liking for the horse was the fact that she gave her husband lots of win photos! Five O Wonder we will never forget you & the misery you went through! On the farm we actually were able to ride Five O Wonder with NOTHING at all. No saddle, bridle , halter or neck strap. She was a very good filly /mare who greatly deserved better than suffering all the injuries she received in racing.

        • Yes we were! We had been involved with this industry from 1977 until our leaving in 2005. We remember every horse we taught to ride.We taught to ride several years of horses to be ridden from 2 different farms starting in 1982. We have seen many hideous incidents at the tracks we were a groom at 1st & then later rode out of the gate with.

  6. Can’t force a horse to do something he doesn’t want to do? Ask the circuses about the forced performances of elephants.

  7. Sounds like she’s intentionally killing off her horses, (just like others), to collect on insurance money.

  8. Keri Brion, what are you talking about!?
    Are you out of your mind?
    Humans FORCE animals to do things they don’t want to ALL the time.

  9. Wow! After her beautiful horses horrifically died, her response is very callous. God bless all of these animals! What a heartless human being! I would not want to be around her evil aura.

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