Is Animal Abuse Funny, Keri Brion?

The repugnant Keri Brion – here, here – tweeted this video of one of her trainees, 6-year-old The Mean Queen. While compassionate people see animal abuse – an intelligent, social being locked alone in a concrete cell, and, by the way, exhibiting a stereotypy – Brion (et al.) thinks it’s funny. Notice also that this was retweeted by the equally repugnant Dr. Kathryn Papp (see comments section).

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  1. The Mean Queen is one of her “prize possessions” for winning Steeplechase races time after time. The barbaric Steeplechase will run this Wednesday at 1:00 at the coveted Saratoga race track.

    • Probably jumps with abandon at the chance of getting out of her prison cell. The horse is treated like a common criminal, worse maybe.

  2. I would love to see these people after a few weeks of solitary confinement and abuse.

  3. It’s so sad and telling that the people responding to Brion were either laughing at this or acknowledging that this behavior is due to being barn sour- but they seem to be ok with it, and many of them seem to be “horsey” people. I appreciate that one person asked if this behavior happens when she’s turned out.
    Wonder, and doubt, if she’s turned out much, if at all. And note Brion didn’t answer.
    Brion is also the one who said one of her horses “died doing what he loved” last year when he fell during a steeplechase at Saratoga.
    This poor horse does NOT look as if she loves anything about her life.

  4. This poor mare is going our of her mind being psychologically and physiologically mistreated.
    Living in solitary confinement in a concrete cell. Given food and water to keep her alive for the sole purpose of forcing her to run for her life in the barbaric steeplechase racing where she’s being whipped to gallop fast and jump over obstacles when she’s suffering fatigue and her central nervous system is telling her to slow down to survive.
    Based on this video clip and the commentary, it appears that this Keri Brion is thoroughly comfortable with the inhumane treatment suffered by this horse and obviously finds it amusing.
    And here we have Dr Kathryn Papp again – by her actions of retweeting Keri Brion’s sickening comment at the expense of this horse’s torturous life, confirming Papp’s support of Brion’s comment. Unsurprising, given Papp is a vet in the horseracing industry.

    • Carolyn, I discovered an article online about Kathryn Papp, DVM breeding Thoroughbreds and saying that they are rescuing OTTBs. It’s so vomit-worthy. She and her husband and relatives don’t have enough scruples to know the difference between rescuing horses from racing and exploiting horses for racing.

      • They say they do that and if it’s true, usually rescued OTTBs are sold on and no knowing if they go to a forever home. In my experience, many don’t come up to equestrians’ expectations (or pleasure riders) and end up on the killer’s truck for the drive to the hellish slaughterhouse.

        Just my opinion – likely it makes Papp and relatives feel a bit better by attempting to counter their evil participation in horseracing. I have no doubt the article you refer to is vomit-worthy.

  5. It’s disturbing what we see, but imagine what is done to THE MEAN QUEEN that we don’t see.
    The real mean and evil person is KERI BRION herself.
    She is downright evil.
    So many horses have died under her custody, for example, BALTIMORE BUCKO September 16, 2021 Belmont Park “fell at fence 3 and suffered a fatal injury,” actually BROKE HIS NECK as posted herein.
    Then the apologetic Tweets with common words and phrases that most killers use.
    You horrible human being and you made sure BUCKO kept giving alright you made sure he DIED giving you low life piece of scum.
    Notice how she continually uses the word “sport,” which I find common with apologists and that’s precisely why I REFUSE to use the word “sport” anytime I comment about horse racing.
    It’s them pedaling their crap to justify killing horses under their banner of – you know.
    Steve Byk and Papp (I refuse to call her Dr. now) are enablers of the cruelty, abuse and dying in racing and they derive their living off the deaths of racehorses so that makes them just as bad as the killers themselves.

  6. Keri Brion and Kathryn Papp would be behind bars and put in solitary confinement for Animal Cruelty and Abuse, if there was any real justice!!!!
    This mare could have damage to her teeth and maybe to her tongue from biting the corner of the wall. Obviously, she is suffering psychologically, but these insensitive assholes don’t care that she is suffering. They’re causing the suffering to the horses and getting away with it. This is an outrageous injustice!!!! This is also a possible last time we might see this horse alive. The inevitable could happen sooner rather than later. You just never know when, unless you are following this horse and her abusers more closely than I. In some cases, it could be very predictable when a horse is not going to make it through the next race.

  7. Boredom? Hungry? Lack of physical and mental stimulation? Hey asshats stop laughing and treat your horses with love and respect!

  8. Keri Brion is the ONE that belongs in a cell! Why are these Horses STILL NOT protected by LAW , for Cruelty & Abuse! This “DEMONIC “, Government belongs in a Mental Institution. Too much Animals Torchered, abused, & Murdered! I’m sick of writing, About Animal Rights problems, that should NEVER Exist! Or hear about them, people & CELEBRITIES, those politicians in high places, need to show & petition for more Animal Rights & protection, THEY are the ONES, with the “MILLIONS “ to help Animals in Shelters & deadly experiments, They fight more for Abortions, which women do , it’s their Right, ! These poor Animals “HAVE No Choice, Animals, are innocent PRISONERS to SADISTIC, DEMONS, HUMANS! It must “STOP!!!

    • Well said, Kudos. Everything you said, this country needs a total overhaul of how animals are treated by humans. I would love to see factory farming GONE, along with horse racing. Thank you Patricia!

  9. I would love to see these people after a few weeks of solitary confinement and abuse.

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACTUALLY FOR A FEW YRS!!!!

  10. For Christians the Bible in Proverbs 12:10 that “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”
    For Muslims the Prophet (PBUH) says “A good deed done to an animal is like a good deed done to a human being, while an act of cruelty to an animal is as bad as cruelty to a human being.” and reminds mankind that “Whoever is merciful even to a sparrow, Allah will be merciful to him on the Day of Judgment.”
    Buddha considered animals to have moral significance, and condemned occupations that involve slaughter (Saṃyutta Nikāya 19), instructed followers to avoid wearing animal skins and prohibited behaviour that intentionally harmed animals (Majjhima Nikāya 41)
    Hindus and Sikhs, along with Buddhists, believe in ahimsa or the principle of not causing harm to other living beings.
    Originally I started this comment intending to end it by praying to get stuck in an elevator with that vile, insidious bitch Keri Bryon. However, after writing it out I realized that violence, even in response to abuse & cruelty, is still violence. I would be no better than her. So at the end of the day I will pray that perpetrators of abuse and neglect against animals will see the error of their ways and change

  11. OMG. What is wrong with these people? Cruelty is now funny? The Mean Queen is one of my favorite horses. I can’t believe anyone would post this stuff and that evil people would laugh. Just too sickening for words.

  12. I would wish on Keri Brion and DVM (Dispenser of Vile Mistreatment) Papp that they be reincarnated as horses in the care of wretched people like themselves so they would experience the kind of abuse they inflicted –but that would be expecting that the evils of horseracing will still exist in the future. And that I would not wish on ANY horse.

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