Poor, Poor Juan Vazquez

On January 6, trainer Juan Vazquez shipped his horse Shining Colors from Belmont to Parx; three days later, Shining was euthanized for a “severe, chronic case of laminitis.” Pennsylvania ruled that Vazquez was “grossly negligent, cruel, and abusive” and suspended him till 2025. Yesterday, the DRF reported that Vazquez was denied a stay of that suspension and must vacate his Parx stalls. His attorney, Alan Pincus, has cried, unfair! Pincus claims that denying the stay before an appeal hearing puts Vazquez in danger of having his “life destroyed.” “This will ruin him,” he says. Pity, pity.

Meanwhile, the animal abuser/killer (here is another one of his victims) ran three horses at Saratoga yesterday: 2-year-old Sorpreso (who finished 18 lengths back in his first ever race); 3-year-old Surprise Boss; and 3-year-old I’ll Go All In (who, in her past five races under Vazquez, has finished a combined 84+ lengths back).

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  2. He should have been long gone!
    And his attorney, Pincus, laments his life will be destroyed – it “will ruin him”. What hyperbole!!
    How many horses has this cruel guy tortured? How many horses has he destroyed?! Nobody really knows the full extent of his cruelty.

  3. I can only hope that the law in Pennsylvania was followed to the letter by the Racing Commissioners/Stewards, that “denying the stay before an appeal hearing” sticks and that it cannot be legally challenged!!!!!
    This creep, Juan Carlos Vazquez, deserves to be in jail for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY as do many other low-life slimeballs in this ugly business of forcing horses to perform as gambling chips!
    If all the government subsidies and government-directed benefits to horseracing were stopped to horseracing in Pennsylvania, all of the horse-exploiting, miserable, low-life slimeballs would be scrambling and whining about it and crying “unfair” because they couldn’t care less about the horses and the horrendous CRUELTY that they inflict on horses on a daily routine basis!!!!

    • We can all live in hope Wanda, but history shows that corruption and money tends to smooth the oils on the ever present troubled waters.
      What makes this so much worse of course is the numbers of ordinary race goers and betting punters that allow this to go on despite the clear evidence of suffering at just about every race.
      Here in the UK the carnage continues, and on a two day period that is set to break record temperatures into the 40’sC, the races are still going on.

  4. Perhaps the state of Pennsylvania should be enlightened. Parx located in the suburban town of Bensalem right outside of Philadelphia.

  5. I truly hope that he is in fact “RUINED FOR LIFE” – that is all that he deserves in this lifetime. So many horses ruined by this piece of shit, this is I guess is the best we can hope for with this asshole.

    • I agree with these comments( ie ruined etc).. But unfortunately, hes basically able( already) to race almost the ENTIRE calendar year in NY. These bans should be transferable to ALL racing venues in the US.

  6. I agree with these comments( ie ruined etc).. But unfortunately, hes basically able( already) to race almost the ENTIRE calendar year in NY. These bans should be transferable to ALL racing venues in the US.

  7. JCV has a LONG RAP SHEET dating back to 2010 and, sadly, these horrific incidents cited here are only the tip of the iceberg.
    He has 115 violations/rulings listed and it would take a book to list them here.
    I’ve just spent 2 hours looking them over and I haven’t even gotten half-way through.
    Violations ranging from doping to nefarious activities including writing bad checks.
    JCV is a “serial offender” and he’s one because this industry permits him to be when he should have been suspended for life YEARS AGO!.
    His rap sheet tells a story of a monster who has total reckless disregard for the health and welfare of racehorses under his custody.
    There are just so many racehorse victims to list that he claimed and doped up to keep them going – racehorses like PERSONAL GOOD – this poor gelding was so abused in the claiming ranks by so many.
    This 10 y,o gelding was put under the whip 105 times and the claiming parasites are too numerous to list here.
    He started his servitude in 2007 and was raced until 2015,
    His replays are so disturbing as I watched him get excessively whipped race after race after he made over $242,091 back in 2005 which was a lot of money and certainly should have secured him a soft landing.
    It didn’t as he ended up at the hell hole called Mahoning with his last race on 12/9/2015.
    He then disappears off the radar and it’s safe to assume the nearest kill auction.
    Anyways, JCV gets suspended as a result of 2 doping violations it appears on this same racehorse and guess what?
    He got a “stay of his suspension,” and didn’t skip a beat as he was onto his next violation.
    He has repeated violations for the same dope which is a steroid with serious side effects on many racehorses.
    He pays the fine and moves on or he gets suspended and a “stay of suspension,” and with no repercussions he just keeps on going and does it again.
    CAT WIESEL bred by Stronach’s Adena Springs was another victim and so many others.
    Another repeated offense on his long rap sheet is “arriving late for Lasix administration,” which usually indicates he shipped the horse in.
    Shipping a racehorse in the day of the race is one of the worst things a track could permit for many reasons, most of which, is the health and welfare of the racehorse.
    Another HUGE RED FLAG is that most all of his owners listed are listed under pseudonyms not the actual name of the owner which is another thing that horse racing gets away with.
    He’s racked up violations in every single state that he’s raced in and tried to get a license to race in NY.
    He was denied the license because he “failed to comply with licensing requirements,” but no details are given.
    So back to Pennsylvania he goes continuing his streak of violations.
    Magna wave is more powerful than shock wave therapy in that it completely numbs out a racehorse’s leg so that they can’t feel their injuries and it’s highly dangerous and should be banned.
    One can only imagine how many more racehorses he’s done this to the day of the race and then ship in.
    This is horse racing and these are the trainers that they condone, facilitate, support and defend.
    It’s highly offensive to anybody’s intelligence that his attorney Pincus wants this serial offender to continue.

          • Good point.
            So he was denied a NY license on 4/18/2018 for failing to comply with licensing requirements and the document is on file.
            Yet, he ran a horse on 4/18/2018 called S.S. MINNOW who finished 5th and got his check.
            Wow, it’s law for commissioners to have a legal document on file as a follow-up to a “denial” of a trainer license.
            It usually says something like “pursuant to denial of license” now reinstated or something like that.
            I know this as a former Steward that this is standard operating procedures required by law.
            There’s no record of this, but obviously some commissioner(s) approved his license and it also should have stated on the original denial the details as to why he was denied the license and how that was furnished so that they could give him a license.
            WOW – there’s some really murky things going on and the list is endless.
            This is what NYorkers are giving hundreds of millions of dollars to with no neutral oversight, no public input or meetings etc etc.
            There’s a database of violations that has not been kept up since 5/30/2019 due to such things as complaints from trainers, complaints from their attorneys, a bombardment of complaints from pro-horse racing entities.
            They sure want those “public subsidies,” but they don’t want anything public as they operate in the dark ages.

    • Well. Even if he is currently racing in NY.
      He lost Pennsylvania; could we preemptive strike call/ contact nearby states NJ, OH, Maryland..? NY.

      • Unfortunately, there’s even way worse than Juan. Especially those crazy ass Arizona and Louisiana type chucklenuts that are so sick ….. they ship them to slaughter in faster than blink of eye. Louisiana literally makes me shiver.

  8. No more “eating around the edges” this evil industry literally says to horses ….do you want to die catastrophically snapping leg off in race .. or can we please ship you off to slaughter house so we don’t have to deal with providing for you anymore.

  9. California’s pipeline to slaughter for unloading horses is Arizona. Arkansas’s pipeline to slaughter is Louisiana. Pure evil all of you uneducated sleaze promoting this ….killing fields. There is NOTHING positive or good about any of this mental midgetry.

    • It’s illegal but some people butcher horses and you don’t hear about it very often. Some people don’t believe me when I say it but there have been reports that some horses have been butchered in Florida, illegally, of course. I haven’t seen any newer reports this year.

      • Wanda, a while back there were incidents of people in Florida waking up to their horses missing from the fields and paddocks later to be found close to the road butchered. No one was ever caught.

  10. NEWSFLASH: Juan Carlos Vazquez has been banned from racing horses in New York. Supposedly, it was the uproar on social media that helped bring attention to this atrocity.

  11. Well that’s good news. Problem is it’s not permanent. I guess it will be another token gesture to all those silly animal lovers who complain every time a horse is beaten, kicked, drugged, and dragged to a van where it is shot

    • Ray, the article is online: Thoroughbred Daily News, VAZQUEZ BANNED IN NEW YORK, July 18, 2022. He has been suspended in Pennsylvania until January 26, 2025. The New York State Gaming Commission will honor that suspension at all NY tracks including the NYRA tracks, Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga.

  12. Don’t expect any sympathy from me….I’ll save my tears and sympathy for ALL the innocent horses that have suffered and died under the ‘management’ of this person and all other ‘people’ involved in racing.

  13. All who participate in this industry — no matter in what capacity — are unconscionably vile and hateful — to abuse & kill HORSES as they do, you would have to be — SHUT DOWN HORSERACING FOREVER — Transfer ALL Horses to loving Sanctuaries

    • Oh my God, can you imagine using the weekend to visit a sanctuary, help feed, groom and simply befriend dozens of these gorgeous creatures?
      That would be worth a decent entry fee just to stroke and share space with them, AND NO RIDING!

      • Yes — you said it — a wonderful idea — fingers crossed your Sanctuary is realized a million times over.

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